In My Head (Raph x Dream Walker!Reader)

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You went out into the city. You leaped from roof to roof. You smiled at the feeling of freedom. You could do whatever you wanted. It was all up to you. You stopped and looked over the city. At least I'm free. You thought. Suddenly you heard something. You pulled out your weapons.

"Who's there?" You growled. You were a sweet person, but you knew a threat could be anywhere.

"Looks like we found another ally of those four freaks." A female voice said. What? You thought.

"Show yourself coward!" You said. You were quickly surrounded by ninja soldiers in black suits. You saw a girl leading them.

"Take her out." She ordered. You fought back. You found out the soldiers were robots. They were dangerous, but you held them off, taking them out. Suddenly you felt someone cut your side. You gritted your teeth, forcing yourself to hold back a scream. You quickly turned and punched the girl backward. She glared at you. You fought her bravely.

When you both back offed for a moment you could feel your body draining of energy. The cut was taking it's toll on you. She was cut up a little too and she had bruises forming on some of the places you could see. You clashed again, but she won. You were pinned. You saw her raise her katana. You braced for her attack, but suddenly she was knocked off of you. You let out the breath you'd been holding and weakly clutched your bleeding side. You started passing out. You heard muffled voices and saw green blurry blobs standing over you. You were suddenly picked up and you closed your eyes as you let whoever this was carry you away. For some reason, you felt safe with them. You allowed yourself to slip into unconsciousness and waited to wake up, no matter where that might be.

Raph's POV

She passed out in my arms as we rushed her back to the lair. I was angry at Karai for attacking her, but that didn't matter right now. Once we got back Donnie treated her wounds. I hoped she'd be alright.

I relaxed in my room. I couldn't believe that I'd seen her fighting Karai. I mean, what where the chances I see the same girl twice in this city. I yawned and rolled over onto my side. I began to fall asleep and soon enough I was fast asleep.

I woke up on a rooftop. I looked around. I saw her sitting by herself at the edge of the roof. I shrugged and walked over.

"Hey." I said. She turned. She looked surprised, but she smiled.

"Hi." She said. I saw down next to her.

"So, what's your name?" I asked.

"(Y/n). You?"

"Raphael. Just call me Raph." I replied.

"That's nice." She said. "So what brings you here?" She asked.

"I dunno. I just kinda woke up here and saw you." I replied.

"Same. I just kinda woke up here too." She said. We sat in silence for a moment. "So, what do you do with your life?" She asked.

"Heh, I do a lot of crazy things. How about you princess?" I asked. I don't know why I came up with a nickname for her, but whatever.

"Mostly just training, living on my own, and trying to survive." She replied. "But if you do so many crazy things, then why are you here? Shouldn't you be off fighting for jusitce or something hot shot?" She asked.

"Nah. That's my brother Leo. I fight for what's right yes. But I enjoy the thrill of the fight more than the others." I said. She nodded.

"Born a fighter, live like a fighter. My brother was a lot like you." She said.

"Was? What happened to him?"

"He died in the army. My parents died from sickness shortly after. That's why I live on my own now." She replied.

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