Chapter 30:Gunned Down

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1 Month Later.....
       Me and Quanell are still not together. We've decided to be friends for now even tho he isn't happy about that. We've been co parenting and it's been going well. Quanell want to get back together but I don't think we should,  I feel we grew apart and we need time apart to find our selfs. And he needs to work on himself. I've moved across town to a gated community. I plan to move to Florida next year, I haven't told Quanell yet because I know he's going to have a fit. Quanell has had Kali for the weekend and he's bringing her back today. I can't wait to see my baby, I miss her pretty face so much. Quanell just pulled up and I ran to the door. I watched as Quanell took Kali out the car. When she spotted me she came running.
"Awww my baby!!" I yelled while picking her up and kissing her. Quanell watched us and smiled.
"I don't get no hug or kiss" he asked with a smirk. He was trying to be slick.
We hugged and he tried to kiss me but I moved quick and laughed. He laughed too.
"How are you?" He asked.
"I'm good, you" I asked
"Just living life" he said. He looked at me than at Kali. We talk for a lil before he left. We said our goodbyes and I watched as he drove off. I still love him. I always will. He doesn't understand that this is best for us. Best for Kali.

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QUANELL(POV)     I just dropped Kali off at Kelsey's

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     I just dropped Kali off at Kelsey's. I still can't believe we aren't back together yet. I miss her. I miss waking up to her every morning. I miss seeing my baby girl 24/7. I started back selling drugs. The only reason I really stopped was because of Kelsey. But since we ain't together anymore, hey!! Today I got a delivery. I'm receiving 10kilo of crack and heroin. That's a lil over $300,000. Allah is my supplier. Jose & Luis are the ones who do the drop offs for him. I've been working and dealing with them for over 5 years. I called them and they told me they'll meet me at the usual spot in 1 hour. When me and Wayne got to the warehouse we waited outside in the car. We saw their white BMW truck pull up. We got out and headed to the truck. We noticed it was a extra guy with them.

"Me José Luis quién coño es esto? Dios no dijo una mierda de ustedes traer a otro chico." (Yo Luis, Jose who the fuck is this? Allah didn't say shit about y'all bringing another guy)I said to them while looking the guy up and down.

"Ayeee calmar a mi amigo. No se oye, no hola, no hay cómo estás? Ha sido a lo largo del tiempo."(Ayee calm down my friend. No hey, no hello, no how you doing? It's been along time.) Jose joked while laughing. I just mean mugged him. I never liked this Mexican pig.

"Nigga que carajo es esto?"(No nigga who the fuck is this?) I rudely said while eyeing the unknown man.

"Es fresco. Se trata de Héctor. Dios debe de olvido decirte ... aspecto vamos a hacer negocios"(He's cool. This is Hector. Allah must of forgot to tell you...look we gonna do business or what?) Luis asked. I wasn't feeling this Hector night but I was more cool with Luis than Jose, so I took his word. I sucked my teeth.

"ight vamos!" I said while leading the way into the warehouse to do the exchange. Luis passed me the bags with the drugs in it. I opened a packaged and tested it out. I nodded my head at Wayne. Wayne threw them the money to Jose. He handed the bags to Hector. Hector opened the bag and look at the money.

"Es todo lo que hay nigga!"(it's all there nigga) I yelled to Hector. He looked up and smirked at me.

"Fue agradable hacer negocios con usted mi amigo."(It was nice doing business with you my friend.) Jose said walking away but he quickly stopped in his tracks.

"Ah se me olvidaba decirte"(Oh I almost forgot to tell you) Jose said while turning back around and walking towards me.

"Dime lo?"(Tell me what-) I started to say but before I could even continue.

I hit the ground, I didn't feel nothing at first. Than I started feeling a burning sensation. I was shot in my chest and twice in my stomach. I look up and saw Jose holding a gun, Hector was standing right by him. Luis was no where in sight. I looked over at Wayne, I saw two bullets in his head...he was dead. I was breathing heavy. Jose walked up to me, he stood over me.

"Yo quería decirte que ya no funcionan por Allah. Allah no os enseñen a coger con los mexicanos?"(I meant to tell you we don't work for Allah anymore. Didn't Allah teach you not to fuck with the Mexicans?)He said in a evil voice. He pressed the gun to the side of my head.

"PRISA!"(Hurry!) I heard Luis yell.
The gun shifted when Luis said that. BOOM
My whole face felt like it shattered. Instead of him shooting me in the head he missed and shot me in my cheek. When Luis called him it scared him causing the gun to shift to my cheek. They ran out of the warehouse. I layed on my back. I was loosing a lot of blood. I tried to reach in my pocket for my iPhone but I couldnt move...I tried to catch my breath but I was having trouble. I never thought these niggas will come at me like this, blasting. It was funny like that in the hood sometimes. I mean, you never knew what was gonna happen, or when. I'd done too much to turn back, and I'd done too much to go on. I guess in the end it all catches up to you. I thought about my baby girl Kali. I wanted to see her grow up, I wanted to see her on her first day of school..I wanted to be there when she graduated high school. I thought about Kelsey. I thought about how wrong I did her. I wanted to take back all the pain and hurt I put her through. I'll do anything just to tell her I love her. I thought about my moms. My moms told me selling drugs was either gonna put me six feet under of behind bars. My moms asked me one time if I care whether I live or die. Yeah, I do. Now I guess it's too late.

    ****PLAY SONG ABOVE****

***Yes I stole Caine line from the ending of menace II society. Lol

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