Chapter 3:First "Date"

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I woke up and it was 8:00pm. Damn I can't believe I slept that long I said to my self. I got up went pee and checked my phone. I had 2missed calls and 3 unread messages from Quanell "Papi".

Papi😍-Hey Mami what are you doing tonight? Sent 6:21pm

Papi😍-Mami are you mad at me because I questioned if your hair was real or not? Sent 7:30pm

Papi😍-Kelsey? I'm really am sorry...ok!!! Pls answer. Sent 7:50pm

Me-Hi Quanell! No I'm not mad, I was just sleep my bad lol. Sent 8:10pm

Papi😍-Can I take you out? To dinner or a movie? 🙈😊😊 Sent 8:11pm

Me-Uh idk.. I'm not really sure. I'm kind of a boring person. I don't wanna bore you. Sent 8:12pm

Papi😍-Bore me??????!! Please come!! Just a movie and dinner. Nothing big ok. Sent 8:13pm

Me-Ok..fine😊 8:15pm

Papi😍- Thank You!!! Do you want me to come pick you up? Sent 8:16pm

Me-No!! I'll drive and meet you there. Sent 8:17pm

Papi😍-Ok Mami!! Meet me at 59th street at the Brooklyn Cinama. The movie starts at the 9:30pm don't be late😊😊 Sent 8:18pm

Me-Ok 😊 sent 8:19p

I just sat there thinking. Is this a date or nah? Nahhhhhh. But kinda right??? Idk. I'm just really kinda excited surprisingly. Omg I need something cute but sexy to wear. After finding something to wear I took a shower, did my hair and makeup and got dressed. I was wearing a sexy ass one piece body suit with my natural hair out curly. I looked good AF. I hopped into my jeep wrangler and was out.


    I hoped out my Benz feeling like the luckiest nigga alive. I lent on my car until Kelsey pulled up 10min later. Once she hoped out her jeep my mouth damn near hit the floor. She had on this one piece showing all these curves I never knew she had. "Hey" she said shyly. "Wud up, you look beautiful" I said. She thanked me ass I pulled her into me and hugged her. I immediately felt sparks as I held her. And to my surprise she was hugging me back while buring her face in my chest. I could feel she was very tense and nervous but I couldn't let go. 


    Idk what got into me but when Quanell hugged me it just felt so right. I was nervous and I hope he didn't notice that but I didn't want him to let go. His cologne smelled so good. Quanell wasn't the average nigga! The average nigga would of been grabbing on my ass, and being to handsy. But Quanell kept is hands only on my back and rubbed my back going down to my waist and than back up. Everything about this moment was so perfect. We stood hugging each other for a good five minutes TF. "The movie starts in 5 minutes" Quanell whispered in my ear. "Ok" I simple said while looking up at him. We walked Into the movies, he paid for the tickets and brought some popcorn and sodas. We watched The Fate of The Furious! It was good btw. We than went to some Italian restaurant. Bout time we finished eating it was now around 12:30am.


    I was have such an amazing time with Kelsey. She just brought life to me. We left out the Italian restaurant at 12:30am. "I really had a great time Kelsey" I said while looking down at her. She blushed and said "Me too, thank you Quanell" "Thank You?" I question. "Yes, for taking me out. Showing me the real you" she said while lightly pushing me and laughing. Her laugh was so perfect. I laughed and grabbed her into a hug that she openly accepted. "Thank you Mami, for coming out with me! You really make me happy." I whispered in her ear. She responded back my hugging me tighter and rubbing on my back. Damn wtf is this girl doing to me? Got a nigga all in there feeling and shit. Her touch got me a lil to excited so I quickly broke the hug. Damn. She backed up looking confused. I didn't wanna break the hug but I didn't want her feeling how hard I was getting. "You wanna chill?" I said trying to break the awkwardness. "What exactly does YOUR chill mean." She said while raising her eyebrows. I laughed hard "Nah Mami, I'm not even thinking that. I just wanna talk and get to know you more" I said while lightly pushing her. "Ok...sure." She said while laughing. We got in our cars and I told her to follow me. Fucking her tonight was not even on my mind. Yes I would of loved to but I ain't tryna rush it with her. She special. We pulled up to my building and got out. We took the elevator to my floor and headed down the hall. I grabbed her hand and walked down the long hall. If she was any other bitch I would just fuck her and tell her deuces. But Kelsey was just another "bitch" she was special to me. As I walked into my apartment door I turned on the lights and turned to her. "You thirsty? You want some chips or something?" I ask her while walking into the kitchen. I turned to find no one there tf. I walked to the living room and she was looking at a pic of my mom and me when I was younger. "This is your mom?" She asked me while holding up the pic. "Yea." I said dryly. "She's beautiful" she said while smiling at the picture. I gently took the picture from her and placed it back down on the shelf. "Yea, she was beautiful." I said sadly while walking back in the kitchen. She followed me and I could feel eyes burning the back of my head. "What happen to her?" Kelsey asked quiet while walking up to me. I just started at her for a minute and said "she died....from cancer." I said dryly.  "I'm sorry for you lost" Kelsey said while walking up to me and hugging me. "Thank you"  I whispered.  Honestly I don't like talking about my mom because it makes me emotion and that shit pisses me off. I wanted Kelsey to know everything about me. I was rubbing all on her back down to her waist. I would  grabbed her ass but I wasn't sure if she wanted me to so I didn't. One thing led to another and all I know I'm kissing and sucking on her neck. I waited for her to say no or stop but she didn't sp I kept on kissing and sucking on her neck. I kissed all down her neck leaving a hickie or two. Damn this girl tasted good AF. I slowly picked her up placing her on my island counter. I slowly opened her legs and stood in between them as I continued kiss and sucking on her chocolate flesh. When I was between her legs I made sure not to but myself close to her area. I didn't want to destrespect her in any way. I decided to be bold and peck her lips. She just stared at me. So I kissed her again but deeper. No tongue tho. I continue to kiss all on her until she pushed me away. "No, stop!" She said. I didn't respond I just backed up and rubbed the back of my neck. "I'm sorry" she whispered. "No! Don't be sorry, I went too far and I'm sorry ok." I said to her. She hopped off the counter and walk towards the door. "I should go" she said. I just strugged and said "ok if you want." I walked her to her car and gave her a hug. "Text me when you get home iiight, and drive safe" I said while kissing her check. "Ok" she said with a smile and than she was gone. Damn.

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