Fix Me (Donnie x Robot!Reader part 2)

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It had been a while since you'd known the turtles. You were now a part of their team. Donnie loved having you around most of all. You went over with Arrow a lot of the time. It was always a lot of fun. Mikey usually played with Arrow while you hung out with Donnie. You sometimes didn't want to leave. Still you always promised to come back and that you'd be there for an emergency.

You were in your room at the time. You were working on some upgrades for Arrow when your father walked in.

"Hey Dad. What's up?" You asked.

"I have some more upgrades ready for you. Come with me." He said. You smiled excitedly and followed him.

"What's it gonna be this time?" You asked. 

"Nothing huge. I'm just going to modify some of the connections in your brain." You frowned.

"What? How come? My head is fine." You said.

"I know you're smart. I'm just going to get rid of some unneeded add-ons." He said.

"Dad, I don't have any add-ons." You said.

"None that I built. I'm mainly focusing on your limbic system."

"My emotions? Why?" You asked.

"You are a strong and smart girl, but I believe that some things are holding you back. I'm going to get rid of them." He said. You were shocked.

"You're going to cut my emotions!?" You asked. He nodded.

"Yes. Now come on."

"No! I don't want to give up my feelings! I'll never be happy again if I do that!" You said.

"Don't be over dramatic (Y/n). You won't feel anything again. It evens out."

"THAT JUST MAKES IT WORSE!" You shouted, tears starting to fall.

"*Sigh* This is exactly what I'm talking about. If you had no emotion we wouldn't be having this problem. Besides, I was going to replace it with an obedience chip. That way we wouldn't ever fight. I'm trying to make you a better person." He said.

"NO! You're trying to make me a better puppet! I see that now! You don't love me! You just want to USE me!" You screamed and ran. 

"(Y/N)! GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!" He shouted. You kept running, tears flying out of your eyes. You ran to your room and locked the door. You quickly packed everything you could into a large bag. You put on the back pack like bag and then ran out the hidden door that was in your closet. You had modified your room and another part of the house when your dad had gone away one time.

"Arrow! Come!" You shouted. He came running. "We've gotta get out of here boy. Dad's gone crazy." You said. He whimpered in fear and quickly lead you to the hidden exit you'd made. You'd made it in case intruders would ever make their way in. Now you had to use it to escape.

"(Y/N)!" Your father shouted. You glanced back at the room it was coming from. You glared at it.

"No wonder Mom left you." You ran out and hurried away with Arrow. You were glad he'd never come to the lair with you. Soon you were on your way to the lair. You called Donnie.


"Come on Don. Please pick up."

"*Rin- click!* Hey (Y/n)! What's up?" He asked.

"Can I stay with you guys for awhile?" You asked.

"What? Why?" He asked.

"I'll tell you when I get there. Can I stay?"

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