Protection (Mikey x Mutant Hybrid!Reader)

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You were being led to another Kraang base. This one was on Earth. You hated being a Kraang experiment. How dare they mutate you and just make you their slave? It wasn't fair! They were stupid evil blobs. You hated them. You had an escape plan, but you had to wait to put it into action. You were a hybrid between a peacock and a wolf. The Kraang had also added a male peacock feather into the mutagen turning you into a beautiful blue female peacock/wolf. 

(TADA! Eye color depends on you

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(TADA! Eye color depends on you.)

You were in the sewers now. You glanced around. Eight. You told yourself. Eight droids. I can do this. You waited. After a few seconds of silence, you pounced, ripping the chains free of their grasp. You clawed them and bucked the ones behind you. In the instant chaos, the chains around your muzzle came off. You grinned. You whipped around and snapped your jaws shut around one, breaking the robotic suit in half. You fought them fearlessly. Suddenly, one zapped you. You howled in pain. You glared at it. 

"Aw Kraang." It said. You tore it apart. They were all down. Suddenly another portal opened. You got ready to fight. You won't take me. This is a fight to the death.

Mikey's POV

Don had said something set off an alarm close to the lair. Leo had instantly told us to move out and we were now hurrying to the spot. We heard fighting up ahead. When we could see what was going on, we saw a mutant fighting off Kraang droids. A portal kept letting more droids come through. The mutant couldn't get to the portal because of the droids.

"Kraang, contain the one known as (Y/n)." One of them said. They shocked her. I could tell it was a girl. She cried out in pain, her legs buckling. 

"We gotta help her!" I said.

"I think 'got' is a strong word." Raph said.

"Mikey this is just like Leatherhead. We know nothing about this mutant."

"And just like Leatherhead, I'm not waiting for you three!" I snapped and hurried to help. I took down a few and my brothers joined me. Soon, the portal was down and she was free. I hurried up to her. "You okay wolf dudette?" I asked. She stood up tall, looming over me. She was at least 6 and a half feet tall! I got a little nervous. Was she going to attack me? She bent her neck down and sniffed me. I saw her smile. With no warning, she licked me happily. I laughed. "Hey! That tickles!" She stopped, tail wagging. She sat down and I pet her.

"Well, that was fast." Donnie said. I turned toward them.

"See! She is nice! And you guys thought she was dangerous! She's just a big puppy!" I said. What I didn't notice was that she had stretched her wings out and they were reaching for me.

"Um...Mikey..." Leo tried to say, but I kept talking.

"You guys never give anyone a chance! I'm the only one that's willing to get to know some new people!" I said. Then, her wings wrapped around me and yanked me back into a strong hug. Her tail wrapped around my feet,holding me in place. I was confused until she said,

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