Chapter 79:Burnt

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3weeks later...
I sat on the bathroom toilet and peed but immediately stopped when I felt a tingly burning sensation. I looked in between my legs and didn't see nothing unusual by my vagina. I peed and bit my lip because it burnt a little. I wiped myself and noticed white discharge. I just got off my period yesterday so I know the discharge is because of that. I pulled my panties and pants up. Washing my hands as I heard a knock on the door. Que perked his head in.
"I'm bout to head out" he said. I nodded opening the door wrapping my arms around his neck.
"Ok, I love you" I told him. He smiled pecking my lips a few times.
"I love you more" he told me. I smiled letting him go as he left. The girls was with my mother so I was al alone. My lower stomach started to hurt. I rubbed it and laid down for a few but that didn't work. I went into the bathroom to Pee but noticed a white cottage cheese discharge in my underwear. I took my underwear off and peed.
"Owwwww!!! The fuck!" I yelled as it burnt as I peed. I turnt on the shower and washed up again. I got dressed in anime sweatsuit and sat on the bed. Why the fuck is it burning when I pee. I googled the symptoms and it showed up Urinary Track Infection(UTI). That common for woman to get. It can come from wearing tight jeans or underwear that wasn't cotton and many other ways. I shook my head for even stressing. I called my doctor and set up an appointment to treat this UTI.
          I walked into my doctor office and signed in at the receptionist desk. After 20 minutes I was called and brought into a room.
"Hello Kelsey. How are you?" My doctor asked. She was an older white woman. I smiled.
"I'm good Dr. Kennedy, how are you?" I asked being friendly.
"I'm great. So what brings you in today?" Shdcashed.
"I think I'm suffering from a UTI" I told her She nodded her head.
"Ok, as you know UTI is very common for woman it's no big thing I had it before. You can get it from you dang pants being too tight. Here take this cup and pee in it and than we can draw some blood" she said. I nodded and headed into the bathroom. I had discharge in my underwear and it burnt when I peed. I brung my cup to her.
"Thank you. So what are the things your experiencing that made you think you had a UTI?" She asked as she put her gloves on and took out s needle.
"Well yesterday, I was peeing and it burnt a little and I have discharge in my underwear." I told her. She looked at me.
"From a 1 To 10 how painful is the burning when you pee" she asked as she drew my blood. I bit my lips watching the blood leave my veins and go into the little tube.
"Ummm it's around a 7 maybe 7.5" I told her. She nodded taking the needle out my arm and putting a bandage on.
"Ok...we should have the results back in 24 hours. So I'm going to schedule for you to come back tomorrow between 2 or 3. Sounds good?" she says. I nodded my head leaving the room.
I laid in bed when I heard the front door open. Que walked in the room.
"Hey bae" He said taking off his shirt.
"Come, shower with me" He said.
"Que I just showered" I said.
"So come on...please" He said. I smiled and followed him into the bathroom. We both stripped butt naked and hopped in the shower. He rubbed my side as the shower hit us. My back was to his front. I felt him kissing and sucking on my neck. I turnt around smiling.
"You think you slick" I giggled. He smiled kissing me passionate.
"Turn back around" He instructed. I did as he said. I held the wall as he bend me over. I felt his head touch my entrance and immediately pulled away.
"What happened?" He asked confused.
" just hurt a little" I said. He started bussing out laughing.
"Kels, you still ain't used to it?" He asked. I smiled. It wasn't that I wasn't used to it. This damn UTI making my kitty burn shit.
"Come on. I'll go slow" he says. I got back in position and he slowly slid into me. It hurt so fucking bad. Every time he would pull out than go back in I felt it burn. I just closed my eyes and tried to enjoy it. After a while it stoped hurting and I started to enjoy it. We fucked all night in the shower.

The next day....
I sat in the room waiting for my doctor to tell me I have a UTI and to proscribe me my medication to get rid of it. She cane into the room with a serious face.
"Hello, Dr.Kennedy" I said. She gave me a small smile sitting across from me.
"How Long does it take to curse a UTI because it's so uncomfortable." I said.
"Kelsey you don't have a UTI" She said. I looked at her strange.
"What...but I have the symptoms." I said. She shifted in her seat taking out the paper.
"When we do test we run you for all STD/STI And HIV/AIDS. Kelsey your results came back as positive for" I cut her off.
"POSITIVE FOR WHAT?" I said jumping up.
"Please calm down. You came back positive for Gonorrhea" she said. My heart fell and I I felt a lump in my throat. I stumbled and Dr. Kennedy caught me.
"It's ok Kelsey, it's treatable." She said but I wasn't really listening.
"I need a lust of all the men you've had sex with in the last year" she said. My next snapped to her.
"I've been sleeping with only my fiancé." I stopped and held my hand over my mouth. I shock my head.
"Who else." She said. I shook my head.
"No one. I should get going" I said getting up. She stopped me.
"Here's your proscription for your pills. It should be gone within a week. Take care. And make sure you let your fiancé know and anyone else You was with" she told me. I nodded my head and headed to my car. I sat in my car. I tried to calm myself down but couldn't. I broke down in tears.
"Fuckkkkk.AHHHHHH" I yelled punching the steering wheel as the horn beeped. This motherfucker gave me Gonorrhea. The last time we had sex was 3weeks ago in the bathroom and I had to get it then. Shit, how am I gonna tell Que. I can't tell him. If I do he's gonna wonder how I got it in the first place. And who I got it from, he'll kill me. Shit, hopefully he didn't catch it. I don't think so since we've only had sex 3 times in the last 3 weeks. I covered my face and broke down crying again.

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