Chapter 118:Love Calls

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If someone has a problem with some errors in this damn book....DON'T READ IT BITCH.....Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors!! I didn't proofread. Enjoy 😊

     I went inside. It was quiet and the only source of light was peeking through the windows. I headed upstairs and slowly opened Kelsey's room. She was balled up on her bed with the blankets over her. I Slowly walked over to her bed and pulled the blankets down. She was asleep. You could see the dried up tears on her face. I sighed. I gentle kissed her lips and her eyes slowly fluttered open. We was now nose to nose staring at each other. I swallowed hard.
"You didn't deserve that one does" I whispered to her. Tears streamed from her face. I closed my eyes as I rubbed my nose on hers.
"I don't look at you differently...I look at you as the same woman I met 12 years ago, the same woman that gave birth to my 4 kids." I paused and kissed her lips.
"I love you Kels. With every breath in me. Sometimes I think I love you more than I love myself. When we got married, we both promised...we vowed for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part....I meant every word." I said. She wrapped her arms around my neck and tightly hugged me.
"I love you so much Que. I meant every word too. I can't live without you, I was a fool to ever let you go" she said.
"Your not a fool. I was, I should of never did you wrong" I said. She caressed my cheek, I turnt my head and kissed the palm of her hand. Our lips connected and she grabbed the back of my neck deepening the kiss. She allowed my tongue to make love to hers. I broke the the kids as I pulled the blankets from off her. She was wearing a white tank top and white pajama shorts that was a little bit to small. She ain't have no bra on because I could see her hard chocolate nipples poking threw. She pulled me in top of her as she kissed me hungrly. She was basically trying to suck my tongue out my mouth and that shit just turned me on more.
"Fuck" I mumbled as her hands slid inside my pants. I was already rock hard and just us kissing was about to make me nut. I haven't had sex in almost 5months, So a nigga was about to bust. She slid my sweatpants down with her feet as she continued to stroke me. Our lips never departed. All you heard was heavy breathing and groans coming from be ass she continued milking me. I felt my dick stiffen. She pushed me off her on my back as her lips connected with my dick in a swift. She had good timing because as soon as her lips wrapped around my dick I nutted. She continued to stroke me as she sucked me dry. She looked up at me and I looked down at her amazed. She pulled my dick out her mouth with a pop. She wiped her mouth as she sat up putting her hair in a bun. I grabbed her laying her flat on her back. She looked at me with love. I smirked at her. She tried to act shy as she covered her face and giggled. I removed my shirt and took off my sweats and boxers that was already at my ankles. I pulled at Kelsey's shirt making sure she gave me the ok. She lifted her arms allowing me to take it off. Her big round breast was on full display. She had a few light stretch marks on her breast but I loved them. I pecked her lips as I pulled down her pajama shorts. Surprisingly she didn't have any panties on. I smirked down at the sight of her pussy. It had a little hair on it but she knows I don't mind. I dived in head first. I was hungry and she knew how to feed a nigga. Out of all the bitches I fucked, Kelsey pussy was the only pussy I feened for.
"Mmmh" I hummed as I sucked on her clit. She squirmed around as she touched the top of my head. After all these years she still couldn't take it.
"Mmm mmhhm right thereeeee. Uhhh Queeee" she moaned as she squeezed her legs together almost fucking chocking me. I gripped her thighs as I forced them apart. I ran my tongue around her warm tunnel and ran my tongue in circles around it. Kelsey arched her back as she bit down on her bottom lip. I parted her lips with my tongue as I made my way back up to her clit.
"Uhhh...oh my gosh...fuck stop" she moaned as touched my head.
"Mmm you taste so good" I told her. Shit she tasted better than my favorite food. She started grinning her pussy in my face. After a few more seconds she came. She screaming all loud and I ain't even give her the dick yet. She laid in a daze breathing heavy. I tapped her leg and she already knew. Assume the position. She got on all fours as she stuck her butt in the air. I admired the view as I slapped her butt and watched it giggle. I ran my thumb around her wetness. I kissed her lower back as I slowly eased into her. She gasped as she grabbed the sheets. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back. Don't buss nigga, I thought. I had to count to ten in my head in order to control myself. I stroke deeper in than slowly pulled out. Kelsey let out low moans. As I sped up my pace all you hear was our skin slapping together and Kelsey's loud moans.
"Uhhhh oh my gosh, Que Babyyy" she moaned as I gave her deep strokes. I watched as my dick disappeared into her wetness, and appeared again covered in her cream. I felt her walls fighting around my dick. She grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it as she let out a faint scream. I smirked, I bit my bottom lip as I gave her two more strokes before pulling out and nutting in her butt. She laid in the same position breathing heavy. I tapped her butt and she got up. She was smiling at me as she kissed me and pushed me down. She stroke me before climbing on top and lowering her self on me. She bit her lip as her warm wet pussy allowed me inside again. Our hands intertwined as she started to slowly bounce up and down on my dick. I watched her amazed. Her tits bounced, I grabbed a hold of one of them as I played with her nipple. She stopped and pecked my lips. She leaned on my chest as she positioned her feet flat on both sides of me and started bouncing.
"Uhhhhh mmmm" she moaned as she but her lip and closed her eyes tightly.
"Fuck Kels" I said as she started going faster. I grabbed a hold of her waist as I thrusted my hips up. Her eyes opened as her mouth formed a O. She rode me before but it was never like this, damn she was fucking the shit out of me. She soon stopped bouncing and let out a faint scream as she came. A tear rolled down her cheek. She continued bouncing as I held her waist. I gripped her waist tighter as she bounced.
"Damn Kels...slow down" I said but she didn't listen. I felt myself stiffen as she bounced up and down. I gripped her ass as I released all my seeds into her. She put her fingers in between her legs as she slowed down her pace. She leaned down kissing me and smiled.
"I love you" She said.
"I love you too" I told her as I slightly lifted her off me, my dick slipped out of her. Wetness dripped from her as she stood up. I directed her to lay down as I went into the bathroom. She was laided across the bed breathing heavy as she stared at the ceiling. I quickly wiped her down and myself and got in bed with her. She snuggled against my chest. We laid there without a word exchanged. We already knew where our relationship stood.

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