Chapter 110:Sirens

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The kids in the photo

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1 month later....
     Today was Kellies 7th birthday party. I just decided to throw her party in the backyard since it's big enough. People was starting to show up. Kellie ran around playing with her friends and Kali. The boys was upstairs taking a nap. The party started an hour ago and Que still wasn't here. I ain't bother to call him because I know he knew. My sisters was here with their kids and I also invited Rashad. Rashad had his arm around my waist as we giggled and talk to my sister. Everything was going great.
"Daddy!" Kellie yelled. My eyes found him. He hugged her. He had two big bags filled with gifts. He than waved at someone behind him. I looked an it was some girl. My eyes bulged out. I was jealous I was shocked, shocked they he really was in a relationship. I looked at him and he was looking at me. His eyes went to Rashad and I saw him look at how he had his arm around me. His jaw clinched. He walked over to Kali. They hugged each other. I saw him making his way towards me. I instantly grew nervous.
"Hey, where's the boys?" He asked as he completely ignored Rashad. His lil girlfriend stood a few feet away side eyeing me.
"They inside sleep, I should go check on them" I said.
"Yea you should instead of entertaining clown ass niggas" Que said. Everyone in ears reached looked. Rashad looked Que up and down. Que jaw clinched and he tightened his fist. But before shit could go down I stepped in between them.
"No...y'all not about to do this at my babies party" I said standing in front of Rashad. Que eyes Rashad than looked down at me.
"Can you go get my boys for me?" He asked. I rolled my eyes and grabbed Rashad arm leading him away from Que to the other side of the yard.
"I'm sorry about that" I told him. He nodded his head.
"It's cool. I'll be right here when you come out" he said as he pecked my lips. I smiled and walked off. But not before catching Que giving me a hateful glances. I ignored him heading inside. I checked on the boys and they was still peacefully sleep. I closed the door and turned around but hit something hard.
"Why you in here?" I asked trying to walk around him but he blocked me. I folded my arms looking up at him annoyed.
"I don't like your lil boyfriend. He seems sneaky" he said. I giggled.
"Of course you don't like him. Que I don't give a damn what you think about him. Now please move" I said trying to walk by him but he blocked me again.
"MOVE DAMN" I yelled getting irritated.
"Kelsey. What I say. He's a fucking snake!" He said.
"Move! Fuck what you think! Go tend to your little girlfriend " I said.
"Whatever man! You so damn stupid" he said.
"Fuck you!" I yelled. He shook his head and moved out my way. Before I could walk passed he grabbed my arm tightly and pulled me to him.
"Even if I wanted to fuck you I wouldn't. Who knows what STD you done caught ducking around with that nigga" He said as he let me go and bumped me as he walked passed me. I stood in the hallway feeling low. I felt like the scum on my shoe. He promised never to bring that STD situation up. A tear fell from my eyes and I quickly wiped them. That shit hurt.

     I sat in a chair next to Danielle. She kept bugging me but I wasn't paying her no mind. I saw Kelsey come outside and take a seat next to the bitch ass nigga. Her eyes looked puffy. I immediately felt bad for what I just said to her. Sometimes I don't think before I speak. Later on we sing happy birthday to Kellie and soon everyone started to leave. Before I left I said bye to the kids. They was going with Kelsey sisters to sleep over with their kids. I didn't bother saying shit to Kelsey. The whole drive to Danielle house was quiet.
"What's up with you? Ever since you went inside that house with your baby mama you been acting strange" she said. I ignored her focusing on the road.
"So What you deaf now nigga? Are you still fucking that bitch or what" she yelled. I grabbed her by her shirt yanking her towards me as I was still driving.
"Watch your fucking mouth" I said through gritted teeth as I let her go. She started mumbled smart shit under her breath. I chuckled.
"You one crazy ass bitch. Jealous ass" I said laughing.
"Don't call me no bitch!" She yelled.
"Shut the fuck up! I'll call you Whatever I feel like calling you. You acting like a bitch so you a birch! Don't ever disrespect my kids mother. That's one thing you won't do" I said gripping my steering wheel. It don't matter how bad Kelsey hates me, I will never let no one disrespect her.
"You shut the fuck up. You wouldn't want no one calling your daughters a bitch so don't call me one nigga!" She yelled.
"Don't say shit bout my daughters. My daughters are being raised correctly. They'll know how to respect themselves unlike your ass" I said.
"Oh whatever, they'll be just like they mama and fuck around with they man cousin and catch a STD!" She yelled. I slammed on the breaks. Our bodies jerk forward. I hoped out the car and went over to the passenger side yanking it open. I grabbed her by her hair out the car and slapped her. She screamed. I grabbed her face roughly.
"BITCH DON'T YOU EVER IN YOUR MOTHERFUCKING LIFE DISRESPECT MY KIDS!!! ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY!!" I yelled in her face. I slapped her again and threw her on the floor. I reached at my waistband but stopped. She cried as she held her bleeding lip. I got her purse out my car and threw it to her. I got in my car and pulled off. Did I feel bad, no. I felt like killing that bitch just for saying that shit. I told her that shit about Kelsey on a drunk night, that's where I fucked yo at. I sped down the highway without a car in the world. I passed my exit but still continued to drive. I had no idea where I was until I read a sign saying San Bernardino next exit. I than heard sirens along with flashing lights.
"FUCK!" I mumbled as I glanced at my gun in my passenger seat and looked at the pouch that I kept my drugs in. I fucked up big time.

    I laid on my back as I caught my breath. Rashad plopped down on the bed with sweat dripping from his forehead.
"Your amazing" He said. I started laughing.
"Yea I've been told." I said. He laughed.
"I love you Kelsey...I really do? I know I push it on you to say it back but I don't mind if you don't. You show me everyday that you love a nigga, you just to scared to say it." He said. I instantly smiled kissing his lips. I was scared to love again but today I made the decision to get over it.
"Rashad...I lo-" my phone rung interrupting what I was about to say. I sighed and got up reaching for my phone.
"Hello" I said.
"This call will be recorded and monitored. I have an collect call from...Quanell inmate at a San Bernardino county correctional facility....."

To be continued.....

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