The Family I Left Behind (Evil!Raph x Reader)

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(WARNING! As you probably excepted there will be violence and language in this chapter. It's gonna be a longer chapter too because I don't feel like splitting it into two part if it gets to be that long. DAT'S ALL! CONTINUE!)

You were watching TV in the lair with Mikey. You were both enjoying yourselves until you heard yelling coming from the dojo. You both looked at each other in confusion before going to investigate. Donnie had come out of his lab and he followed after both of you.

You peeked into the dojo and saw Raph and Leo fighting. They were yelling at each other while clashing violently. 

"You think you can do anything! You're just the perfect one! Leaving us in the dust!" Raph yelled.

"No! That's just what you make yourself believe because you aren't leader! You just want to be on top, but because you're not you take it out on us!" Leo yelled back. You were afraid. They weren't sparing, they were actually fighting! You flinched as Raph punched him and in return Leo cut his arm. This was getting bad. Donnie and Mikey looked afraid too. They wouldn't be able to pull them apart without getting hurt themselves.

"I'M NOT JEALOUS OF SOMEONE LIKE YOU!" Raph yelled, attacking him again.

"Oh really?! You lash out at all of us because you can't even control yourself! You say I'm in the wrong!? Take a look at yourself for once!" Leo yelled. You were shocked. Raph kept attacking him, but you'd had enough of their fighting. You jumped into the fight. You kicked Leo away and punched Raph backwards, breaking them apart. Your (e/c) eyes showed only disappointment and a little bit of anger. You couldn't believe they could act like such selfish idiots.

"Enough. Both of you." You said.

"Stay out of this (Y/n)!" Raph growled. He was pinned against the wall with a blade at his throat in seconds. Your gaze never wavered as you held him there.

"I said, enough." You warned. Leo watched in shock. You let Raph go, leaving him to stare at you fearfully. You could be terrifying when you wanted to be. Normally you were happy, random, and silly, but during a fight, you meant business. You'd been a human puppet to the Kraang for 15 years. 15 years of living with different people while being forced to serve the Kraang had done a number on your mind. You'd done some awful things, but you never told them exactly what you'd done. All anyone knew, was that you could be unstable at times, but brilliant at the same time as well.

"(Y/n) this isn't your fight." Leo said.

"I don't care whose fight it is. This has gone far enough. Someone has to stop you when Splinter isn't here. Seems like I'm the only one brave enough to speak her mind. In my eyes you're both wrong. Fighting over who's better? Who's right? Keep this up and soon somebody won't be walking away alive." You said.

"What!?" Donnie said, stunned. 

"You guys don't know just how far fights like this can go. I've seen it. You both started it. I'm ending it." You said. "I can't keep you from fighting. That would only be joining in on the fight if I tried. But I suggest you stop yourselves, before you do something you regret." You said, your eyes staring dagger's at the boys. You left without another word.

You went to the kitchen and sat down by yourself. You heard footsteps behind you. You didn't bother turning around. You knew who it was.

"(Y/n)? You okay?" You sighed.

"Why do you fight him Raph?" You asked. Raph sat down next to you.

"He shouldn't always be in charge. He acts like he knows everything." Raph said.

"And do you know everything?" You asked. He sighed.

"(Y/n) don't be like that. I'm sorry I got you upset." He said. You sighed.

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