Love on the Battlefield (Donnie x FootClan!Reader)

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You followed Tiger Claw on the hunt for the chemicals Shredder needed to control Karai. You ere one of the few actual Foot Soldiers left. Now it was mostly his mutant men and the Footbots. You had no friends in the Foot Clan. You weren't respected that much either. You'd had a higher skill level than Karai, but daddy's little girl always got the praise. You didn't hold a grudge on Karai though. While you were never noticed, that wasn't exactly her fault. She wasn't even his real daughter! You honestly felt kinda bad for her. In a few days she found out the truth, was captured for awhile, got away, came back, got captured again, and then got mutated. Now she's captured again and Shredder wants to mind control her. Jeez, talk about having a rough time. 

Suddenly Tiger Claw stopped and you all did too. There was two other people in the group among the Footbots. Their names were Drake and Hanna. They were two truly evil people. You'd seen them murder helpless children for Shredder and they did it with bloodthirsty grins. You honestly wouldn't care if they died on the battle field. They thought you were a coward and a piece of dead weight. Now, they weren't the only people still in the Foot Clan. While you mostly stayed out of picking friend groups, you did have some nice allies.

Tiger Claw sniffed the air. "Hold on a second..." He said, sniffing some more. He grinned. "I smell something Shredder would prefer much more than the chemicals. Hahahaha!" He laughed evilly. Drake and Hanna chuckled along.

"Is it who I think it is Tiger Claw?" Hanna asked from under her mask. You all looked like normal Footbots because you wore the same suits. You honestly hated the face masks. Your (h/l) (h/c) would much rather be free instead of clung onto your skull.

"Like you have to ask Hanna." Drake replied. Also, the reason why they were so close was because they were a couple. Probably the next couple to end up on 'Snapped: Killer Couples'. You thought, rolling your eyes. 

"Yes, indeed it is. Let's go." Tiger Claw said. You all hurried off. You spotted them not far away up ahead.

"Got a plan Tiger Claw?" You asked.

"Don't test me child! We go in from the sides and cut them off. Ambush them and strike with everything you got. You better give it your all, or else you'll be killed. You have no place coming on patrols with us. You're still a mere cub." He growled and they kept going. You wanted to break his neck so badly, but you couldn't. You controlled your anger and hurried after them. You might not have been the greatest fighter ever, but you were a great fighter still and you were faster than most. 

You went on the other side, avoiding Hanna, Drake, and Fuzz Butt. You waited for the signal. Soon enough, you sprung the trap and tons of Footbots rushed in. You charged in along with them. The four turtles had their weapons out in seconds and they fought bravely, destroying the Footbots. You attacked the one in the purple mask. He fought back. You dodged and swerved like an expert. 

"Stupid bot!" He shouted. Before you could say anything, proving you weren't a Footbot, he hit you hard. You yelped and tumbled over from the force of it. You saw a blade come out of his staff. You gasped as he charged you. You rolled out of the way. I've gotta get out of here! You thought. You got to your feet, but your head was still spinning from being hit so hard. You stumbled a little, giving him another chance to attack you. You shrieked as he was able to cut your cheek. It was a swing meant to cut your head off, but he'd missed since you'd moved out of the way. Well, almost out of the way. You were bleeding now and your mask was torn, showing a little bit of you (s/c) skin along with the bleed leaking out of the cut. He did see this and in the heat of battle, he hadn't heard your cry of pain either. 

You looked for an escape route. There was nothing. He kept fighting you and you were knocked off the roof. Your back hit a fire escape and your head then hit a dumpster. You laid in the ally, bruised and bleeding. In the fall your mask had gotten caught and been torn off. You tried to move, but pain shot through your body. You could only whimper in pain and fear. You heard someone land in the ally. Your eyes opened a little and you saw the same turtle towering over you. He looked shocked. You knew he'd finally figured out that you were a living person. I'm dead... You thought as tear lined up in your eyes. You waited to feel a blade going into your body, but it never came. Instead, you heard a tearing noise and felt hands gently wrapping cloth around the cut you'd suffered on your abdomen. It wasn't deep, but it still stung badly. You opened your eyes and saw that he'd taken some sheets from the clothes lines above and used them to bandage you. You were confused.

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