Chapter 6:Feelings

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I woke up the next day around 8:00am. I felt something heavy on me. It was Quanell laying half way on me. I was in shock about what happened earlier. It was amazing! Omg I can't believe I'm saying that. I really loved the way he made me feel. He was patient and didn't rush it. Even tho it was only oral it felt like heaven.
"Hey you!" He said while tightening his grip around me. I giggled and said "GoodMorning" with a big smile on my face. He sat up and kissed my lips.
"How did you sleep." He asked while moving my hair out my face.
"I slept good...your hungry" I asked him while getting up. Damn. I was naked from the waist down. I quickly rapped the sheets around me. I looked up to a smirking Quanell.
"A can take s shower if you want. I'll give you a t shirt and some sweats." He said while walking into his closet. He handed me the clothes, and turned the shower on for me. "Thank you." I said. "You welcome bae". He said while kissing my lips and closing the door behind him. BAE?!!!

Kelsey seemed surprised when I called her Bae. But she is my Bae. I don't wanna ask her to be my girl just now but it will happen soon. I walked to my kitchen and took out some eggs and bacon. I decided to make her breakfast since she cooked a nigga dinner yesterday. My phone started ringing. "What tf this bitch want." I said while looking at the caller ID. I ended the call quick. My phone went off again saying I have a new message and it was this bitch again tf!! This bitch name is Olivia. She a lil hoe. Her head game A1 tho but I didn't want no dealings with this broad. I gave this bitch the dick twice and she just been addicted ever since. Me and her was never in no relationship. She was just a friend that I fucked. She work down at Starlets strip club.


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She started texting me talking crazy.
Olivia- Qúe haces? Sent 8:17am
(What you doing?)
Olivia-???Papi!! 8:25am
Quanell-Qúe!!! Sent 8:27am
Olivia- Te quiero😻 Sent 8:28am
(I want you)
Quanell-Nah I'm good! Don't know where you stank pussy been. Sent 8:31am
Olivia- El pozo carajo tú entonces!🖕🏼Sent 8:32am
(Well fuck you then!)
Quanell-Ok hoe lmfaooo Sent 8:34am
I shook my head and started cooking. This bitch real got me fucked up. Ain't no knowing what niggas been up in and through that. 

     As I was taking a shower all I could do was think about Quanell calling me BAE!! Did he mean it? I wonder if he wants me to be his girl. But I don't wanna rush shit. I finally finished showering. I turned off the water and rapped a towel around me. I brushed my teeth and motioned my body. I got dressed in his clothes he gave me. I took by hair down from the bun and fluffed it out. As I walked out his room headed to the kitchen I smelled bacon and eggs. Tf he cooking?!
"I didn't know you know how to cook." I said while looking in the pan. He laughed.
"Why would you think that." He asked with a smile. I just strugged. He made our plates and we sat down. We are in siilence until I spoke. "Soooo....what's gonna happen now?" I said while still eating but eying him. "What you mean? You mean what are we or something?" She asked while steal eating. "Yea..I guess." I said. "You guess?" He asked. "Yeaa...I'm not sure what you want out of I don't know. I don't know how explain it. " I said nervously. He just continued eating that stared at me. "Bae what do you want? I don't wanna rush nothing with you. I wanna take this slow. I just want your trust, love, and present. I admire everything about you. Your smart, gorgeous, funny, I feel I can trust you, and you make me happy. The only woman that made me happy like this without giving me no pussy or head was my moms honestly." He said. "I just don't wanna get hurt Quanell." I said Lowly. "You think I would hurt you? I would never hurt you intentionally.....Kels I just wanna love you." He said. I was stuck in shock. Love me?!! Whattt!!! He got up and put his plate in the sink. I got up and did the same. He grabbed me and pulled me into him. "Kels my feelings for you are deep. I wanna be with do you feel about me?" He asked me. I smiled and said "I have feelings for you too...I never thought you would even like me like that." I said honestly. "What! Why would you think that" he asked. "Causeeee....when I first saw you you didn't seem like the type to like black girls...well dark skin girls." I said. "Huh really...well tbh I never really been with a dark skin girl...but that don't matter to me." He said while resting his forehead on mines. "Ok" I said shyly while pecking his lips. He looked surprised that I did it. "Oh shit you stealing kisses and shit" he said while kissing me deeper. "Your my girl right?" He asked looking into my eyes. "Yes, and your my man right?" I asked. "Yes bae!!"

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