Thinking of You (Leo x Reader)

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(WARNING! Mature content ahead!)

Third Person POV

Leonardo was not a guy to want to be with anyone. He was normal, despite being a mutant turtle. He was a good son and a brave leader. He was strong and he cared about his friends and family. But when he met (Y/n).....oh boy did all of that change.

Now, Leonardo was 16. Two years away from being a legal adult. He had a right to want a girlfriend, but he never had before. Karai had been the first to trigger that thought, but after the whole sister thing and fake father Shredder that idea kinda fell apart. But then, he met another girl. Now this girl did way more things to him than Karai ever did. She was beautiful, fun, kind, brave, smart, fast, and strong. She was also a great fighter. This girl seemed to like Leo as a best friend and Leo was glad about that, but not satisfied. 

Leo was not a guy to constantly think about girls and whether or not they liked him. That wasn't his style, but (Y/n) changed that. Now all he could do was think of her gorgeous body. When she wore those tighter figure hugging shirts and jeans he couldn't help but blush insanely. He could only stare at her curves which were all perfectly placed. 

Leo didn't have many dreams. He had peaceful, silent nights. When he met (Y/n), his dreams were vivid and he often woke up in a cold sweat and in pain from being so aroused. Leo could almost never be around her anymore. It was driving him insane. He needed her, badly

He crept out of the lair, unnoticed. He headed to her house. Her parents were out, so that wasn't a problem. Now all he needed to do was figure out what he was going to say to her. What could he even say? 'Hey (Y/n), I've been thinking off you for months now and I would be grateful if you let me have sex with you'. Yeah, like that would work. 

Leo made in to her place and slipped in through her bedroom window. He spotted her on the bed...with no covers over her body. Now that wouldn't have been so bad...if she hadn't been wearing nothing but a very loose tank top and bright blue panties. She heard him step in and instantly sat up. They both stayed like that, shocked. Leo looked her up and down. She did the same to him. Both of them had an idea. Both of them had been keeping secrets from each other. Both of them knew exactly what was about to go down. 

(Y/n) stood up and ran over to him. He grinned and pulled her into his arms. Not a second later the two were kissing furiously. Leo picked her up, grabbing her ass in the process. He set down down on the bed and she yanked off the tank top. Leo grinned and he saw that she wasn't wearing anything underneath it. He pinned her to the bed and she said,

"You have no idea how much I've been wanting this." He grinned.

"Oh believe me princess, I know all to well~" He said. She grinned. Then she looked at his body and frowned. "Problem babe?" She looked back up at him and blushed.

"U-um...well..." He was confused. He looked down and saw his gear was still on. He smirked.

"Oh~ That's what's wrong~?" He purred. She stared at him. He could tell he was getting to her. He cupped her cheek. "Do you want it off princess?" He asked. She smiled and nodded. His armor and mask were off in seconds and he was attacking her neck. She moaned as he let bright red bite marks on her skin. He admired his work and then he moved on to her breasts. She shivered in delight as his tongue ran through the little valley between them.

"L-Leo~" He smirked. He began to suck and nibble on them. She moaned louder. Leo loved hearing her voice like that. She wanted it just as much as he did. Soon Leo started kissing down her body. When he got to her panties and sat up. She looked at him, eyes begging for him to continue. He swiftly pulled them off and he grinned. She was soaked. She blushed. "D-don't stare...i-it's embarrassing." She said. He looked up at her.

"Aw baby, don't say that~ There's nothing to be ashamed of~" He purred. His hand rubbed the inside of her thigh. She gasped and bit her lip. He smirked. "Like that princess?" He asked. He did it again and she moaned. He went further and rubbed her slit. She gasped.

"A-ah! L-Leo!" She exclaimed, blushing insanely. He grinned. He did it again and she whimpered, trying to hold in a moan. He slipped his finger into her and she squeaked in surprise. He began to pump it in and out of her. She gasped and moaned, thighs twitching slightly. 

"Does it feel good~?" He asked.

"L-Leo~! A-ah~!" She moaned out.

"Does it~?" He asked again.

"S-shit~! Y-yes~!" She said. He grinned.

"That's what I like to hear~" Soon, he couldn't take it anymore. He needed her. He groaned as he felt his rock hard member sticking out of his shell.

"L-Leo?" She questioned.

"S-sorry princess. I-I can't hold back anymore." He said. He took his hand away and pushed into her. She screamed out. He looked up at her. "(Y-Y/n)!?" She suddenly felt the pleasure hit her hard. 

"D-don't s-stop Leo~!" She moaned out. He didn't need to be told twice. He thrust into her and she screamed and moaned loudly. She pushed herself up and kissed him. He kissed back, moaning like crazy. When the kiss broke she kept moaning and Leo was moaning too. 

"F-fuck~! Y-you f-feel s-so..good!" He moaned loudly.

"Ah~!! Leo~!!" She screamed out. "F-faster~!!" He obeyed, going faster. Suddenly he hit a bundle of nerves. 

"AH~!! LEO~!!!" He was stunned.

"(Y/n)!? Did I hurt you!?"

"No! Do it again~! Do t harder~!" She said. He hit the spot again, harder this time. She screamed louder. "F-FUCK LEO~!!! AH~!!!" He grinned he kept going and soon he was ramming her at an inhuman speed. 

"B-babe! I-I'm close!" He said.

"M-me too~!!" He kept going and soon she screamed louder than ever.

"LEONARDO~!!!!!" Her walls tightened and he gasped. 

"F-fuck~!!" He yelled. Leo gripped onto her waist and with one last thrust he came inside of her. He yelled her name before finishing and pulling out of her. He collapsed next to her. He smiled. That had been perfect. Her voice, her body, her perfect- aaaaaand he was hard again.

"Need some more chief?" She asked. He looked over and grinned.

"I love you so damn much." He said and he grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap.

"I love you too Leonardo." She purred softly before they started the second round of many to come.

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