*Request* Wings of Love (Donnie x Dragon!Reader)

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(This is how you look as a dragon. Color/Colors are your choice.)

You were sitting on top of one of the tallest buildings in New York

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You were sitting on top of one of the tallest buildings in New York. It was beautiful up there. You loved the breeze that blew through wings and over your skin. You decided it was time to head home. You lived alone in the sewers. It was the only place you could go. You dove down, wind rushing past your body as your wings spread out. You pulled up quickly and shot back upward into the sky. You were high in the night sky clouds. You roared loudly, voicing your freedom in your own way. You flew along and then you dove down toward an alley. You landed and dove into the sewers. You turned into your human form to fit into the manhole cover. 

You turned back into your dragon form once you were in the sewers. You walked along the abandoned train tracks. You sighed. You wished you had a friend. Somebody to talk to and share adventures with. Your life was exciting if you were being honest, but it was a struggle for you since you were on your own. 

You made it to your home. Your home was to ripped open train cars. You pushed them together to form a metal wall on the outside, and on the inside a circulars home lit by candles. You puffed a bit of fire and the candles burned to life. You curled up on a large old torn up mattress. You rested your head down and relaxed. Then, you heard something. A can had gotten kicked not far away. You blew out the candles and slowly looked out around the metal wall. You saw four shadows dash by. You growled. You couldn't let them wander around here freely. If they found your home, you'd be in huge trouble. 

You stalked them. You followed them along and soon you arrived at their home. It was big an it looked really nice for a home in the sewers. You saw a large metal door not far away. You crept over to it and slipped inside. You heard what sounded like welding. You walked toward it. You were stunned to see a mutant turtle under a huge vehicle. He was working on the underside. You knew you had to get out of there before he saw you. 

You turned, but you knocked over a beaker. He came out and gasped as he spotted you. You turned, ready to fight. He leaped backward, shocked. You growled at him. He backed away slowly. You realized that he was pretty scared. You stopped growling at him. You walked over to him and he looked confused. He began to reach out. You let him pet your snout. You let out a purr like growl. He smiled a little.

"Wow." He breathed. "Y-you're...pretty cute actually. Do you have a home?" He asked. You decided not to talk yet. You shook your head. You had an idea. You could become his friend! He seemed to like you. You hoped he did anyway. You smiled at him. He kept petting you. "Do you have a name?" He asked. You nodded. He hummed, wondering how you could tell him your name. He headed to a desk and scribbled some things down onto a piece of paper. It was the alphabet. "Can you spell it out for me?" He asked. You pointed to the letters in turn and he smiled. "(Y/n)...that's a nice name." He said. The somebody shouted,

"WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING DONNIE!?" You both turned. You saw a turtle in a blue mask. 

"L-Leo! U-um..she just walked in here! I had nothing to do with it! It's okay though! She's nice." He said.

"She!? Donnie, you do realize that's a DRAGON!!!" 

"No, I thought it was Megan Fox." He replied sarcastically. You snorted, trying not to laugh. Donnie heard in and he chuckled. He turned to you and pet you again with a smile. "Her name's (Y/n). She's perfectly fine Leo." Donnie said.

"What do you mean 'fine'!? You don't expect me to say we're keeping a dragon as a pet are you!?" He yelled.

"Yes, am I." Donnie said. Leo looked too stunned to speak. Two other turtles came in.

"WHAT THE SHELL!?" The red yelled.

"Dudes! I think I'm seeing things!" The orange exclaimed.

"If you are, so am I!" The red said. "Donnie, what is that thing!?" 

"Donnie's new pet apparently." Leo said.

"WHAT!?" The red yelled.

"She's nice Raph! Plus, she'll be a big help, won't you (Y/n)?" Donnie said. You chuffed happily and nuzzled him. He chuckled. 

"Aw~! I say she's in dudes! She can help us with a lot of things! Plus D is right! She seems nice and she's adorable!" The orange agreed.

"Thanks Mikey, but she's my pet." Donnie said. You were kind of surprised at the protective vibe he was giving off. Mikey didn't seem to notice.

"Okay!" He agreed.

"Wait, we're seriously just adopting a DRAGON!?" Raph yelled. Leo sighed.

"Even I have to admit, if she obeys us she'll be very useful." Leo said. Raph sighed.

"Whatever, but if anything catches on fire it's on you Donnie." He said and left. Leo sighed.

"She's your responsibility Donnie." Leo said and followed after Raph. 

"Well! I gotta get back to my game yo! Later D! Later (Y/n)!" Mikey said and ran out. Donnie smiled at you. 

"Guess you're all mine now!" He said. You blushed at that statement. You grinned. You licked his cheek. He blushed. He chuckled nervously. "H-heh, y-you like it when I say that?" He asked. You nuzzled him. He smiled. He hugged you in return. You smiled. I finally have somebody who wants me.

*1 week later*

"(Y/n), can you toss me a small screwdriver?" You grabbed one and tossed it to Donnie. He caught it. He was working on something for you. You laid down and rested as he worked. Soon he said, "Finished!" You raised your head. He held out a fancy, beautiful collar. You smiled. He put it on. "And now if you ever get lost you can press this button to send a signal to me." He said. You nodded. He smiled, but the he frowned. He sighed and turned back to his other work, looking sad. You frowned. You nudged his arm. He sighed again. "I wish you could talk. I wish you were more like us. Don't get me wrong, you're amazing, but I...I guess I want a friend more than a pet." He said. "But at least you listen to me. None of the others like hearing my science babble and they think me being like this is just annoying and nerdy." You frowned. You licked his cheek gently. He smiled at you. He hugged your neck. "I wish you could talk back to me." He said. You thought about it. You decided it was time to show him. You pulled away. He looked confused. You transformed and he looked shocked.

"Well....wish granted." You said, blushing. He smiled. He hugged you.

"This is amazing! You're perfect (Y/n)!" He said. He hugged back. 

"Not perfect. Just convenient." You said. He hugged you tighter.

"You're a lot more than that and you know it." He said. You smiled. 

"Donnie, thanks for being my friend." You said. He smiled.

"Actually, can I ask you something?" He said.


"Can I...be your...boyfriend?" He asked. "I-I know it's only been a week, but you're just so sweet and now that you're like this I-"



"Just give me a kiss already." You said. He blushed, but he smiled. His hand cupped your cheek and you both leaned in. Your lips connected and you gently held onto his shoulders. Your heart was beating fast, but you hardly noticed. When the kiss broke, you smiled. You hugged him.

"I love you Donnie." You said.

"I love you too, my perfect little dragon." You heard someone take a picture. You both looked over and saw Mikey. He took off.


"MIKEY!!!" He yelled and chased after him. You chuckled. You sat down with a happy sigh.

"I might be a dragon, but he sure has anger as hot as the fire I breath, when he gets angry at least."

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