Chapter 105:I Swear

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***sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors!! I didn't proofread!! ENJOY!!***

1 week later...
I talked to Kali and she told me how she was mad at me for kissing another girl. That shit hurt me. In her head me and Kelsey are still together but just living apart. I guess that's our fault for be affectionate to each other when we first broke up. But we explained to her how we aren't together and how we may date other people. She understood as seemed ok. I was currently at Kelsey house because she wanted to go over Kellies 6th birthday part details even tho it was damn near 2 months away, but y'all know Kelsey like to do shit ahead of time.
"So her them is Shopkins. So basically Shopkins cake, plates, cups, party bags, everything Shopkins" she said. I nodded. This lil girl know she love some damn Shopkins.
"Mommmy, I'm hungry" The girls said. Kelsey got up and went into the kitchen. Her phone vibrated, a guys face popped up with his name on display with a bunch of emojis.
Shit really pissed me off. It stopped and started vibrating again. It was a text.
"Hey beautiful, I get off at 6...see you than."
He texted I looked at it , the phone was than snatched out my hand.
"Are you fucking stupid!" She yelled. I chuckled leaning back on the couch.
"So that's your nigga....Rashad. Sounds like a bitch made nigga" I told her. She giggled.
"Whatever Que...he's more man than y'all ever be. What! You mad" she asked sitting down going through her phone.
"Mad for what? No nigga can or will ever compare to me. You know that" I whispered in her ear. She quickly moved.

"Whatever Que! Your highly mistaken if you believe that. No hoe you fuck With will ever compare to me. No wonder why you keep trying to get in between my legs but your weak ass lines don't work on me no more. Don't you have a girl? Stop worrying about my pussy and who's fucking me and worry about your own bitch" I told him getting up opening the front door for him. It's sad that every time it seems like we having a civil conversation it turns to me kicking him out. He stormed out with no words exchanged. He honestly always gotta act like a little bitch. If he like it or not Rashad is here to stay.

Later that day....
I got the kids dressed and finished getting dressed. Today was the day. Rashad was finally going to meet my kids. I keep thinking it's too soon but than I think again, me and Rashad has been dating for a year and a half. I think that's enough time to know. We decided to meet up a Dave & busters. I got the kids in the car and headed there. We arrived in 10 minutes. I admittedly spotted Rashad car. I turned around in my seat.
"Y'all remembered what mommy told y'all right." They nodded. I did tell them how they was going to meet mommy boyfriend and how they are going to be seeing him often. They seemed ok about it. I saw Rashad get out his car and walk towards mine. I hopped out greeting him.
"Hey" I greeting hugging him. He pecked my lips.
"Hey beautiful. You look nice" he said. I giggled looked down at my jeans and pink champion hoodie.
"Thank you." I said. I went to the back seat and got the kids out. He had a big smile on his face looking down at them, they just stared up at him.
"Kali, this is mommies boyfriend Rashad. Rashad this is my oldest Kali" I said introducing them. She shyly smiled and waved. He smiled back bending down to her level.
"It's nice to finally meet you Kali, your very beautiful. You remind me of my daughter" he said. Kali smiled big.
"You have a daughter too? Can I play with her one day?" Kali asked excitedly. I touched Kali shoulder trying to hush her.
"Nah it's cool...yes I had a daughter. Her name was Raina. But she passed away. She's in heaven" he told her.
"She's in heaven? So she's with my grandma?" Kali questioned.
"Yes Kali, she's with grandma in heaven" I told her trying to stop her from questioning him. She smiled.
"Kellie, this is Rashad. Rashad this is Kellie." I said. Kellie shyly waved and hide behind me. I giggled. Rashad said hi to her and told her he like her sparkle ran boots. The boys wasn't shy at all. They gave him a high five. We made our way inside and the kids played games. The boys was too young to know exactly how to play the games but they had fun just running around.
"Ok ok you win you win" Rashad laughed as the boys beat him in a race. He was a big ass kid himself. After we sat down and ate. My phone rung and it was Que. I answered it and before I could say hello he was already running his mouth.
"Kelsey, let me find out you got that nigga around my kids, I'm gonna kill you and that-" I cut him off by hanging up. I had no time or energy for Quanells weak ass threats. He really just ruined my mood.
"You good" Rashad whispered. I looked up at him and nodded.
"Now I am." I said. He smiled. I pecked his lips as we watched the kids eat. After we was done we left. Rashad wanted to make sure we got home safe so he followed me back home. As soon as I liked up to the house I spotted Ques car. I sucked my teeth. I got out the car and rushed to Rashad car.
"Thanks for making sure we got home safe. I'll call you later" I told him. He nodded peck my lips.
"You sure you good? He asked as he saw Que get out his car. I sucked my teeth.
"Yea I'm good, you should get going. I don't want him starting shit with you." I told him he nodded kissing my lips again.
"Call me if you need me" He said as he pulled off. Que eyed the car as he pulled off. I quickly got the kids out the car and tried to rush in but Que was right on my ass. I tried to close the door on him but he pushed it open with force making me stumble back and fall.

To be continued....

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