Just Relax (Sick!Mikey x Reader)

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Mikey's POV

I felt AWFUL! I had eaten WAY too much pizza last night and now Donnie said I had a stomach bug or something. I wasn't aloud to train and honestly I didn't want to. I didn't wanna stay in bed though! That was so BORING! Donnie gave me some gross tasting medicine too. It didn't feel like it was helping. Man did I wanna do something. I thought about sneaking out to go have some fun, but my stomach kept screaming, 'DON'T DO IT DUDE!'. That never happens so I had to listen. I groaned in pain as I tossed and turned on my bed. Suddenly I got a text from someone. I picked up my phone and saw that it was (Y/n), A.K.A. my best friend. She was SUPER cool! 

(Y/n): Heya Mikester! Mind if I come over? I have absolutely NOTHING to do!

Me: I dunno if I can do anything about that. I'm sick.

(Y/n): Wait seriously? What happened? Are you hurt or sick?

Me: Sick. I had too much pizza..... Donnie called it a stomach bug or something like that.

(Y/n): Aw man, I'm sorry Mikey. That sucks.

Me: Yeah. I can't train or anything. I'm just stuck in my room. 

(Y/n): Hey! How about I come over and I can just hang out with you! Nothing CRAZY just some talking and relaxing! Sound good?

Me: Sounds boring....I wanna DO something, not sit here.

(Y/n): Well.....let's just see what happens! I'm on my way. See ya in a bit Mikester! Bye! ;P

Me: See ya.

I chuckled a little at the face she did. I liked it when she did that. Sometimes that's all our conversations would be. Who could pick the best face to react to the last one. It was fun.

I waited for her in my room, hoping she'd get here soon. I had to be honest, I was glad she was coming over to keep my company. She really is the best.

Your POV

You soon made it to the lair and saw the guys hanging out. Mikey was still in his room, that much you knew.

"Oh, hey (Y/n)." Leo greeted.

"Hey guys! I heard Mikey isn't feeling too good. I came to keep him company!" You said.

"In his room." Raph replied, not looking up from whatever he was reading. You went to his room and walked in. You saw him laying on his bed.

"Hey Mikey." You said. He spotted you and waved. You sat down next to him. "Not feeling so hot huh?" You asked.

"No...." He groaned. 

"I'm sorry Mikester. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"I dunno....what'll help?"

"Hmm...." You thought about it. You got an idea. "Wait here. I'll be back in a minute." You told him. He nodded. You left and went to the kitchen. You quickly made him some soup and then went to Donnie and asked for some medicine for him Donnie gave you some and then you hurried back to Mikey. You walked in and when he smelled the food he sat up. You smiled.

"What...?" He said confused.

"I'm gonna take care of you." You said. 

"But I can take care of myself." He said. You sighed with a soft smile.

"Just lean back. I'm going to help you. Eat that slowly while I go get some things. I know what I'm doing Mikey." You said. He settled down again and began to eat it. You saw him instantly smile when he did. It was a soft warm smile you'd never seen from him before. You were glad he liked it. 

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