TLC (Donnie x Sick!Reader)

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You stayed home that day. You felt horrible and you were incredibly bored. Your mother had made you stay home from school, even though you had insisted to go since you hated being sick. You now sat on the couch doing nothing. Your mother was working very late so you wouldn't see her till tomorrow. You had nothing to do and sitting around wasn't your idea of getting better. You got up and began to clean the house. Your mother had told you to rest, but you, as said before, hated being sick. You didn't care if you were sick. You weren't going to do nothing. Throughout the day you did things around the house. Your fever kept getting worse, but you didn't care. Soon enough you heard something from upstairs. You went up and you were shocked to see Donnie.

"Donnie!" You said happily. "What are you doing here?" You asked.

"April said you weren't at school so I came to see if you were here." He said.

"Well I'm fine. My mom made me stay home today." You said.

"Why?" He asked.

"It's nothing. She's just overreacting. She thinks I'm sick when I'm not. I'm fine." You said. He looked concerned.

"Could I give you a check up?" He asked. You sighed.

"Seriously? You too?" You asked, annoyed. 

"I just wanna see okay?" He said. You sighed again.

"Whatever." You huffed. You lead him to the bathroom and he took your temperature. Donnie looked worried.

"(Y/n) this is really high! Are you sure about this? What have you even been doing?" He asked worriedly.

"Oh my gosh. It's not that bad! What even is the number?" You asked. 

"101 in Fahrenheit (38 in Celsius). You need to relax (Y/n), before this gets any worse." He told you. You growled in annoyance.

"I don't wanna sit on my butt all day when I could be doing something useful!" You said.

"If you don't rest this could get serious. Come on, I'll help you." He offered. You sighed. Maybe he was right. You did feel pretty bad, you just refused to admit it. Donnie helped you downstairs to the couch and you finally let him take care of you. He laid you down and got you a few blankets and a pillow. After that he left. "I'll be right back okay?" You nodded.

A few moments later he came back with some medicine. You were reluctant to take it. Donnie sighed. 

"(Y/n), I know it doesn't taste good, but you've gotta take something." He said. You kept your mouth shut. He thought about it. He got an idea. "Alright, I'll just have to do this the hard way." He said. You watched as he got up and went to the kitchen. You watched him leave, confused. He came back a moment later with a glass of warm water. "Will you at least drink this?" He asked. You took it and drank it. It tasted weird. You realized what he had done.

"Sneak." You growled. He chuckled at you.

"I put honey in it so you wouldn't taste it as much." He said. You smiled softly at him. 

"Thanks." You said. 

"You're welcome." He said. Donnie took the glass and set it down on the table. Then he asked if you could sit up for a minute. You did and he sat down next to you on the end of the couch. Donnie grabbed the pillow and before you could react he laid you down again with your head on the pillow in his lap. You blushed insanely at this. You looked up at him and he smiled down at you. "You don't mind if I stay awhile do you?" He asked. You smiled.

"Thank you Donnie." You said. He blushed.

"N-no problem." He stuttered. You chuckled. You thought it was cute when he got flustered. You yawned and soon fell asleep listening to a random TV show that he'd put on for you.

Donnie's POV

I soon noticed that she's fallen asleep. I carefully shifted her so that she wouldn't wake up. I got up and got a few things for her incase she needed them. I got her a box of tissues and placed them on the table. I then got a large bowl incase she had to throw-up. 

I kept thinking of the way she'd thanked me. It made me blush every time. She was just so amazing in every way possible. She's pretty, funny, adventurous, strong, brave, smart, kind, caring, creative, loyal, and a great fighter. She just doesn't know when to quit. She's also pretty stubborn. I don't really mind it. Nobody's perfect, but in my eyes she's pretty dang close to it. I couldn't help it. I was in love with her. I know April had been the girl I'd fallen for, but that was before I met (Y/n).

We'd met one random night when I'd seen her sitting alone on the roof of her apartment building. She'd been laying there looking at the stars. I couldn't help but stare. Leo tried to tell me not to go over there, but Mikey had said maybe we could make a new friend. So he'd been the one to go over, but I had been right behind him. And what shocked me was that she wasn't surprised or afraid of us. She said she'd seen us out her window one night and had wondered just who we were. I instantly took my chance to introduce myself and she had smiled at me. She'd said she was impressed by my bo staff skills and I swear my face couldn't possibly get any redder. Ever since then she'd been one of my best friends. I'd trained her in ninjutsu myself until Splinter agreed to train her as well. Now she was as skilled as us. She caught on to everything really fast. I loved hanging out with her. It honestly was the best thing ever. 

I decided to stay the day. If she needed someone I'd be there for her. I made sure she had everything she might need when she woke up. After that I carefully shifted her again and sat back down. She let out a small moan like noise and cuddled closer to me. I blushed. Should I...? I gave her a kiss on the cheek. 

"Sleep tight (Y/n). you."

"I'm not asleep ya dummy." I blushed one hundred shades of red.

"U-u-uh....well....this is the most embarrassing thing I could've ever done." I said. She chuckled.

"Calm down ya dummy. I love you too Donnie." She said. I was shocked.

"You do?" 

"Of course I do." She replied. I smiled.

"I guess we're together then."

"I guess we are."

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