Chapter 99:Number 1 Rule

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Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors! I didn't proofread!! Enjoy

    I adjusted by belt as I looked at myself in the mirror. I was on my way to the club to make sure everything is straight before we leave for New York tomorrow morning. After saying bye to Kelsey and the kids I made my way to my BMW. I immediately stopped in my tracks. I slowly walked to my car as anger took over my body.
"FUCKKKKK!! THIS STUPID BITCH!" I yelled looking at my car. All my windows was busted out. My fresh white paint on my BMW was scratched up with "TAG YOU'RE IT" with a heart. My back and front bumper was basically torn off. I quickly called up Twizz as I finished looking at the damaged. I than noticed Kelsey's car. I hung up my phone and started cursing louder. She scratched up Kelsey Mercedes with the words "STUPID BITCH!! WATCH YOU AND YOUR KIDS BACKS" . My blood was boiling. Ok fuck up our cars but don't ever threaten MINE!!! I stormed back into the house and into the room. Kelsey jumped when I bust into the room.
"Damn" She says holding her chest. I went into our closet and pulled out my gun and stuffed it into my pants. Kelsey was in the closet door way watching me.
"What's going on?" She questioned looking at my waist where the gun was. I ran my hand down my face and took a deep breath.
"She fucked up our cars" I says.
"What!!" Kelsey said storming out the room and outside. I watched her look at my car than hers.
"Where that bitch be? I'm bout to go fuck her up" she said trying to rush inside. I grabbed her arm.
"Stay in the house. Put the alarm on" I demanded.
"NO!! I'm gonna find that bitch and fuck her up! I don't give a damn about that car but she ain't bout to threaten my fucking kids!" She yelled getting emotional. I gentle grabbed her arm guiding her back in.
"Kelsey stay here. I'm gonna handle that bitch" I said as my phone rung. It was Twizz.
"Yoo. You seen that bitch from my office around?" I asked him. I wiped Kelsey's face as few tears fell. I pulled her to my chest.
"Yea, her ass just left. Came here looking for you" He said.
"What! She still there?" I questioned growing angry.
"Hold up.....Yea she still outside sitting in her car. Why what's good?" He questioned.
"I'll tell you when I get there. But watch that bitch. If she leave call me. I be there in 10 minutes." I said before I hung up. I kissed Kelsey and told her to set the alarm. It ain't no tell what this crazy bitch would do next. I got one of my lil niggas fron around the block to pick me up. He speed to my club and got there in less than 10 minutes. I spotted Racheals car and her sitting in it. I dabbed my lil nigga up and hoped out. Before she could even notice me. I yanked her from through her opened window. She screamed but stopped when she noticed it was me.
"Oh I finally got your attention huh." She said seductively. I roughly grabbed her arm ignoring her as I guiding her to the side entrance. She giggled and bit her bottom lip.
"I like them aggressive" she said.
"Shut the fuck up" I demanded as I unlocked my office door and pushed her in. She laughed as she stumbled in. I slammed the door.
"You think you fucking slick huh?" I yelled. She bit her lip and sat on my desk. I grabbed her by her neck pinning her to the wall.
"Don't you ever in your fucking life thing your gonna fuck with me and get away with that shit" I said with gritted teeth. As I squeezed her neck tighter. She whimpered and tried to grab at my hand around her neck. I let her go and she fell to the floor holding her neck.
"Get the fuck up" I demanded as I grabbed her by her hair.
"Don't you ever in your fucking like threatening my family!! You hear me bitch!" I told her as I threw her to the floor. She tried to get up put I pushed her back down. I grabbed her up by her shirt and slapped her. Tears poured down her face as blood dripped from her now busted lip. I held a tight grip on her face.
"Fuck with me again. Stay the fuck away from me and my family. I catch your ass lurking  around my home or here your dead bitch. Fuck with me" I told her as I mush her head.
"Get the fuck out!" I yelled. She stumbled to get up and left my office. I followed her out and dumped into Twizz.
"You good nigga?" He questioned.
" me a favor. Follow her home. Make sure she don't try to be slick and pull up at my crib. She can do this shit I'm sure she capable of other shit." I told Twizz. He nodded and I dabbed him up. I watched as she Damn near ran to her car pulling off. Twizz pulled off right behind her. I called up Kels. She answered on the second rang.
"You ok?" She questioned.
"Yea. Y'all good right?" I asked standing outside.
"Yea" She said.
"Don't worry bout the bitch. I handled her." I told her.
"What you do?" She questioned.
"Don't worry bout it. Just know she's never gonna fuck with y'all again" I said. We talked for a few more minutes than hung up, after my lil nigga pulled up and we made a few stops to a couple of my traps to make sure money was looking right and people was doing their job. Once I got back home we started packing making sure we had everything we need since we was gonna be gone for almost a month. Little did Que know his life was about to take a full 360. This wasn't just about to affect him but the people he cherished most his kids. And the woman he'll die for Kelsey. The Number one rule that the streets taught nobody. Your friends ain't really your friends.

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