Battle Scars (Raph x Reader)

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You were training with Raph again. Raph had taken it upon himself to make you stronger. He often trained with you to make you stronger. You would go to your fathers gym at night and he would train with you there. It was basically your gym at night. You had never met Raph's brothers. He'd told you vaguely about his family, but he said that it was best you just stick with him. 

You and Raph were best friends. Raph said he didn't really have friends since he was a mutant, which you understood. You didn't have many friends because nobody really liked you. You had your super close friends, the people that tolerated you, and then your bullies. 

Raph often wished that he could go to school with you. He swore that one day he'd beat up everyone who picked on you. It was part of the reason he was training you. He wanted you to be strong enough to face your attackers head on. He also wanted you to be safe on the streets at night. You always were safe though, because Raph was always watching you. You didn't mind. You liked that his eyes were always on you. It made you feel like you were safe and like you mattered. It was like you were his prized possession that he would guard to the death if he had to.

You kept fighting and Raph won again. You sighed. Raph helped you up. 

"Don't beat yourself up (Y/n). You're getting better. You're for sure getting stronger. Speaking of which, how's gym class going?"

"Top girl in my class." You said, getting a drink of water. He grinned.

"That's what I want to hear. Nobody is gonna mess with you after I'm done." Raph said. You smiled.

"Nobody is allowed to mess with me while your around." You pointed out.

"Nope. Anybody picking on you will be caught and dead by me." He said. You chuckled.

"You're so protective." You said.

"I have a right to want my best friend to be safe when I'm not around." He said. You smiled. 

"I know." You said. Then his phone buzzed. He looked at it. He groaned in annoyance.

"Lame-o-nardo is wondering where I am. I gotta go." He said. You gave him a hug goodbye and he took off. "Keep practicing!" He called.

"I know!" You replied. Just like that, he was gone. You sighed with a smile. You grabbed your things and headed home. When you got home, you climbed in through your bedroom window. You set your bag down and collapsed on your bed. You cuddled up under the blankets and smiled as you thought of Raph. Night Raph. You thought before drifting to sleep.

Raph's POV

"Raph, you've been gone most nights for a month now! Where are you sneaking off to every night?" Leo kept asking me about why I was gone all the time. I rolled my eyes. Why was he so worried? I was fine!

"I've just been going on solo patrols." I said.

"No you haven't! Where were you?" Leo demanded.

"None of your concern!" I snapped.

"It is my concern Raph! If you're getting yourself into trouble-"

"I'm fine Leo! Just leave me alone! What does it matter to you anyway!?" I snapped and went to my room. I slammed the door and locked it. I groaned in frustration. He'd been bugging me about this for the past week. It was getting very annoying. I fell back onto my bed. I turned over onto my side and decided that I should probably get some rest. I yawned and soon I was out like a light.

*1 week later*

I was at the gym again. I saw her there punching the punching bag. I frowned. She looked upset. I went in and said,

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