Chapter 8:SHE

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Jay(In picture) Quanell's best friend.

We finally pulled up to the club. It was only 9:30pm and the shit was already packed. The club name was Output. After I found a parking spot we hopped out and headed to the building.
"Your nervous" I asked Kelsey while squeezing her hand.
"A little" she responded while looking at the ground.
"Hey look at me...don't be nervous ok. They cool people. The club is gonna be packed. But I won't leave your side ok" I said while looking down at her.
"You promise" she asked looking at me.
"Yes...I promise bae" I said while kissing her soft lips. We made our way to the club. I knew basically everybody there so I was doing a lot of handshakes and hey, and hi. We made our way to VIP and took a seat. "Bae you want something to drink" I whispered in her ear since the music was blasted.
"Uh no...I usually have a drink or two if I was home. But I ain't tryna get tipsy in no club." She said. I smirked. She's so innocent. But I love how innocent she is. "Ok..but ain't nothing wrong with getting a lil tipsy. Ain't shit gonna happen to you, especially if I'm around." I told her while calling one of the bottle girls over. "Ok..ill just have a Corona." She said. "Iight" I said while picking her up and sitting her on my lap. We got our drinks and was just talking and just chilling. Than I spotted my nigga Jay walking up to VIP.
"This NIGGA" Jay said while walking up to me and giving me a manly hug. Me and Jay go way back. His moms and my moms where best friends. Which made us become best friend. I knew this nigga since I was 3. "Wud up Nigga!" I said returning the manly hug. "Hello Que, How are you?" Alyssa, Jays Fiancé asked. I gave her a hug like always "I'm good Lyssa" I responded. I than introduced them to Kelsey. "Jay, Alyssa..this is my girlfriend Kelsey. Kelsey this is Jay and his Finace Alyssa." I said. "Hi it's nice to meet you guys!" Kelsey responded back holding out her hand for a hand shake. "Nice to me you too" they both said. "Nah we give hugs" Jay said while laughing and hugging her. Alyssa did the same. We sat down and started chatting. I noticed that it seemed like Kelsey and Alyssa was getting along real well. We was having a good time until..."HEY BAE!!..HAVN'T SEEN YOU IN FOREVER." Damn...

Jay and Alyssa seem like very nice people. I've been talking to Alyssa ever since she got her and we have so much in common. She's so gorgeous she light skin with the most beautiful brown big eyes, she has light freckles on her face. She couple be a model. She told me the whole story on how her and Jay met and how he proposed. Omg they are the cutest couple ever.

Alyssa👆🏾(Jay's Fiancé)"So where did you and Qúe meet" Alyssa asked

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Alyssa👆🏾(Jay's Fiancé)
"So where did you and Qúe meet" Alyssa asked. "Funny story..we met at college, the first day of school actually. I was on my way to my last class and he ended up bumping into me and making my nose bleed." I said. She started laughing. "What really!! Damn." She said. "Right.. But he kept on apologizing. But than the find out he's in the same class as me. The same class I was on my way to before he knocked me out" I said while laughing. We shared more laughs as we talked more. As we was laughing and talking I noticed some girl walking up to VIP. Her outfit was bomb and her shoes omg. "HEY BAE.....HAVN'T SEEN YOU IN FOREVER." She said. And guess who she was talking to! Yup QUANELL!! SMFH.

"HEY BAE.....HAVN'T SEEN YOU IN FOREVER!!" SHE said. WTF. Was I seeing wrong! Wtf was SHE doing her. I thought SHE moved back to Miami. "Oh now you don't know me?" SHE asked walking closer to me. I just looked at her shook my head and looked away. "Baeee" SHE said. "DON'T FUCKING CALLL ME THAT." I said to her. People turned our way looking. Kelsey just started at me with a confused but hurt look. Damn. "Look bae..I mean Quanell...I'm sorry I left like that...but I'm back now". she said while trying to touch my face. "Get the FUCK out my face!" I said while slapping her hand away from my face and standing up. She jumped and put her head down. I grabbed Kelseys hand and headed out of the club. We got in my Benz and I sped off. I know y'all wondering who SHE is. Her name is Erica. Me and Erica dated for 2years until she just upped and left a nigga one day. No warning, no goodbye. No nothing..she just disappear. I found her on Instagram a few months after she left. She moved to Florida. 3 years later she decided to show back up. 3 fucking years.

Erica👆🏾(Quanell's Ex Girlfriend)     We drove in silence for 20minutes until I decided to speak

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Erica👆🏾(Quanell's Ex Girlfriend)
     We drove in silence for 20minutes until I decided to speak. "I'm sorry" I said while looking ahead at the rode. "For what" she asked. I looked at her. She was looking out the window. "For that girl" I said. "Ooh" she whispered still looking out the window. Damn I knew she was mad. "Who is she" she asked while turning towards me. "No one special" I responded back as I looked into her eyes. It was true tho. Erica was no one special to me. At a time yes she was but not anymore. Kelsey simply replied saying "ooh". We was silent the whole way to her apartment. I finally pulled up to her apartment, I parked and turned my car off. "I'll talk to you later" she said while opening the passenger side door. "Kels please...can I come up and talk. Please" I asked while grabbing her arm. "Talk for what Quanell....HUH!" She asked while turning towards me. I could see the hurt in her eyes. She wasn't being petty and made cause of the dumb convo Erica tried to have with me. She was mad at the fact that I straight up lied to her. I acted as tho I didn't know Erica knowing damn well I used to love that girl. "Please Kels...I just wanna talk" I said. She agreed and we headed into her apartment.

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