*Request* Fight to be On Top (Leo x Foot!Reader)

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(WARNING! Mature content ahead!)

You growled in anger as they got away again. Ever since you'd met the turtles and been ordered to kill them it been a fight to see who was better between you and Leonardo. You both always tried to win against the other. Sometimes you would win and other times he would win. Luckily for you, your soldiers would save you. What ticked you off was his brothers did the same for him. It was getting BEYOND frustrating.

You returned to Shredder's lair absolutely steaming with rage. Everyone knew, when you you looked like that, nobody move until you were out of the room. Fish Face and Rahzar didn't dare speak as you stormed past them. Karai just watched you throw your silent temper tantrum as you stormed to your room. You slammed the door and grabbed a pillow. You screamed into it and then you collapsed on your bed. 

You sighed, finally calming down. You relaxed and listened to some music to calm yourself even more. Soon enough, you had gotten pretty tired. You shut off your music and went to bed.

*The next day*

Shredder had a new mission for you. He wanted you to break into TCRI and give him information on what the Kraang were planning to do for the invasion. They'd been very vague so far and he was becoming impatient. You decided to go alone. After all, this was a stealth mission.

You hurried to TCRI and quickly found a secret way in. You crept past guards and made it to the elevator. You waited for a Kraang to come out. When they did, you sliced them and used them on the scanner to get to a different level. You didn't go to the top level. According to some scans Baxter got with his mousers, the main communication room wasn't actually on the top floor. That floor was mainly for the portal and receiving orders and such.

You hurried to floor 32. When you got there, you bolted for cover. The Kraang droids looked around, but you stayed hidden and they didn't find you. You waited for your chance and then you ran at full speed to the main communication room. You looked behind you to see if you were being followed. You crashed into something hard. You shrieked as you toppled over in a heap. You opened your eyes and you were shocked to be face to face with Leonardo. He was alone.

"What are you doing here?!" He growled.

"Me!? What are you doing here!?" You snapped.

"Kraang, did Kraang also hear what sounded like what is known as yelling?" You both froze. 

"Go go go!" He whisper shouted. You both bolted for it and he pushed you into a type of closet like place. It had a single tinted window. He listened. The Kraang droids walked right past. You both sighed in relief.  "This closet is sound proof. We should be fine." He said. You glared at him.

"Great plan Lame-o-nardo! Now we're gonna be stuck in here for who knows how long!" You snapped.

"Hey! If you saw anything else, you could've gone to that instead!"

"I would've, BUT YOU PUSHED ME IN HERE WITH YOU!" You yelled.

"Oh so that's the thanks I get for saving you from getting caught!?" He snapped.

"You trapped us! I can handle myself! Besides, why would I need your help!?" You hissed.

"Listen! There's nothing we can do about it! Until the guys find us, we're stuck in this together. They can track my T-Phone." Leo said. You sighed. 

"Fine." You grumbled. You sat down and he stayed standing, looking out the window that showed the main communication area below you.

"Why were you here?" He asked.

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