Chapter 13:Consequences and Forgiving

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     I got up and took a shower. I put on a pair of Quanell's Sweats and a t shirt. I started to make breakfast. I was making, bacon, eggs, and frenchtoast.
"It smells good" he said while kissing my cheek. I smiled and continue doing what I was doing. After we ate he drove me back to my apartment so i coild change my clothes.
We pulled up to my apartment and he parked. We got out and entered my apartment. Quanell sat on the couch and and I made my way to my room to change. I just threw on a pair of black leggings, a tank top and my black hoodie. I went in my bathroom and did my makeup a lil. I turned to leave the bathroom and Quanell was sitting on the edge of me bed.
"Damn I didn't even hear you come it" I said while straying perfum all over me. He just giggled and watched me.
"Kels....I-I forgot to use a condom last not." He said while rubbing the back of his neck.
"Whaaaatt....I thought, I thought you did" I said. He shook is head no.            "I didn't have one, I didn't plan on sleeping with you really just happened....I would of pulled out...but damn Kels I couldn't" he said. I just sat there. I didn't know wether to be mad or what. I didn't say nothing, I just looked down and played with my fingers.
"Once we leave, I'll go to the pharmacy and get you the pill..ok" He said rubbing my back. I simply nodded and layed my head on his shoulder. What was I doing? Have unprotected sex. How could I be so fucking stupid. I love Quanell but I'm not ready for no baby and I'm sure he's not.

     Damn. I felt guilty as fuck. But I had to tell her. We drove in silence the who way to the pharmacy. Kelsey just looked out the window the whole time.
"I'll be back in a sec." I said while getting out the car heading into the pharmacy. I got the pill and headed back to the car. I handed Kelsey the pill. She started crying.
"Bae what's wrong" I asked her while rubbing her thigh" I asked. She just shook her head and whipped her eyes.
"No what's wrong? Tell me" I said to her.
"I just feel guilty...I was so stupid, so irresponsible. This could of be avoided." She said while crying. Damn why you blaming her self. It was my fault. I should of strapped up or pulled out instead of acting like a horny dog.
"No it's not, don't say that. It's my fault.  I should I known better. I should of have not continued since I didn't have a condom" I said .
"What if I'm pregnant Quanell, I'll basically be killing the baby by taking this pill." She cried.
"Don't think of it like that bae, we not even sure if your pregnant. You might not be" I said she nodded. After 10minutes of talking some more. She decided the best decision would be for her to take the pill. So she did. I ended up bringing her back to my apartment to relax.
"Bae I have to go handle some business ok" I told her while rubbing her back. She nodded and touched my face. I kissed her hand than her lips.
"I love you Kels" I said
"I love you too" she replied.
I left her laying in my bed. I left my apartment and left. I was going to see Wayne. I haven't heard or spoken to him since that day. I've been hearing around the hood that his Daughter/my god daughter is sick. I need to check on them.
    I pulled up to this nice little house. I noticed a women sitting on the porch smoking a cig. It was Lisa, Wayne's baby mama. I walked up to the porch and she looked up. She looked like she seen a ghost.
"Sup Lisa" I said with a smile. She just looked at me in shock.
"Is Wayne and Mya here" I asked. She finally spoke.
"Yea..why" she simply said.
"Look Lisa I didn't come her for war, I just wanna talk to him and see May, that's all" I said. She nodded and walked into the house, I followed her.
"He's in the back yard" she says pointing. I nodded and opened the back yard. He looked up. We didn't say anything, we just looked at each other.
"Wud up Wayne" I said with a small smile.
"Sup Qúe" he simply said.
"You acting like you don't know a nigga" I said while walking up to him.
"I don't" he dryly said.
"I'm sorry man" I said while grabbing him and hugging him. He hugged me back. I tear fell from my eye.
"Nah I'm sorry man" he said while hugging me. We broke out hug and both of us was crying like some little bitches. I wanted to know why tho, what he need the money for.
"Can we talk" I asked him. He nodded and sat down. I lit my blunt and took a long pull.
"Ok...I just wanna know why? Why you stole from me? I basically raised you and I ain't never taught you to steal from your own" I said while taking another pull and passing the blunt to him.
"I'm sorry Qúe...but I needed the money." He said.
"Needed the money for what man? Huh? I don't pay you enough man? What's so important that you need to steal from me, your brother" I said. I was getting angry now.
"MYA...MYA man." He said. He started crying hard. I've never seen Wayne cry like this. I was confused.
"Mya? What you talking bout man" I asked.
"She's dying man! She has Leukemia. My baby dying!" He said while covering his face with his hands and crying. I cried too. We cried together. Why wouldn't he tell me. I would of gave him the money with no problem. After we cried I saw Mya. She was up playing in her room, she didn't change a bit. Just a lil chunkier and she was walking. God I love this lil girl. We talked. Me and Wayne talked about everything. Mya starts her chemotherapy next week. I forgave Wayne. I forgave him.

**Thank You to everyone who's reading my book! I really appreciate it. This is my first book so I'm very proud of myself. This much more to come...this is only the beginning.**

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