*Request* Forgotten (Raph x Reader)

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(WARNING depression and suicide triggers! Okay, before I start I need to say a few things. Number one, I don't know too much about Mona Lisa so if she seems out of character, that's why. Also I hope this turns out good because I didn't know exactly what the requester wanted out of it. Anyway, please continue and enjoy!)

You were sitting alone in your room. After you'd helped the turtles save Earth when you'd seen their future selves come back and help you all, you noticed how different Raph had been acting around you. When you'd fought beside his future self and past self, there was a clear difference in how he treated you. You even noticed how his past self had been slightly confused when he'd kept fighting instead of helping you because you'd gotten hit.

Still, whenever you'd try to ask him about it he'd shrug it off and say he thought you were fine. You had really hoped he still cared about you. He almost never acted like that. But then, when they had saved Earth from Lord Dregg, you had finally understood just exactly what happened while they'd been in space. He had found someone to replace you. You had at first wanted to confront him about the fact that if he'd been trying to save Earth why would he try and find someone else, but when you saw how well they worked together, you didn't even bother. He'd found someone better. You thought that you could handle losing him, but it wasn't just Raph. Soon enough, everyone had basically forgotten about you. Leo no longer watched Space Heroes or trained with you, Mikey never cooked or played games with you, and even Donnie had stopped talking to you about his science stuff.

You hung out in your room a lot now. They guys never called. April and Casey never called. Even Splinter did nothing to see if you were okay. It'd been weeks and nothing had ever happened. You tried to convince your family that everything was fine, but you just kept slipping deeper and deeper into the dark hole you'd created for yourself. 

You suddenly heard a tapping on your window. You were hopeful that it was one of the guys or April or Casey. You hurried over, but you saw the last lizard in the universe you wanted to see. Mona. You thought angrily. You let her in, not wanting to make her angry. 

"Hello again, (Y/n). I was hoping you would be here." She said.

"What do you want, Y'Gythgba?" You were one of the only people that could say her real name, but she seemed to understand that you didn't want her there. You almost never used her real name, but today you were too angry to even think about the name Raph had given her. A name that meant beauty. He'd never done that for you.

"(Y/n), is something troubling you? You never say my real name."

"Yeah, can't imagine why." You said sourly. 

"(Y/n), I came to ask for your help." She said.

"Oh, my help!? I'm so happy that you of all the creatures in all the species finally notice me! Why do you want MY help!? Shouldn't you be running to Raphael and smothering him with kisses and love!? Shouldn't you be asking HIM for help!? Since when does anyone from the lair or the Mutanimals ever come to me anymore!?" You snarled. You'd had it with her. You hated her. She looked confused.

"(Y/n), what do you mean? You've always been a friend of the turtles." She said.

"Well ever since you showed up they don't seem to remember that I'm even ALIVE!" You shouted.

"Really?" She asked, stunned.

"YES! And you know why it hurts so much!? BECAUSE BEFORE YOU SHOWED UP RAPH CARED ABOUT ME! And now all four of them don't even bother to ever even call! NONE of them care about me! They were my only friends and you come along and that suddenly goes away!" You shouted. She looked shocked. You were crying now. 

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