*Request* Racing Fires (Raph x Hybrid Dragon!Reader)

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(Not my art!)

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(Not my art!)

"WOOOOO HOOOOO!" You cheered as you dove downward. You pulled up at the last second. You grinned. You checked your speed. "Yes! 200 miles per hour! That's a new record!" You exclaimed. You landed on a roof and smiled happily. You were a hybrid between a human a cheetah, and a dragon! You had been a hybrid between a human and a dragon all your life, but when the Kraang found you they mutated you into a cheetah like dragon. Now you were faster then ever and you loved how you looked. The Kraang may have wanted to enslave you, but you had easily gotten away. 

You could also change into a half human half dragon like version of yourself. You would be a human, but you would still have your wings, cheetah ears, and tail. You could hide those features if you had to, but usually you were out of sight from humans. 

You heard something not far away. You went to check it out. As you did you felt something hit your shoulder. You looked over and saw a dart. You gasped as soldiers in black suits surrounded you.

"This must be the run away the Kraang mentioned. Looks like she'll be working for us now." You looked over and saw a girl. You growled at her. You were about to attack her, but chains were around you in seconds. You tried to fly, but they wrapped around your body, restraining your wings. You attempted to snap at them, but another chain went around your neck. You roared in distress. You coughed and hacked, trying to breath. You felt dizzy and your vision was going blurry. The dart was taking effect. Still you fought to escape. 

They held you down and your head was spinning. You collapsed, giving in. You were panting hard and you could no longer keep enough balance to stand. 

Suddenly the chain around your neck broke. You gasped as you could breath more easily again. You still laid there, unable to get up. You heard the sound of fighting a some new voices, but you couldn't make out what they were saying. Soon enough the fight sounds died off and you felt somebody checking your head and your heartbeat. You saw four green blurs standing around you with one of them closer to you to examine you. You heard them talking, but you still couldn't make out what was being said. 

Out of nowhere, water splashed onto your face. You yelped in surprise and lifted your head, shaking off the water. You were more alert now. You could make out four mutant turtles. You were still weary and the effects would kick in again quickly.

"Okay, she can see and hear us at least." The purple masked turtle said.

"Come on, we've gotta get her back home." The blue said. You knew the four of them would take forever to get you there. You turned back into your human like form. They looked shocked. You rolled your eyes.

"S-still very dizzy here people." You retorted. The red picked you up and they hurried you to their home. You blacked out along the way.

*3 hours later*

You woke up on a couch. You sat up, rubbing your head. You came face to face with bright blue eyes. You yelped in surprise. He jumped back.

"Oops! Sorry dragon dudette! Didn't mean to scared you." He said. You calmed down. 

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