Chapter 33:Losing Hope

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The Next Day.....
I woke up to a phone ringing. At first I didn't know where I was until I saw Quanell lifeless body.
"How long you been here?" I turned and noticed Jay. You can just look at him and tell he's been crying, his eyes was puffy and red.
"3 this morning." I said. He nodded and ran his hand down his face.
"Shit is crazy man" Jay said. His eyes got glossy. He stood up and walked to the window. His back was turned to me but I could see him wiping his tears.
"Imma handle this shit Kelsey...I put that on my mama" Jay said. Quanell breathing machine started beeping. I jumped up, Jay rushed to get a doctor.
"What the fuck man, what the fuck is going on?" Jay yelled. The doctors rushed in. They pressed a few buttons on the machine.
"Is he ok" I asked.
"Actually yes! He's breathing on this own. That sound was alerting us that he was breathing on this own. This is good." The doctor told us. I smiled and wiped my tears. My baby was progressing.
2 weeks later......
During the next couple of weeks Quanell's father, his intmediate family, and close friends came by to see him. He hasn't progressed. He was breathing on his own but he was still in a coma. His swelling with down. But he still wouldn't wake up.
The Doctor entered the room. He check on Quanell and wrote things in his note pad.
"Um Ms. Murray and Mr. Jones may I speak to you both out here." The doctor asked. Me and Quanell's father agreed and followed the doctor.
"Ok. Quanell has been in a coma for 3 weeks. After 4 weeks of a patient being in a coma we like to consult with the family on what they would want to do." The doctor said.
"What do you mean you consult the family on what they want to do? What are you trying to say?" I asked.
"I'm asking next week y'all have to make a decision on weather to pull the plug or keep him in a coma." He said. I stood up from my seat.
"What! I'm not pulling the plug on him" I yelled.
"Kelsey let's think about this for a sec-" his father started to say.
"What! Mike there's nothing to think about! I'm not pulling the plug!" I told his father. His father took a deep breath.
"Kelsey, I'm sorry but that is not your decision. I'm his father" He said.
"AND!!! I'm his fucking fiancé and the mother of his child! You don't give two shits about him. And never did! I'll be damn if you think you about to kill him" I yelled. His father gritted his teeth. It was true tho. Quanell and his father had a rocky relationship. He's done Quanell bad. If anyone was going to have say so on weather he live or die it would be me.
"Ok everyone just calm down. You guys don't have to make the decision yet. But Ms. Murray does have the finally say so. Quanell did list her as the next of kin." The doctor said.
"What!! You know what, you deal with it than. I'm gone." Mike said while storming off. I watched in disbelief. He walked out on his son growing up and now he's walking out not knowing if his son will live or die. What a father.
One week later.....
      I haven't been to see Quanell in 2 days. Jay and the Doctors have been keeping me updated. I just can't stand to see him like this anymore. I wonder if I made the right decision keeping him alive. I don't want him to suffer. It hurts my heart seeing him everyday like that. I look at my baby girl and just break down. She has no clue what's going on but she knows her daddy isn't here. She's always saying "daddy". She's wondering why she hasn't seen his face in a while. Tomorrow will make 5weeks since he's been in a coma. I think I need to let my baby go. I hurts me to even think that. Today I'm taking Kali to see him.

        I slowly opened is hospital door room, Jay was sitting by his side.
"Hey Kelsey...look at miss lil Kali!" Jay said while picking her up and kissing her cheeks. She giggled. Jay handed her back to me.
"I'm bout to dip tho. I'll be back in like 2 hours tho. Call is he need anything" Jay said before leaving. I nodded my head. I say in the chair with Kali on my lap. I heard a knock on the door and Detective Morgan came walking in.
"Hello Ms. Murray. How are you." He asked. I struggled the shoulders.
"I'm ok" I said. He nodded and smiled at Kali.
"This must be y'all daughter" he asked.
"Yes, this is Kali" I told him. He smiled and waved at Kali.
"I just wanted to stop by and give you an update on the case. We still have no leads. The DNA from the scene only came back to be the deceased and Quanells. Are you sure you have no idea why he was in this warehouse." He asked.
"Yes I'm sure! Me and Quanell wasn't even together when this happened. " I told him. He simple nodded. He soon left. The truth was I knew exactly why Quanell was in that warehouse, and I knew who he was meeting. Jay was suppose to go with them that night but his mom was rushed to the emergency room. Jay has been following them. He was just waiting for the right time. I stood up and walked to Quanells bed. Kali damn near jumped out of my arms when she saw him.
"No baby, daddy sick" I told her. She kept trying to reach for him.
"Give daddy a kiss ok" I told her through tears. I lowered her to this face and she grabbed a whole of his face and kissed him. Once Kali lips touched Quanells forehead it felt like lightening rushed from her body to his. All I saw was Quanells big beautiful brown eyes looking back it mine. I grabbed Kali tighter and ran out the room.

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