Chapter 54:Kali Dreams

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1 week later.....
     I'm now 32 weeks and big af. This pregnancy is so different from when I was pregnant with Kali. I have no appetite, I basically have to force myself to eat for the sake of the baby. Me and Quanells relationship has been going good besides the long ours he works. He opened up a hookah lounge called Kali Dreams. I was against it at first but I soon gave in. It's not that I don't want him working and doing his own thing, I just know what comes along with it. But he always made sure to be home by 10pm every night. This little girl in my stomach been wearing me out, she's been kicking all damn day. My phone vibrated showing Que was calling me.
"Hello?" I said while rubbing my stomach.
"Hey bae. How you feeling?" Ques asked.
"I'm ok, she's just been kicking all day and the shit hurts" I wined. He giggled.
"She's being mean to mommy already huh."he said. I heard loud music and ppl talking. I rolled my eyes.
"Your on your way home?" I asked him while glancing at the time. It was 9:30.
"Nah not yet...The lil nigga Mel that I have in charge couldn't close today, his son in the hospital. I have to close tonight." He said. I rolled my eyes and sucked my teeth.
"Really Quanell?! You can't find no one else?" I asked getting annoyed. He sighed.
"No. And plus no one else has the code or key besides us two" he said.
"Give them they key and tell them to close" I said. He sucked his teeth.
" They never closed before and I'm not giving the code to none I don't fully trust. Kels, I'm closing. I'll be home by 4." He said.
"Whatever." I said before hanging up on him. He called back but I just declined the call. I wanted him home with his family, not around a bunch of thirsty hoes. I pulled the blankets over my head and cried myself to sleep.

      I kept tryna call Kelsey back but she kept sending my calls to voicemail. I know her ass probably crying right now. She act like I do this everyday. This is the first time I didn't come home on time. I make it my priority to be home by 10 every night. My lil nigga Mel that closes every night couldn't close today because his 6month old son is in the hospital. Mel is this lil nigga I met at the gym when I first got out here. He's 21 and he reminds me so much of myself. We instantly clicked. He was looking for another job so I offered him a job at my hookah lounge Kali Dreams. He was a natural so I gave him manager position. He's become my right hand man.


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Kelsey don't really like Mel. She said he's too violent but so am I, shit.
I walked up to my bar and got a shot of Henny. Kelsey's ass was stressing me the fuck out.
"2 more Ari" I told the bartender. Her name is Ari. She cool people. I think she got a lil crush on me. I won't lie she bad AF but I'm not trying go there with her and I don't wanna mix business with pleasure. She handed me my 2 shots.
"You look stressed" she said while eyeing me. I smiled at her. She smiled back. Ari was beautiful.
"Nothing I can't handle" I said while throwing back the other shot. She just watched me.
"How you like working her Ari? Niggas ain't been harassing you right?" I asked her. She leaned on the counter.
"Some yes. But I don't be interested. The guy I'm interested in don't pay me no mind tho" she said. I smirked.
"Why you say that?" I asked. She laughed.
"Because...of his actions" she said. She licked her lips and looked down.
"I do be paying you mind...I just like to be lowkey. You know what I mean?" I asked her. She started blushing and had the biggest smile.
"Yea I know what you mean." She said. We held I contact until I heard glass breaking. Niggas was fighting. I rushed towards the fight as my security was breaking it up and carrying people out. I headed to the DJ booth. I told the DJ to cut the music. I got on the mic.
"Everybody, Kali Dream is now closing because of the lil altercation please make your way to the exit. If you your not out in 10minutes, I will do the honors of throwing you out myself. Thank you." I said into the mic. Everyone started heading to the exit, they already know what's up. After 30 minutes the place was empty and clean. I dismissed all the workers and locked up the club. It was 1:22am. I wonder if Kelsey was still up. I made my way to my all white Audi. I noticed a girl sitting on a bench.
"Aye" I yelled. She looked scared at first until she noticed it was me.
"Hey" she waved. I gave her a confused look and got out my car.
"What you doing sitting out her? It's late why you ain't heading home?" I asked while taking a seat next to Ari.
"I'm waiting for my uber. It should be here in 5minutes" she said.
"Oh ok, I thought you drove" I said.
"I did. But my ex brought me that car. When we broke up he took it back. I'll have my own car soon tho" she said while struggling her shoulders.
"I hate niggas like that. Why give your girl a gift but when y'all break up and you feeling salty you take it back? Where they do that at?" I said while laughing. She laughed too.
"Oh so you ain't like that?" She asked me.
"Nah. Not at all. Come hungry?" I asked her while standing up.
"Um a lil" she said.
"So come on. Let's get something to eat cause a nigga hungry. I'll take you home after" I said. She stood up.
"I promise I don't bite.." I assured her. She busted out laughing. It was cute. We got in my car and pulled off.

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