Country VS City (Donnie x Reader)

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You listened to your music as you drove to New York. You sighed. You hated the big city. Rough streets, thugs, vandalism, and the trash filled streets and sidewalks. You preferred the country where you could ride horses, run through fields, have bonfires, party on the rooftop without disturbing anyone, and where you had a lot more freedom than the confines of alleys and streets.

"We're almost there sweetie!" Your mother cooed. You rolled your eyes.

"Yay." You said being very unenthusiastic.

"Oh come on honey. It'll be a nice change of pace for you! And it'll hopefully get you out of your room more often."

"I came out of my to hang with my friends. Now I have no friends here. But whatever the parent wants the parent gets right?" You retorted.

"*Sigh* I don't know what else to do with you (Y/n). Fine, act how you want." She said. You felt a slight hint of anger toward her. Your mother was always trying to do 'what's best for you', but she did it her way. It annoyed you to the high heavens.

When you arrived you didn't bothering helping. You brought your stuff in and then left. You said you wanted to explore. When your mother told you to wait, you already had a comeback.

"I want to get out more Mom. Wouldn't want to be stuffed up in my room now would I?" You said and left without another word to her. You walked around looking at the dull over noisy city around you. Few people walked around this part of the city at night, but you could hear the loud beeps, buzzes, and even yells of the active city not far away. You walked around, bored and unsatisfied. You took out your father's dagger. It was the best reminder of home. He'd given it to you shortly before he died. "My daughter ain't gonna be like those sissy city folk. My daughter's gonna be tough for her old man. My daughter's gonna do somethin' great one'a these days. Just you wait and see." You cracked a smile at the memory. Your father was tough, but cancer had been tougher. You sighed. You fiddled with the dagger as you walked down the street.

Suddenly, you heard something. You paused. You didn't look around cause you didn't need to. Learning the ways of the woods you grew up by meant you knew where it came from. You knew what it was. You knew...that there was gonna be a fight. You held your dagger tight.

"Show your faces, ya sick stalkers." You growled. Three men came out. You glared at them.

"Well look what we got here." One said.

"Looks like we found a fighter." Another said. You got ready with your dagger.

"Yeah, and she ain't a girl who likes messin' around. Buck off before ya regret it." You hissed.

"Ha! I don't think so. Get her!" You kicked one back, punched the other in the face and quickly pinned the third against the wall. Your dagger was at his throat.

"One move outta any of ya and I'm cookin' up a bloody marry."

"Okay okay! We'll leave!" He said. You glared at him.

"I see ya round here again and I won't let ya off that easy. Beet it ya rotten thugs!" You snapped. They ran off in a hurry. You nodded in approval. "That shoulda scared em good enough to keep em shakin' for a day. Just like daddy said. Sissy old city folk. Act tough, but the cores be shakin' like leaves." You said, slipping your dagger into it's rightful place. You heard something else. You knew that somebody was watching you still. You listened. You heard some quiet footsteps above you. Rooftops...hmp. Not sneaky enough fellas. You thought. "I got eyes in the back of my head boys. I know you're there." You said. Nothing happened. You rolled your eyes. You took out your second dagger. It was smaller, but a nice one. You fiddled with it before throwing it into the shadows of a fire escape. You heard a yelp. You chuckled. "Scared ya didn't I?" You teased. "May I have that back? It's one of my better back-ups." You heard the sound of a blade. It came back and landed at your feet. "Thanks. Now, ya mind introducing yourselves? And yes I know there's four of you." You said.

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