In Life and Death (Mikey x Mutant Ghost!Reader)

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Your POV

"Come on Hanna! This'll be fun!" You called. 

"I'm not so sure about this (Y/n). The sewers aren't the safest place on Earth you know." She replied.

"Don't be so scared! Tons of people have come down here and been fine!" You said.

"But remember that news story? That one guy was attacked by something." She said.

"Oh, that was just a bunch of editing and stuff. There's no way that was real." You said. "Now hurry up!" You called. She hurried after you and you both went exploring. You turned on your flashlight and you both looked around. 

"I don't like this." Hanna said.

"We're fine Hanna!" You said. You both kept walking around. Suddenly you heard something. You both looked around.

"W-what was that?" Hanna asked shakily.

"Probably just an old pipe or something." You said. You both kept going. Suddenly you found an old broken down track. You smiled. "Whoa! Cool!" You said, your voice echoing through the tunnel. You looked around. Hanna was still shaking. Suddenly she said.

"I-I can't do this! I'm out!" She said.

"Oh come on Hanna! You've got me!" You said.

"I'm going home!" She said and ran off back the way you came.

"Hanna!" You called. You sighed. "Whatever. Some best friend." You grumbled. You kept looking around. You saw a glowing canister tangled up in some electrical cords. You walked over. This looks interesting. I wonder if I can get it free. You pulled and tugged on them, but on snapped and your body felt like fire as you were electrocuted. You screamed in agony for the final time before collapsing on the ground, your world gone in an instant. But...the canister had broken. As you fell into what you thought was never ending darkness, a single drop landed on your body. Moments later, your eyes opened...but you didn't have a heartbeat.

Mikey's POV

I wanted some time by myself so I left the lair to go hang out around the sewers. I went past an old dead subway track. I kept going, but suddenly I heard humming. I hid. I listened. The humming continued. I was curious so I quietly headed toward it. I almost screamed at what I saw. It was a girl with very very pale skin in a long white slightly torn up dress. She had her eyes closed and was just humming. I could see that her skin used to be (s/c) and her hair used to be (h/c). Now her hair was faded and her skin was pale. Her hair was still (h/l) though. She glowed white just a tiny bit. Her voice was really pretty. She was sitting on top of an old subway car, her dress draped over the side. I couldn't see her legs or feet. Was the dress really that long? None the less, I still couldn't believe what I was seeing.

 Was the dress really that long? None the less, I still couldn't believe what I was seeing

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(Hair length, color, and style depends on you. Eye color also depends on you along with skin color. Just remember that each color is faded greatly since your a ghost.)

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