*Request* I See You (Raph x Blind!Reader part 2)

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(This is a part 2 to 'Light and Dark'. I recommend reading that first if you haven't.)

You had been living with the turtles for 5 months now. You were a part of the team and you were highly trained now. The guys all loved having you around. You were an amazing addition to the team and family. Splinter was glad to have you there too. 

You were training in the dojo with the guys. You were all against each other. You used the vibrations and your hearing to locate where they were and if the were attacking you. You heard Donnie come after you. Splinter was watching. Donnie swung at you, but you jumped over his staff and then ducked under another swing. You pulled out your own weapons.

You blocked more attacks, but you knew he was trying to back you into a corner

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You blocked more attacks, but you knew he was trying to back you into a corner. You ducked under another swing and swung your arm toward his legs. You knocked his legs out from under him and he yelped as he fell. Donnie was out. You heard Leo and Raph were still sparing. You heard Raph knock Leo over. He turned to you. You smiled a little. This happened a lot. It'd just be the two of you. You knew he was grinning too. You only wished you knew what said grin looked like. You pushed the thought aside and you both fought each other. You matched each other move for move. You knew Raph's tricks. You'd been learning them a lot since he used them on you the most. You dodged a punch and you instantly knew he was going to try to kick one of your legs to make you lose balance. You did a back flip and kicked him square in the front of his shell. He tumbled onto the ground and you landed perfectly. 

"Yamea!" Splinter said. You stopped. You knew you were supposed to go to Splinter since you had won, but you didn't work like that. You walked over to Raph and held out your hand. He took it and you helped him up. Flashing him a smile, you turned and knelt in front of Splinter. "You have been improving greatly (Y/n). I am very impressed by your progress." He said. You nodded. "You are all doing very well. You are dismissed." He said. You got up and began to leave, but Raph stopped you.

"Uh...that was pretty clever back there." He said.

"I know that trick. You used it on me 3 weeks back remember?" You said with a grin. 

"U-um...I-I guess I should try and think of other things." He said. You chuckled.

"Yeah. Maybe." You said. 

"Hey (Y/n)?"


"Why did you help me up?" He asked.

"If I didn't, I know you would've been upset that you lost. While I did win I still recognize that I knocked you down. I don't see why it's a surprise that I care if you're okay." You said.

"II know, and thanks, but....nobody ever does that usually." He said.

"Well, I'm not nobody." You said and went to get a snack. 

Raph's POV

I want to tell her so badly, but...I don't know how. I thought. Over the past 5 months I'd fallen in love with her. I didn't understand it, but I just thought she was perfect. She could do so much. It's like even though she was blind....she could see the best out of all of us. I wished I could tell her how I felt, but I was afraid of what she'd say.

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