Chapter 115:Getting Aquatinted

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This chapter is kinda boring like what....but sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors. I didn't proofread..BUT ENJOY!!

     I sat at the table nitpicking at my Chinese food. Que sat across from me and the kids sat next to us. They giggled as they ate.
"Y'all almost done. Y'all gotta get ready for bed y'all got school tomorrow" Que said as he got up from the table. I just sat there looking down at my food.
"Mommy can I pick out my own clothes?"Kali asked.
"Ooouu mommy me too" Kellie begged. I nodded my head as I got up emptied my plate. I noticed Que sanding on the porch in the back yard smoking what looked to be a blunt.
"Come on, Jaedon, Jaeson come on y'all have to take a bath." I told them as we headed upstairs. After placing Jaedon and Jaeson in the bath I went to check on the girls. They was finding their clothes for school tomorrow. I smiled as they tried to put they outfits together.
"That's cute" I said to Kali. She had a pretty tribal dress picked out with some brown sandals. I heard the boys giggled that caused me to hurry and check on them. Que was in there splashing them with water. They giggled louder. Que looked back at me but I ignored his eyes and just stared at the boys. I left them alone and went back to the girls room. Kellie had a blue and white dress picked out with white sandals.
"I like your outfit baby" I said as I kissed her. She smiled. After playing with them a little, I tucking them in. I check on the boys, Que was laying his big ass in one of the boys bed with both of them laying on him. I walk over to him picking Jaeson up and laying him in his own bed. I kissed him as I caressed his face. Que tucked Jaedon in and quickly kissed Jaedon before leaving their room. I walked down the hall to my room and I could hear foot steps behind me. I rolled my eyes.
"Can we talk?" Que asked. I just nodded my head as I got in my bed and covered my legs with my blanket. I picked up my phone and went on Instagram as Que sat on my bed. My phone was taken out my hand and placed on my bed.
"I asked can we talk. How we gonna talk and you on you phone." Que asked sounding annoyed. I finally looked at him.
"Talk" I said as I bulged my eyes out at him. He sighed as he pulled at his beard that was starting to grow back.
"Why you said that yesterday?" He questioned. I knew what he was talking about but I wanted to play dumb.
"Hm what you mean? Why I say what?" I asked. He looked at me and shook his head.
"Don't play dumb Kels..." he said.
"I don't know why I said just slipped up." I said. He just looked at me and stayed silent.
"I'm about to go to sleep tho" I said. He nodded getting up. He walked towards the door and opened it but stopped as he looked back at me.
"I love you too Kels" he said before he went out closing the door behind him. I sat there thumb founded.I knew he still loved me but not hearing him say it in so long, it gave me a tingle feeling inside. I got up out my bed and ran to the door and down the hall to his room, I opened the door and he was removing his shirt. He just looked at me.
"You meant that?" I asked as my eyes watered.
"I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it Kels" he said.

I watched as tears fell from her face and she wiped them. We just stood there in silence. I got in bed and pulled my blanket over me.
"You getting in the bed or you gonna just stand there?" I asked her. She slowly walked to my bed and slipped under the blanket. I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her body close to me. I haven't had sex in months but to be quiet honest that was the last thing on my mind surprisingly. I honest just wanted to hold her. We was in a spooning position.
"Go to sleep" I whispered in her ear as I kissed her shoulder.
I woke up at 7:30am. Kelsey hair was everywhere and she laid against my chest. I gentle moved her off me as I got out the bed. After quietly getting dressed I got the kids dressed and brought them to school. I haven't been to the club in a minute I had my home girl Ash managing and looking after shit while I was away. I walked into the club and everything was nice and clean. It only 9am so it wasn't opened. Ash was at the bar on the phone as she cleaned the glass cups. She saw me and a big smiled appeared on her face.
"Yo I'll call you right back." She said to the person on the phone as she quickly hung up.
She came around the counter and gave me a pound and a quick hug. I haven't seen her in almost two months. She came to the hospital a couple times to visit me but I told her I was good and to just worry bout the club.
"What up Que...I didn't know you was coming you doing?" She said. I chuckled. Ash was one of the realist people I've met since being in Cali.
"I'm good, I'm doing good. Yea I didn't know I was coming. I just dropped my kids off at school and was close by" I said. She nodded.
"I'm glad you doing good tho my nigga. You had a nigga worried" she said. I chuckled and pounded her hand.
"Nah I'm good now tho, I feel like the old me" I smiled.

ASH(Que Friend)

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ASH(Que Friend)

"That's good...I'm happy you back. Oh I have all the paper work and logs for the club in your office. I got all the bank receipts and-"
"You good Ash...I trust Bout the only one I trust besides Kels and my pops" I told her. She smiled and nodded. I never had to second guess Ash because she always kept it real with me. She was only 23 but was far from dumb.
"I appreciate that shit man, I know a lot of people fucked you over and it's hard for you to trust so I appreciate that" she said. We talked for about another hour before I left. I pulled up to the house and it was quiet. I went up into the guest room and Kelsey was still spread across the bed sleep looking all while and shit.

To be continued....

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