Love in the Woods (Raph x Hybrid!Reader)

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(This takes place at the farmhouse.)

You were relaxing in your cave. You were a hybrid between an eagle and a wolf. You could also switch into a human form.

(Eye color and hair color depends on you

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(Eye color and hair color depends on you. I just colored the eyes because I wanted to.)

You decided to go out for a midnight fly. You stood up and ran out of your cave. You flew into the air and looked at the scene below you. You smiled. Amazing view as always. You thought. You flew over the woods, flying fast and far very quickly. You loved doing tricks in the air and darting down in between the trees or up into the clouds. 

Soon, you landed and walked along. You enjoyed the sounds of the night and the ability to stroll along with no predators even thinking of attacking you. You enjoyed the calming peace until you heard a scream and fighting sounds. You hurried toward it. You gasped. It was a mutant turtle fighting a pack of wolves. He was losing. You raced in as he was knocked over and bitten on the arm. You snapped your beak shut on the wolves tail and flung it off of him. You let out an eagle like screech as the fight broke out. You stayed near the turtle to protect him. The wolves growled, circling the two of you. You growled back. One attacked from behind. You bucked it back, your claws raking it's chest in the process. You snapped at another one that lunged at you. Finally you clawed the last one's eye and it howled in pain. You let out another roar like screech and the pack of three took off, tails between their legs.

You turned back to the injured turtle. He had on a red mask and ninja gear. He had been knocked out by the wolves. He was losing a lot of blood. I have to get him home so I can take care of his wounds. You grabbed him carefully with your talons and quickly carried him home. Once you landed you changed into your human form and hurried to get some bandages. You had a human hunter friend that got you supplies sometimes. You quickly treated his wounds and then you carried him over to your bed made of feathers, moss, and leaves. You covered him up with a blanket your hunter friend had gotten you. You then changed back into your full hybrid form and walked out of your cave. You wondered where the turtle lived. You flew into the sky and scanned over the woods below you as you flew farther and farther away from your home. Soon enough you spotted a farmhouse. You saw two humans and three other turtles on the ground calling out a name. They must be his family and friends. I better tell them what happened. You flew down and landed there. They all freaked out.

"MUTANT!" You yelped and dodged a tall one's staff. 

"Hold it! I have news! I know where the person you're looking for is!" You said quickly.

"Wait, you know Raph?" The girl asked.

"I didn't get his name, but he has a red mask and weapons and gear much like yours."

"Yep, that's him." She said.

"Well, what happened?" The blue masked turtle asked.

"I heard a scream and when I got there I found him fighting a trio of wolves. They knocked him out so I protected him. I took him to my cave to treat his wounds. He should be fine, but I don't think he's ready for long walks yet. My cave is a long way from here. I found him far away from my home, but I didn't have a choice on whether to look for his home or take him to mine. He's lost enough blood as it is." You said.

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