*Request* Under the Stars (Raph x Reader)

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(WARNING! Mature content ahead!)

Third Person POV

It had been 3 months now. (Y/n) had gone to her home state to help out her older sister who was having some struggles. She had been forced to stay a bit longer than anyone had intended. Raph was getting antsy. He missed his little tiger, though he wouldn't admit it out loud. They days stretched on and all he did was go on missions, work out, and train. He called her too and the pair often talked about when she would be able to come home. Soon enough (Y/n) had great news. She could come home that Friday! Raph was super excited. He couldn't wait for her to come home. He was going to pick her up just outside the city. She'd have a cab drive her to New York and then she'd wait for him where he'd told her to. Raph hadn't just been training throughout the past three months...he'd been keeping himself satisfied too. Without (Y/n) there, a turtle had to find some way of relief from all the stress pent up. He wanted that night alone with her. He'd told the guys she was coming back and Saturday morning and that he was going to wait for her outside the city in the stealth bike. Leo had agreed to let him go and get her, but that was it. What the eldest brother didn't know was the Raphael had other plans.

Soon, Friday night came. Raph quickly hurried out of the lair.

"Raph!" Leo called.

"What!?" He snapped annoyed.

"Just be careful! I don't like it when we're out in the day!" Leo called.

"Yeah yeah! I got it!" Raph yelled back and then he took off. He hopped into the stealth bike, put his helmet on, and sped off. Leo watched as he left and sighed, shaking his head.

"I don't know what you have planned Raphael, but you better hope that you don't get caught." Leo said and went back into the lair.

Meanwhile, Raph was already out of the sewers and speeding toward the city limits. He took a secret way out of the city and drove through the grassy fields. He drove toward a small hill with a beautiful blossoming willow tree on top. He grinned as he saw a girl standing under it. He stopped at the bottom of the hill and the shell cover came off the bike. His helmet was off in seconds and he carelessly tossed it onto the seat. With a happy smile he ran up the hill and captured her beautiful frame in a strong hug. She hugged him back, dropping her bags onto the ground.

"I missed you so much Raphie." She said.

"I missed you more kitten." He said. Then his smile turned into a dark grin. His eyes narrowed and he pulled back. "And I know just how to prove it~" He growled. He instantly pulled off her shirt and the skirt she was wearing. He kissed her and she gladly kissed back. She wrapped her arms around him and their bodies pressed together. Raph yanked her bra off along with her panties. He pinned her to the ground and quickly tossed his gear away. The two made out furiously. She gripped his shoulders and he had one arm wrapped around her waist. Raph shoved his tongue into her mouth. She moaned into the kiss as he memorized every detail. There was no holding back this time. Raph pulled away and he rubbed her slit. She squeaked in surprise. He chuckled. "You're perfect kitten~" He said. She blushed. Raph slipped a finger into her and she moaned louder. He grinned.


"That's right. Moan louder. Let the whole fucking city know who you belong to~ Who treats you right~ Who fucks you into insanity~" He growled.

"A-ah~! R-Raphael~!!" He grinned. He kept pumping his finger in her pretty little whole until she was soaked and shaking. "R-Raph~!! Please~!!" She begged. He chuckled. Raph pulled his hand away and instantly shoved himself into her. She screamed loudly. Raph pounded her and she cried out. "Raph~!!! RAPH~!!!" 

"Louder!" He barked. "Tell me who owns you!" He yelled.

"YOU~!! AH~!!!" She screamed. She came and Raph pulled out of her and came too. "A-are we done?" She asked.

"Not by a long shot." He growled. He grabbed her and pinned her against the tree. He pushed into her again and fucked her for a second time. She screamed and moaned his name along with her very colorful vocabulary. Raph growled curses under his breath as well. 

"Oh Raphael~!! Ah~!! Fuck~!! F-faster~!! H-Harder~!!" She yelled. He slowed down and she was confused.

"Listen, I'm the master and your the servant. You do what I say. That's what you get for leaving me high and dry~" He growled lustfully. She nodded. He grinned. He thrust upward again lifting her off the ground a little. She kept moaning for him and soon she came again. Cum dribbled down her thighs and his cock as he kept going. She held onto him, her arms wrapping around his shoulders. 

"F-fuck~!" Raph growled a little louder than before. Soon he came inside of her. She whimpered as it dripped out of her throbbing hole. Raph was no where near done. He pulled out and spun her around. He grinned evilly at her ass. He slapped it making her shriek. Then he fucked her in the ass. She screamed louder, her voice breaking a little. 

"FUCK RAPH~!!" She yelled, hot tears of pain and pleasure rolling down her cheeks.

"Fuck who~?" He growled with a grin right into her ear.

"FUCK ME~!!" She screamed. There was no doubt. No man in the universe could fuck like Raphael Hamato. She was shaking and (Y/n) thought her legs were going to give out, but she held on for her rough lover. She had known Raphael had plans for her, but she never imagined it'd get this wild. Raphael bit down on her shoulder, leaving a bright red mark there. He grinned. Now the world would know that she was his, nobody else's. Soon enough he pulled out of her and came again. 

Raph had sex with her any way he pleased that night. The doggy style had been one of the best. After 9 rounds with her he was getting tired himself. When that round was finished with his cum coating her stomach, she shakily sat up as he collapsed beside her. She climbed on top of him.

"Let me be in charge for one~" She said. He felt her hand wrap around his member. He gasped and moaned. His hips bucked. Her grip tightened and he went faster. 

"Oh (Y/n)~!!" He moaned. He was getting close. "F-fuck babe~!! Ah~!!" She took her hand away as he was about to cum for the 10th time. She lowered herself onto him and he moaned louder. "S-shit~!! Ah~!! B-baby~!!" She was moaning too. Raph watched with satisfaction and she bounced on him. He bucked his hips into her, making his member go even deeper. They both kept this up until they came together. He filled her up and they both screamed out for each other. As they came down from their high she collapsed on top of him, panting hard with a tired smile. His arms wrapped loosely around her.

"T-that was....amazing..." She breathed.

"You were great kitten~" He purred happily.

"I gotta....go on trips more often..." She panted. He chuckled.

"You don't need to go on trips to get that from me~ I'm happy to provide sugar~" He said kissing the top of her head. "Love you beautiful." He whispered and she fell asleep. Raph fell asleep too. 

They both cleaned up and went home in the morning. Leo didn't have to ask why they were a little late. Their tired expressions gave away everything. The eldest rolled his eyes. I should've known.

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