Chapter 77:Go Shawty

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SORRY IF I ACCIDENTALLY WRITE "JADA" instead of "KELSEY" lol I kinda got the names mixed up but I fixed it. That's the problem with writing multiple books at a time, you start mixing their names up. Sorry for any misspelling or grammar error! I didn't proofread!! ENJOYYYYH

2months later...
I haven't seen or heard from Justin since that day me and Que got into it. He would constantly text me but after 3 weeks of me not replying I guess he gave up. He doesn't come over to the house anymore and I'm thankful for that. I asked Que about it he said he don't fuck with Justin like that anymore. Why? I never asked. I still haven't told Que about me having sex with his cousin and I don't think I ever will. I'm not ever gonna sleep with him anymore so it really doesn't matter. Me and Que are at good spot right now. We aren't getting married when we planned, we decided to push the date back to another time. But Que has made some changes, He makes sure he's home by 10 every night and when he doesn't work we spend quality time together as a family. He even started bringing me on dates every Saturday night, I was starting to get the Quanell I fell in love with 8 years ago back. Tomorrow is my birthday. I can't believe I'm turning 27. I think I'm still in denial. Que is throwing me a party at his club. It was suppose to be a surprise party but he over heard him talking about it so now it's just a party. I packed up the rest of Kallie and Kali clothes since they spending the weekend with my mom.

      I was currently at my club over seeing the decorations. They was currently hanging drapes and lights. Kelsey gave me instructions on exactly how she wanted the place decorated and I'm doing it just how she said because I don't wanna hear her mouth. I made a call on my phone making sure her birthday car arrived since they had no more in California. I had to get her girl all the way from Atlanta since that was the only place who still had it. The party planner waved me over.
"Everything ok?" I asked.
"Yes everything is fine. This is your printed out guest list. Only people on this guest list will be allowed in. Correct" she asked.
"Yes!" I said firmly. She nodded her head.

The next day....
        I stood in the full body mirror looking over my outfit. I wore some robin jeans with zippers on the knees. A Gucci button down shirt with my new Jordan 1's. Kelsey came out the bathroom with a towel wrapped around you.
"You still here?" She asked optioning her body.
"Yea. Josh should be here any minute to pick me up since you don't want me riding with you" he joked.
"Whatever. It was your idea. You wanted to be surprised when you see me in my birthday outfit, so I'm gonna surprise you and everyone else." She said. I chuckled. She wanted her outfit to be a surprise as if it's her wedding dress or some shit. My phone blinged, it was a text from Josh saying he was outside. I grabbed my phone and keys.
"Ok bae I'm out!! Please don't be late and don't have your driver waiting all day." I said with a smirk. She giggled and kiss my lips.
"Ok I'll try. I love you" She said.
"I love you more" I told her as I headed out the room. I went out the front door licking it behind me. I hoped in the front seat.
"Sup nigga" I said to Josh. We pounded hands.
"So you don't see a nigga" I jumped a little. It was Justin sitting in the back seat.
"Oh shit sup. I didn't even see your ass" I honestly told him. We pounded each other hand.
"I didn't get no invite?" He said. I scrolled through my phone.
"You stopped coming around, I thought you didn't fuck with a nigga no more" I told him keep my eyes on my phone.
"Never that. We cool right?" He asked. I looked back at him. Sneaky motherfucker.
"Yea we cool nigga" I said with a chuckle. We rode to my club blasting the whole DAMN album.
We pulled up to my club 20 minutes later. We parked and hoped out. There was a long ass line because only certain people was on the guest list. I walked up to my security pounding their hands as we walked in. Chris Brown song Party blasted through out the club. Females shakes their asses and niggas bopped their heads. I had VIP on lock for only us. We went there and I had my bottle girls bring up every bottle they had. Justin was all in one of the girl face. I just shook my head. Thirsty ass.

      My car pulled up and the driver got out helping me out. I was looking like a bad little big tonight. I wore this red skin tight leather dress that hugged my body in all the right ways. And some Steve Madden heels Que just got me. My ass was sitting up right and my tits was looking swole.
"Thank you" I said. He walked me to the door and the security let me in. The music stopped and the DJ got on the mic.
"THE BIRTHDAY GURL IS IN THE MOTHERFUCKING BUILDING. GIVE IT UP FOR KELSEYYYYYY. GO GO GO GO GO SHAWTY" he started singing 50 cent song In The Club as it started blasting through the speakers. All eyes was on me. I felt someone cover my eyes.
"Guess who?" They said as they started kissing on my neck.
"I know it better be Quanell!" I said yanking the persons hand away. Que stood behind me smiling.
"Damn you look good af. Turn around." He said drooling all over me. I laughed and did a quick spin. He slapped my butt. And pulled me into a kiss.
"You know I'm gonna have your ass bent over when we get back home." He whispered grabbing my ass. I giggled.
"I know bae. Come on I'm thirsty" I said. He guided me up to VIP where I saw a bunch of bottles and a bunch of his friends. I went to grab for the bottle of peach circo when I heard a familiar voice.
"Happy birthday Kelsey, long time no see" Justin said with a creepy smile. I kept my cool and smiled back, a fake ass smile.
"Thank you" I mumbled grabbing the bottle and walking back to where Quanell was. He grabbed me by my waist and wished nasty things in my ear. I laughed. My eyes somehow wondered and locked with Justin, he gave me a evil glare. I rolled my eyes and looked away. I was enjoying my night. After a few more hours and a few more drinks I was feeling nice and tipsy. I danced on Que the whole night, I kept finding Justin looking at us. I tried to keep my distance but everywhere I turnt he was there watching.
"I gotta pee" I told Que. He was in deep conversation talking to Josh and another one of his friends that he just nodded his head. I got up headed to the bathroom. I wasn't drunk, I knew where I was I was just feeling tipsy. I opened the bathroom door and found an stool. I locked the door and did my business. It felt like I was peeing for 10 minutes straight. I heard girls talking and then leaving. I heard the door open and someone else walk in as I flushed the toilet. I opened my stool door and was pushed back into the stool.
"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!" I yelled. Justin just shook is head drinking down his cup. I rolled my eyes trying to walk out but he blocked me.

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