Chapter 52:GoodTimes

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I don't thing Quanell knows how bad he hurt me when he just left. Bad enough he left us for almost a year than he leaves us again for 6 more months. I felt like he was denying our baby. After he came back the next door and told me why he upped and left I felt bad. But I wanted to tell him when I first found out but I knew it would hurt him because he could come back to us just yet. I didn't know he was hurting that bad. I never knew he tried to kill himself. That hurt me when he told me that. I never wanted him to feel like I was lying to him because that was never the plan.

1 month later....
"Are you nervous?" I asked Quanell as he helped me on the table. I'm currently 29 weeks(7 months). We're just now finding out the gender because I didn't want to find out without him. We both want a boy.
" reminds me of when we found out Kali's gender" he said with a big smile. Someone knocked on the door and in walked my doctor with a big smile. She was a short black older woman in her early 50's she's so sweet.
"Hello, how are you feeling Ms. Murray?" She asked while putting in her gloves.
"I'm doing ok. The baby just been kicking a lot." I said. She put his hand on my stomach and felt around.
"That's good. Baby is very active. And who might this be?" She asked looking at Quanell.
"Oh I'm sorry. Doctor Harris this is my fiancé Quanell" I said introducing him.
"It's nice to finally meet you dad" She said shaking Quanell hand. Quanell giggled.
"It's nice to meet you too" he said. He was acting more nervous than me. The doctor placed the cold gel on my stomach and we excitedly looked at the monitor.
" and day. You are having a...."

I stoped the doctor before she told us the gender. I wanted to throw Kels a gender reveal party. Once we left the doctors Kels sat facing the door the whole ride. She was mad. I stopped at a red light and looked at her with a smirk.
"You still mad" I asked while rubbing her thigh. She pushed my hand off her thigh. I laughed.
"Come on Kels...don't be mad. Y'all find out at the gender reveal party I'm throwing you" I said. I couldn't stop smirking.
"Ain't shit funny! I wanna know now, tell me. Please. You know I don't like surprises" she said. I looked at her and she stuck her bottom lip out.
"You cute and whatever but no. It's a surprise" I said with a smirk. She playfully mushed my head.
"Uhhhh I can't stand your long beard ass" she said. I busted out laughing. She got jokes. I stuck my tongue out at her and I started laughing harder. She just side eyed me.
"Ain't shit fucking funny! Snakes ass tongue nigga" she said. I laughed harder.
"iight I'll take that. But you wasn't saying that when I was eating your pussy this morning. Now was you?" I said with a smirk. She smirked but tried to hide it.
"Whateverrrr" she said while flicking her hair. She funny.
"You hungry." I asked her.
"Yes!!! Can we please get Chinese" she begged. I nodded my head and headed to our fav Chinese spot.
      We ate and talked about any and everything. Recently we've been going out on lil simple dates. We did this when we first started dating but doing it now just made me think of how much I missed and actually liked it.
"So when is the gender reveal party?" She asked while stuffing her face.
"Um I'm not too sure of the date but I wanna do it before you turn 8months" I said while wiping my mouth. She nodded her head agreeing.
"What color are you gonna paint the baby room?" She asked.
"Um maybe..." I caught my self. Kelsey looked at me with excitement.
"You think you funny" I said while laughing. She laughed and rolled her eyes.
"Tell me!!! Please" she begged.
"Kels what I told your hardheaded ass. No. What's so hard about waiting?" I asked her. She sucked her teeth.
"We both knew Kali's gender...why can't I know the gender now?" She asked.
"Because man. It's a surprise." I said. She rolled her eyes and I laughed.
"Since you don't wanna tell me you ain't getting no pussy and I ain't sucking your dick" she said with a serious face. I shot my head to her. I gave her a straight face. She rolled her neck at me. I giggled.
"Man eat your food. I see you got jokes tho" I said. She squinted her eyes at me.
"Que I'm dead serious" she said. I sucked my teeth. I knew she was serious.
"Iight man damn....It's a boy! You happy!" I said while finishing my drink. She had the biggest smile on her face. She grabbed my face and kissed me.
"I love you...Ohhh my gosh! I can't believe we're have a boy. A lil you oh my gosh." She said. She than instantly bursted in tears. She's so emotional.
"Why you crying?" I asked her while rubbing her back. She struggled her shoulders.
"I-I don't know. I'm just happy." She said. I laughed. I hugged her and kissed her forehead.
"Don't cry bae. Don't tell nobody else the gender." I said. She nodded her head.
"I'm serious Kels...bad enough you made me tell you. Don't say nothing. And at the gender reveal party your ass better act surprised." I said.
"Ok I will. How's this" she said while doing a surprise face. I busted out laughing, she started laughing along with me.
"Yea bar, just like that...I love your funny ass" I said while kissing her lips.
"I love you more." She whispered against my lips.

***sorry for any misspellings I didn't proof read! Enjoy!!!

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