Out in the Moonlight (Donnie x Shy!Reader)

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You sat out on the docks. You stared at the moons wavy reflection on the water. It shimmered like crazy, casting it's beauty out for your eyes to see. Tonight the water seemed to glow with life. You waited for your friends. They would be there any second. Soon two dolphins popped up out of the water. You smiled.

"Hi Ocean. Hi Moon." You'd named them after two of the things you thought were most beautiful. They made dolphins whistles at you. You nodded, knowing what was about to happen. You stood up and the long flowy dress like cover up slipped off your shoulder revealing your beautiful swim suit.

 You stood up and the long flowy dress like cover up slipped off your shoulder revealing your beautiful swim suit

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You walked forward and dove into the water. You were an amazing swimmer. Moon swam over and you held onto her fin. She swam around with you and Ocean stayed close too. The moonlight glimmered above you as you swam under the calm waters. You had the ability to open your eyes underwater, so it looked amazing. You smiled, still holding your breath. You hardly noticed that you had to. When you felt your lunges start to feel empty you tapped Moon and she swam to the surface. You broke through and took a second to breath. You smiled at your two friends.

"I'm glad I at least have you two." You said. They were your best friends. You'd met them when you were 9 years old. They had been only just born. You'd been swimming an the tide had carried you away from shore. They'd both helped you get back. Ever since then you'd had an everlasting love for the two amazing creatures. 

You all swam together for a long time, having fun and watching them do tricks and flips. You smiled as you watched them. Moon always tried to one-up Ocean. You chuckled as she performed an amazing trick.

"Show off." You said. Ocean made some clicks as if agreeing with you. It was all in good fun though. You all soon swam back to the docks. You'd gone out a long way, but you trusted them. You knew they'd protect you.

Once you got back you climbed out and pet them both on the head. You grabbed your towel and dried off. You put your cover up back on. You said goodbye to them and then you headed home. You walked along the sidewalk, the sounds of the city far away. This part of the city was quiet and calm at night. You kept walking, your footsteps just barely breaking the calming quiet. You heard what sounded like somebody landing on metal. You looked around. You heard someone take a few steps on a fire escape. You looked over and up toward where it was coming. Nothing. The shadows were the only thing there. You narrowed your eyes. You could see the outline of something there. You decided to act like you hadn't seen anything. If you broke out into a run, they could attack you. You kept walking, keep on high alert.

You heard them following you. You were nervous now. You kept going, hoping they'd stop. They didn't. You couldn't handle it. You shot forward, scared of them. You hurried through the city in a panic. You took sharp turns and confusing pathways. You no longer knew where you were. You swallowed hard as you ran into a group of men. You knew them. It was Hun and the Purple Dragons. They looked surprised at first, but they grinned.

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