Chapter 98:Blowing

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Sorry for any misspelling or grammar!! I didn't proofread! ENJOY! This chapter low key boringgg

The next day....
      Surprisingly Kelsey didn't make me sleep in the guest room. She hasn't said shit all mornings to me, but she doesn't seem made at me or anything. I was showering when my phone starting blinging indicating I had a text. After I was done showering I noticed it was Twizz texting me. He sent me the videos from that night. I smirked. I watched them and was thankful I didn't fuck the hoe. Yes I might of grabbed her ass but that's it. I threw my clothes on and headed down stairs. Kelsey was changing Jaeson as the other Jaedon laid on the play mat. The girls was at school.
"Here" I said handing her the phone. She looked at me than the phone.
"What? What's that?" She asked as she laid Jaeson down on the play mat. I didn't say anything I just handed her my phone. She watched the whole video in silent.
"Congratulations. You want a reward for not cheating this time" she said tossing my phone in my lap. She stormed into the kitchen and I jumped up following her.
"I'm sorry ok. I should have never entertained her in the first place but come on Kels. You saw the video. I didn't fuck her." I said.
"But you would have!! If she would of never came her I'm sure your ass would have" she said shaking her head.
"That's not true. If I wanted to fuck her I would if fucked her that night but I actually used my brain instead of my dick. Kels. I meant what I said. No more breakups no more lies" I said as I walked up to her. I gently grabbed her waist and pulled her towards me. She had her head down.
"Que...when she came here and said that shit I just knew it was true. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not believing you over her but what do you expect." She said.
"I know...if a nigga came her saying that shit about y'all, I probably would of reacted the same way..shit probably worst" I said as we both giggled.
"I'm sorry for not believing you. And I'm sorry for punching you..and shooting you, well grazing you" she giggled. I kissed her lips.
"How Sorry are you?" I questioned as I picked her up sitting her on the counter.
"Very sorry but I don't think you want to come anywhere between this bloody mess between my legs" she said. I scrunched up my face backing away. She busted out laughing.
"That's nasty Kels. You just turned a nigga off" I chuckled as I kissed her lips.
"Ohhh please. I love still love me?" She questioned as she pecked my lips. She ran her tongue over my bottom lip.
"Yes I love your sexy chocolate ass" I told her. She giggled.

1 week later...
    "You still up?" I said to Que. It was 4am. He was just sitting up in bed watching tv.
"Yea...can't sleep" he said giving me a small smile than looking back at the tv. Love & Hip Hop was on. I looked at him than the tv. He don't even like this show. I  turnt the tv off and he didn't even notice.
"Que??" I said noticing he was still looking at the tv as if something was on it.
"Hmmm?" He asked looking at me.
"What's up with you?" I asked sitting up looking at him. He chuckled.
"Nothing why?" He asked.
"Because you didn't even noticed I turned the tv off. When did you start watching Love & hip hop?" I asked.
"Ohh I wasn't paying attention. That was the only thing on." He said getting out of bed. He went into the closet and came back out with a hoodie on and a Dutch in his hand.
"I'm bout to smoke real quick" he said as he went in the balcony. I watched him lean back in the chair. I sighed and slipped on my slippers and grabbed on of his hoodies. I opened the slide door and closed them behind me. He was rolling up. I sat down in the chair next to him as he continued doing his thang. He lit it and inhaled the smoke as his body sunk into the seat. We both looked ahead as we saw the sun trying to peak through.
"What's wrong?" I asked him. He didn't answer me. I looked at him and saw sadness.
"Que.." I whispered. He took another long pull still ignoring me. I snatched the blunt out his hand and put it to my lips and before I could inhale it he snatched it out my mouth.
"Don't get fucked up Kels" he said. I smirked.
"No you don't get fucked up. I asked you a question" I said facing him. He took another pull and faced me he pulled me to his lips as he blew the smoke in my mouth. I tried my best to inhale it but I started coughing. He chuckled.
"Wait let me try again." I said excited. No I've never smoked before but in the beginning of our relationship Que did used to give me shotguns(one blowing weed smoke in another's mouth). He took another pull and and put his lips to mine as I slowly inhaled it. Surprisingly this time I didn't choke. I held the smoke in for a few seconds than slowly blew it out. Que watched me. He took another pull and blew it in my mouth and I blew it out. He smirked at me and we kissed.
"I'll still never get over how sexy you look blowing out smoke." He said. I giggled. I wasn't high just a little buzzed. I straddles him as I looked in his eyes. I buried my head in his neck.
"What's wrong?" I whispered in his neck.
"I miss my mom Kels." He said. I sat up looking at him. I finally could understand his pain of loosing his mom.
"I haven't visited my moms grave in Damn near 5 years Kels. I feel like a horrible son...I was thinking bout going back to New York. Just to visit my mom. And probably Wayne and Jay" He said.
"Your not a horrible son Que. I'm sure your mother understands. But if it makes you feel better going to visit her than go. I just want you to be happy." I said as he He smiled rubbing my butt.
"I want y'all to come too. I want to bring the kids to see there grandmother" he said. I shifted. New York just brings back bad memories. I almost lost Que because of those New York grimy streets and I'll be damn.
"Please Kels. I need y'all with me. Well only be there for a day. Than I'm gonna take y'all on a little vacation" he smirked.
"Vacation??" I questioned. He chuckled.
"Yes a vacations. We haven't been on one since we had Kali. The kids will love it. First New York for a day. Than Florida for a whole week. Than the Bahamas." He says excitedly.
"Wait! What! How are we gonna do this with a 6 year old, a 3 year old and two 5 month old babies?" I question.
"Easily! Don't worry I got everything already planned out." He said. I smiled.
"So when are we leaving?" I questioned.
"Tomorrow!" He said with no hesitation. The kids was on spring recess for 2 weeks so it was perfect timing. New York here we come.

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