Chapter 50: The Truth

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6 months later....
It's been 6 months since Jay killed himself. I always find myself think bout him. Thinking about all the shit we been through these years together. I think back to what my "father" was saying, was he telling the truth about my moms. I was brought out of my thoughts from s knock on the window. Today was the day I get my ankle bracelet removed and I couldn't be happier. I haven't seen Kelsey or Kali in 6 months. All we do is FaceTime and talk on the phone 24/7. I can't wait to see them. She's been telling me for the last 4 months that she got a surprise for me. She know I don't like surprises. I keep asking her to just tell me but she refuses to. I get out my car.
"You ready!!! Today's the big day" Barber/AZ said with a big grin. I returned the smile.
"Hell yea man" I said as we made our way into the building. Through out these past 6months me and AZ have grown closer, AZ kept me sane after Jay kill himself. He couched me to be a better man, a better father, a better boyfriend, a better fiancé. He was becoming someone I looked up to as I father. I've always did growing up close because we always had a special bond, just like now. I was starting to wonder why you always stuck around.
After I got my ankle bracelet removed Barber/AZ insist on celebrating. We decided ongoing to Friday's and having a few drinks.
"I'm proud of you man..." he said while throwing back a shot.
"Thanks man. I couldn't had did it with out you tho. So thank you. Thank you for everything man. Thanks for being there for me when I really need someone to talk to." I said. I threw a shot back.
"That's what fathers are for right?......" he said. His eyes became glassy and so did mine. We just stared at each other. A tear feel from my eye.
"You-you knew?" I asked. I was happy but mad at the same time. He shook his head no.
"No man. I ran your DNA that was in the system with mine about a month ago. The results came back last week." He pulled out a paper and handed it to me.
"I'm You father. I've always questioned it when you was younger. But your mother told me I wasn't. So I left it alone but I could never just stay out your life because I've always had some connection to you. I'm sorry. I wish I would known sooner" he said. Tears rolled down his eyes. We both embraced each other in a tight loving hug.
"I never meant for your life to turn out like this Que. You made your mistakes and you learned from them. It's time to do better, be a better man. I love you." He said.
"I promise to be another man. I love you too man" I said as I broke down more. He was there to comfort me. He was there to tell me everything would be ok. After we finished. We said our goodbyes and he plans on visiting me so he could officially meet his granddaughter Kali and soon to be daughter in law. I sat parked outside from the Brooklyn Memorial Cemetery. I haven't visited my moms grave in almost two years and I felt like shit for that. I got out with 2 bundles of  flowers and headed to her grave. I just stood there think of what to say.
"Hey ma. Sorry I haven't came to see you in almost two years. Shit has been crazy, but I know you already know. I forgive you ma.  I forgive you for giving Jay up, I forgive you for not telling me he's wasn't my real dad. I just found out a hour ago that AZ is my real father. It's funny because I've always looked up to him as a dad, than to find out he really is. That's crazy. I'm moving to Cali. That's where my two hearts are. I'll visit you on your birthday, I promise. This isn't a goodbye. Just a see you soon. I love you ma, forever and always. " I said as I sat the flowers on her grave. I stood up and went to the grave right nest to hers.
"What up nigga. What you been up to? Me? I've been dealing with everything. It still hurts me to this day that your gone man. It's so unbelievably. I'm heading back to cali today. Oh and guess what I found out today? Haha Barber/AZ is my real father, crazy shit right?..... I just wanted to tell you I love you and miss you man. I see you later man." I said as I placed the other bundle of flowers on his grave.

I looked at myself in my mirror. I wore a peachy pink colored loss fitted dress. I looked so big.
"Uhhhhhhhhhh" I yelled.
"What's wrong with you?" My mom asked as she walked in my room carrying Kali.
"I look fat! Que is gonna be here in a few hours and I have nothing to wear momma" I whined. She giggled.
"Girl you ain't fat!! Your just pregnant. I'm sure Que is not gonna be worried about what you wearing. He gonna be happy to finally see y'all and surprised at this" she said while rubbing my growing stomach. I smiled and placed my hands over hers. Yes I'm pregnant y'all. I'll be 6 months next week. This was the surprise. I didn't wanna tell him because would of been upset that he couldn't be by my side, because he couldn't leave the state. I know I should of told him sooner. My mom has been here ever step of the way while Quanell been away. I examined myself in the mirror again and finally decided on just wearing a oversized Nike tshirt with black Nike leggings, and my black adidas nmd. My hair was in braids because since being pregnant I started to get lazy with my hair. My phone vibrates on the counter. Its Quanell. A smile immediately appears on my face as I answer it.
"Hey" I said into the phone.
"Hey bae...I'm at the airport now. My plane don't leave until 1:25pm. It should get to cali at 6:10pm." He said.
"I can't wait to see you." I said. He giggled a little.
"I can't wait to see you and Kali. And I can't wait to see this so called surprise you got for me." He said. I giggled.
"Your gonna love it!! I promise you will...and you will be so surprised" I assured him.
"Hopefully...I'm gonna let you go. I gotta go check in and shit..." he said.
"Ok, see you in a little. I love you" I said.
"You better love my ass, but I love you too. Give Kali kisses for me." He said before we hung up.

**Sorry for any spelling mistakes!! Didn't proof read.

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