Come Back (Raph x Dead Hybrid!Reader)

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(Now this is a bit different. Raph is gonna be kind of depressed. If you don't like that type of thing, then you might want to skip this chapter. Also, there will be violence in this chapter. You've been warned.)

Third Person POV

It'd been a week since her death. Raph had barely eaten, barely talked, and barely been seen by any of the others throughout this time. He had been left out of patrols too. Nobody, not even Splinter, could get him to come out if he didn't want to. Even if Splinter got him out, Raph would be dragging behind and sometimes even disappear when the others weren't looking. He nearly fell off a building once from dragging on his feet. Leo saved him, but then they went home and Raph stayed in his room.

He had one picture of her with him. He studied her smile and her eyes and everything else. She was a Hybrid so she was in her half human like form. She was a deer hybrid. For some reason she had a long tail though. He liked it. 

Raph looked at the picture, now drained of his emotions. He put it on the table and laid on his bed, alone. Soon a knocked came at the door. He didn't each turn to look at who was there.

"Raph? You awake?" Leo. He thought blankly.

"Yeah." He replied.

"Dinner's here." Leo said.

"I'm not hungry." Raph replied. Leo sighed.

"Alright. We'll save you some slices if you change your mind." He said.

"Sure, whatever." Raph said. Leo closed the door and left. Leo sighed. He felt so bad for his younger brother. Mikey, Donnie, Splinter, April, and Casey were all just as worried about him. The three of them ate and saved some for Raph as Leo had promised.

"I'm so worried about him." Mikey said.

" too. He's not eating, he's not sleeping, he's not talking to anyone..." Leo agreed.

"We've gotta do something." Donnie said.

"Like what? We can't bring people back from the dead!" Leo said.

"No, but we all know one thing Raph does have." Donnie said.

"What?" Mikey asked.

"A fighting spirit. We bring that back, he might be tempted to fight for  her instead of grieve over her." Donnie said.

"It's a start." Leo said.

"But how are we gonna do that?" Mikey asked. Leo thought.

"A mission. If we go out on a mission where we have to fight with him it might just do the trick!" Leo said. 

"But he's been dragging his feet and disappearing. How can we even guarantee he'll stay or keep up with us?" Donnie said.

"And if he's been slow on his feet wouldn't that mean he wouldn't be as good of a fighter as before?" Mikey said worriedly.

"We don't have a choice. We've gotta take that chance." Leo said. They nodded.

"Now we just need a mission." Donnie said.

"The Kraang are always up to something. How about we go to one of their labs and crash a party?" Leo said.

"It could work." Donnie said.

"Well then what are we waiting for dudes? Let's get Raph back!" Mikey said. They smiled and nodded. Leo quickly told them the plan and then they put it into action. They got ready and Leo went to Raph's room. He looked at Mikey and Donnie. They nodded. Leo nodded back. He knocked loudly.

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