*Request* Just Like Me (Raph x Turtle!Reader)

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"Hello." You whipped around and spotted a mutant rat. You were stunned, but you replied,

"Hello." You said.

"It's nice to see that you are awake miss." He said.

"Thank you." You replied. "Are you the one that brought me here?" You asked.

"No, but my sons should return soon." He said. You nodded. "You must be hungry after a week. Come with me." He said. You nodded and followed him. He lead you to the kitchen and opened the fridge. He grabbed something and gave it to you. You smiled as he gave you a small bowl of (fav fruit). 

"Thank you." You said.

"It is my pleasure to help someone in need." He said. You smiled.

"I'm (Y/n)." You said. 

"You may call me Splinter." He replied, holding out his hand. You shook it with a smile and he offered you a seat. You sat down and ate your snack. He made a small ham and cheese sandwich for himself.

"So, your sons saved me?" You asked.

"Yes. They saw you running from the Kraang. From my understanding Raphael protected you from a shot that was meant to kill you. After defeating the Krang they brought you here and Donatello tended to your wounds." He explained. You nodded. 

"Thank you all for caring for me and letting me stay." You said. He smiled.

"You are welcome to live here if you like. I assumed you didn't have a home." He said.

"I don't. That would be great if I could stay." You said.

"Then it is settled. You will stay with us." He said. Suddenly one of his ears pricked and he smiled. "My sons have returned. I think it is time you met them." He said. You smiled and followed him out. You were stunned as you saw four turtles like yourself. You were kind of hidden behind Splinter for the moment so they didn't see you. "Welcome home my sons. I am glad you have returned. Our guest is awake." They looked surprised.

"Really!? I wanna meet her!" One wearing an orange mask said excitedly. He looked back at you. You came out and waved shyly.

"Hello." You said.

"Hi!" The orange one said, coming over with a big smile. "I'm Mikey!" He said. You nodded. 

"I'm (Y/n)." You replied. 

"Well, it's awesome that you're finally awake!" He said.

"I should check your injuries for infections." One in a purple mask said. You nodded. He lead you back into the room you'd woken up in. You sat down and he gave you a check up along with looking at your wounds. "I'm Donatello by the way. You can just call me Donnie." He said.

"Nice to meet you." You replied. "Thank you for helping me." You said.

"No problem. It's nice to have another turtle around." He said. You smiled.

"Yeah. It's nice to meet some people that are like me." You agreed. 

"Come on, you should relax a bit." He said. You followed him out and sat own on the couch. The one in the blue mask came over to you.

"Hello." You said. 

"Hello. I'm Leonardo. Leo for short. I was just curios why did the Kraang want to kill you?" He asked. You sighed.

"I was one of their experiments. Apparently, I was the only successful one. I escaped and they hunted me down because of it." You explained. He frowned.

"I'm sorry that happened to you." He said.

"It's fine. It doesn't change much for me." You replied.

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