Don't Give In (Parasitic!Donnie x Reader)

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You were heading to the lair because of an emergency signal from Mikey's phone. You hurried into the sewers and quickly made your way there. You silently crept into the lair. You looked around. Nobody was there. You were confused, but suddenly someone grabbed you from behind. You screamed in fear. You lashed out, punching them in the face. You were stunned to see Raph there.

"Oh! Sorry Raph! You should know not to scare me like that!" You said. He looked up and you froze. His eyes weren't normal. They were black. You swallowed hard. "U-um Raph? Y-you okay there?" You asked nervously. He hissed at you, gross green saliva showing in his mouth. You shrieked as he lunged at you. You kicked him backward and ran. Suddenly you were tackled by another turtle. In a flash your weapons were out and you kicked him off. You saw that it was Leo. He hissed at you and Raph hissed at you again too. You quickly ran for your life. You heard someone shouting from the lab.

"(Y/N)! IN HERE!" You turned and spotted Mikey. You quickly darted past Raph and Leo and leaped into the lab. You both slammed the lab doors shut and he locked them.


"Leo was stung by a big mutant wasp and now their all brainwashed into guarding it's egg!" He said.

"That doesn't explain why Raph's acting that way and why they're after us!" You said.

"Leo bit Raph and now he's gone crazy and during a fight Leo bit Donnie! I'm trying to finish the antibody Donnie told me to make to cure them, but I'm panicking so I called you to help!" He said.

"Why are they attacking us though?" You asked.

"We need to get rid of that egg because if it hatches it'll eat the guys! We can only do that it we un-brainwash them." Mikey said.

"So why am I here again?" You asked.

"I need help!" He said. "Donnie's taught you about this stuff and I'm still freaking out!" Mikey said. You sighed.

"Okay, where do I start?" You asked. Mikey explained what Donnie had told him and you got to work. Once you finished the cure you made a plan.

"Okay, I'll get Raph and Leo if you can get Donnie." He said, giving you a needle. You nodded. You both headed out. The others weren't around. You both split up and you looked in the kitchen. Nobody was there. You walked in to make sure, but suddenly you were grabbed and pinned against the wall. You yelped. You gasped as you saw Donnie leaning over you with a grin of his face.

"Hey (Y/n). What are you doing just sneaking around?" He asked. You didn't answer. You reached for the cure. His hand shot down and grabbed your wrist. "Aha. You're trying stop us aren't you?" He said. You struggled.

"Let go of me Donatello!" You shouted. His grip tightened.

"You know (Y/n), there's a lot of different ways to spread a virus. Biting, coughing, sneezing, and do you know one of the most fun ways?" He asked. You stared at him in fear. He leaned in and whispered right in your ear. "Through kissing~" You were shocked.

"Donnie what the actual hell has gotten into you!?" You said.

"Come on, don't fight it dove~" Dove!? You were in complete shock by how he was acting.

"Donnie, I don't know why you're hitting on me, but snap out of it! This isn't you!" You said.

"Of course it's me. I'm right here aren't I?" He purred. He kept getting closer to you.

"Donatello Hamato, I swear if you lay one finger on me in the wrong place you aren't leaving here without  a broken arm!" He grinned.

"Guess I gotta find the right place then~" You were shocked.

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