Chapter 126:Nothing

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This chapter is really boring. But Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors!! I didn't proofread! ENJOY!!!

I laid on the exam table as the doctor put the cold clear gel on my stomach. She placed the probe on my stomach as I looked at the monitor. I instantly teared up as I heard my babies heart beat. I felt a small pecked on my forehead. Que looked down at me with the biggest smile on his face.
" there is Baby right there. It might be hard finding out the gender since baby is turned and balled up" my doctor said. I looked at the ultrasound on the monitor. Our baby was in a fetal position. The baby kept waving its hand as if it was saying hi. I looked up at Que and he was too busy watching the baby with a smile.
"Baby down wanna turn around" our doctor giggled.
"Yea the baby is most likely going to stay like that for a month or two." She told us. I was a little disappointed because I really wanted to find out the gender. Even tho I'm only 5 months I still want to start buy stuff. She whipped the gel off my stomach and Que helped me up as I pulled my shirt down. We set another appointment for next month to see if the baby turned.
"You ok?" Que asked. His hand was rested on my thigh as he drove. He looked over at me.
"Yea I'm just tired that's all" I said leaning my head against the water. Tired wasn't the word. If been work 12 hours shifts 4 days out of the week, not because I had to but I wanted to. Que been home more tho so when I come home he lets me rest while he tend to the kids. My feet are starting to swell and even my legs. The doctor said it's normal.
"See that's why I don't want you working those long hours Kels. Yea you can still work if you want but cut some of your hours. Look at your feet man" Que fussed. I rolled my eyes. I couldn't say nothing because he was right.
"Kelsey did you hear me." He asked.
"Yes I heard you Que, damn" I said sucking my teeth. He sighed.
"Kelsey I just don't want you to tire yourself out. It's not good for the baby" he said.
"I know Que. Don't you think I know that? I have four kids I think I know not to tire my self out. The hell" I said folding my arms. He looked over at me but didn't say nothing. We sat in silence for a good 10 minutes. He stopped at a red light and looked over at me not saying nothing. I looked at him.
"WHAT!" I said with attitude.
"I can't look at you now?...huh? I can't look at my wife?" He questioned.
"Que I'm not in the mood for your games, just take me to get some food and drop my ass off at home." I said.

We was in chick-fi-la since she wanted to come here. I wasn't that hungry so I just got a large order of Waffle fried and a juice. Kelsey on the other hand had 3 different meal, a milk shake and a soda. She sipped on the soda as she eyed me. She's been so mean lately. Yea she's kinda mean normal but now she's just been to the next level. During all her pregnancies she's been mean. I watched her as she bit into her burger. She looked up at me rolling her eyes.
"Stop watching me eat" she said. I chuckle looking at my surroundings.
"Why? You look cute when you eat" I told her lick my lips. She squinted her eyes as she sipped her soda.
"Whatever Que. just stop watching me eat, that irritating as fuck" she said putting her soda down and sipping on her shake. I shook my head. She was greedy.
"Why you shaken your head?" She asked as she tilted her head to the side. I ran my hand down my face and shrugged. She nodded slowly.
"You ready? I'm getting tired." She asked. I nodded standing up and throwing her trash away.
"Oh shit my bad" I said to some brown skin girl I bumped into. She smiled up at me. She had this big elephant tattooed on her chest. I looked back up at her face. She wasn't bad looking, she had a short hair cut and a lil body on her but I wasn't bout to even play myself.
"Nah my bad" she smiled. I nodded my head walking away from her. I still felt her eyes on me.
"You ok?" I asked Kelsey. She was rubbing her stomach. She nodded as I fekted her stand up.
"Yea the baby just moving" she says as we headed to the exit. I opened the doors as she walked out a head of me.
"You eating and drinking all that different shit, thats why the baby moving" I said looking down at her. I opened the car door for Kelsey allowing her to get in. I went over to my side and the same girl from inside came walking out. She smiled at me and waved. I nodded my head at her as I got in the car. Kelsey was too busy in her phone to notice.
       We picked up the kids on our way back home. Later on that day Kelsey layed in bed as I rubbed her feet.
"Damn Kels these shits look like sausages" I joked. She yanked her feet from me. I chuckled grabbing her feet.
"I'm just kidding. But for real tho, you need to cut your hours. I can't tell your ass not to go completely because you not gonna listen. But I'm not asking you, I'm telling you to cut your hours" I told her as I rubbed her feet.
"Ok I will. Tomorrow when I go I I'll tell them." She said. I nodded kissing her swilling foot.

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