*Request* Sparks Will Fly (Raph x Dragon!Reader)

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(This is how you look as a dragon

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(This is how you look as a dragon. Color/Colors are your choice. This takes place when the turtles get back from the farmhouse. This is not my art btw.)

You collapsed, blood dripping from your body. You had just escaped from the Kraang. There was so many of them. Your wing was broken and so was one of your front legs. You were in the streets. The Kraang would find you soon. Is this how I die? Then, you heard someone running. The footsteps got closer, heading straight for you. You felt a hand on your neck. You opened your eyes. You saw a mutant turtle there. He had a blood red mask and bright green eyes. You tried to move, but your heap dropped limply. You let out a roar like groan.

"Hey, easy girl. I'm gonna help you." He said. "But you're gonna have to help me out too. You're gonna have to stand." You slowly pushed yourself to your feet. He helped you as you limped to a more secluded spot. He called somebody. "Guys! I have a situation here! Meet me in the sewers near the secret entrance for the vehicles!" He said and hung up. "Okay. Follow me girl." You limped onward and you made it to a dead end alley. Suddenly it rose and he walked down. "Come on! Hurry up!" He called. You tried to walk down, but you slipped and tumbled down into the sewers. He leaped out of the way just in time. You laid there your body aching and throbbing in pain.

"*Quiet pain filled roar*" 

"Shh....shh.... It's okay girl. You're gonna be okay." He said, holding your head and petting you gently. You heard a vehicle. You lifted your head a bit and saw an armored yellow van. You were surprised. More turtles came out of it after it pulled to a stop.

"Raph!? What is that thing!?" A turtle with a blue mask asked.

"It's a girl. I think it's a dragon? I don't know, but it sure looks like one." The red clad turtle replied. Raph? Is that his name? Huh, that's nice. You thought.

"What do you want to do with it?" The blue asked.

"She should come with us. She'll die if she's not patched up ASAP." Raph replied. The blue clad turtle sighed.

"Fine. Come on. Let's get her into the Party Wagon." He said.

"Thanks Leo." Raph replied. They helped you into the vehicle. You laid down and a turtle with a purple mask began to examine your injuries.

"Her leg is broken. Her wing is broken. She looks slightly pale. She's lost a lot of blood. Some of her wounds need stitches too." He said.

"Think you can help her Donnie?" Raph asked as Leo started to drive.

"If we get her home in time, maybe." He replied.

"Dude, where do you find her?" The orange clad turtle asked.

"In the street, collapsed and looking half dead." He replied.

"She's in pretty bad condition. You made the right call Raph." Donnie said.

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