Portal to My Heart (Mikey x Hybrid!Reader)

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(This chapter takes place in Dimension X)

You were running for the 1000th time from the Kraang. You'd just delayed them from their work again. You stopped once you were safe and looked at your bleeding tail. You were a hybrid mutant. You were half turtle and half lizard. The Kraang had tried splicing genes together and had gotten you as a result. You had a long lizard tail, a small sleek shell, three fingered hands and feet with claws on them, and a lizard like head. Your eyes were lizard like, but they were still a beautiful shade of (e/c). Another thing you had gotten from your mutation was a spiked tail. It had four black spikes, two on each side. You also had razor sharp teeth. Since you had lived with the Kraang for awhile you had also made your own armor and weapons from the things you had stolen from them. 

You bandaged your tail and kept moving. You sighed as you sat in this freaky place, alone and hated by the monsters who controlled it. You soon heard something not far away. It sounded like people. In Dimension X? No way. I've gotta check this out. You thought. You hurried off and followed the sounds. You soon saw a group of three mutant turtles.

"Let's just hurry up and find Mikey!" One wearing a red mask growled. 

"Any idea where to start?" Another where a purple mask asked.

"That's as good a place as any." The last one wearing a blue mask replied. You decided to help them.

"Are you all looking for someone?" You asked, staying hidden for now. They looked around.

"Who's there!? Show yourself!" The red yelled.

"I'm not here to hurt anyone. I wanna help." You said.

"Who are you?" The blue asked.

"My name is (Y/n). I am an ally if you are all fighting the Kraang. I assume you have been mutated by them as well?" You said. 

"Yes. We are against the Kraang." The blue said.

"We're looking for another turtle. Orange mask, loud, kind of a nut." The red said. You nodded.

"Can I trust you not to attack me?" You asked.

"If you're here to help, then you're safe with us." The blue replied. You climbed down to them and they spotted you as you did. You stood there and smiled at them.

"May I have your names?" You asked.

"I'm Leonardo." The blue said.

"I'm Donatello." The purple told you.

"Name's Raphael." The red answered. You nodded.

"Who are you looking for?" You asked.

"Our youngest brother, Michelangelo. He ran into the portal and now we have no idea where to start." Leonardo said. You nodded.

"I can find him. Follow me. I can hear anything around here. What's he like?" You asked.

"He's loud, crazy, loves pizza, and loves video games." Raphael answered. You chuckled.

"Got it. I think I have a good idea of how to find him." You said. You lead the way, but suddenly Leo stopped and looked at something. You gasped. He was going to get himself killed! You hurried back, but then they were being chased by a rocktopus. You hurried to help. Suddenly all of them were pulled out of the way. You spotted another turtle. You knew this must be Michelangelo. 

"Stay away from my brothers!" He shouted. He fought it like a pro. You leaped in to help as he got hit once. You kicked the stupid little thing on it's head and it fell off the cliff. You landed on all fours and nodded as it fell. 

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