Chapter 24:Yes!

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She laid flat on her back looking up at me. I smiled down at her. She was so beautiful, I loved everything about this woman. I lifted her leg up and kissed it.
I removed her heels and threw them on the floor. I removed my shirt and pants. She watched my every move. She sat up and grabbed me on top of her. We tongued each other down. She stuck her hand in my boxers. I smirked at her. She giggled.
"Lay down" she simply told me. I layed flat on my back. She climbed on top of me and removed my boxers. My dick was sticking straight up. She grabbed it and strikes it with her hand. I watched her, she was so beautiful. She kissed the tip of it. She kissed down my entire dick. She kissed my balls a few times and sucked them. Damn. She slowly slide my dick in her mouth. She just sucked on the tip first. She slowly started going down. I heard her gag a lil. She kept doing it until she got the hang of it. I felt my dick hitting the back of her thought.
"Fuck" I groaned while looking down at her. She was actually deep throating me. She suddenly stop and stood up.
"Why you stop" I asked her. She smiled and laid down on the edge of the bed.
"Fuck my mouth" she shyly said. I looked at her like she was crazy. I thought I wasn't hearing straight so I asked.
"What?" I asked with a smirk.
"You heard me" she said with a big smile. Damn, my baby was turning into a freak. I slowly slid my dick in her mouth. I didn't wanna make her gag so I didn't go to deep in her mouth. She signal for me to go deeper so I did. She was taking every inch of me in her mouth. Fuck I was loving it. My baby was a pro. Before I even knew it I busted in her mouth, she swallowed every drop. She sat up and wiped her mouth. I turned her over in all fours.
"You letting me have my way with you?" I asked her while rubbing in her ass.
"Mmmhhmm, but only tonight." She said with a smirk. I grinned my Dick into her wetness. She moaned. I bent her down and slowly slid in her.
"Uhhhhhhh" she moaned. We ain't never fucked doggy styles. It was always missionary or her on top.
I was now all the way in her. I pulled out slowly.
"Mmmmmm uhhhhhh" she moaned. Than I slid back in her. She grabbed the sheets. I slowly went in and out of her warm tight pussy. She moaned every time I stoked her.
"Uhhhhhh baabbbyyyy uhhhhhh" she screamed. I speed up my paced which caused her to scream louder. Soon I felt her walls squeezing my dick and knew I was about to nut, she let out a loud scream and came, 10 seconds later I nutted all in her. I turned her around on her back and slid back in her. I kissed her on her lips and sucked on her neck.
"Damn baeee FUCK!" I whispered in her ear. I was giving her deep gently strokes. She ran her fingers threw my hair.
"I love you so much" she told me while kissing than biting on my bottom lip.
"How much?" I asked her while kissing on her neck. She looked at me and smiled.
"How much?" I asked her again but I slammed my Dick into and out of her rougher.
"Uhhhh mmmm so much....I love you so much uhhhhhhhhh" she moaned.
"You love me enough to have my baby?" I asked her. She quickly looked at me. I was dead serious tho, I wanted Kelsey to have my baby. Us loosing the baby to a miscarriage just made me want one so bad. She caressed my cheek and a tear fell from her eye. I was still giving her rough strokes, I soon slowed down.
"I'm scared...I don't wanna loose my baby again" she said with tears coming down her eyes. I kissed her, I kissed her tears.
"You won't, I promise" I told her. She nodded her head.
"I want you to have my babies...all of them" I told her. I started going faster. In and out.
"Uhhhhhhh mmmmm baby, I'm bout to come" she moaned. She made those funny faces and came. I soon nutted again in her. We laid there holding each other. We heard the waves crashing.
"You really meant that?" She asked while touching my beard.
"Yes, I meant everything" I honestly told her. I did mean everything I said. I wanted a baby by her. I wanted to marry her. I knew we conceived our child tonight. I was happy, she was happy,we was happy.
We stayed in Honduras for 2 weeks. We went to the beach, went snorkeling, everything you can possible think of. Everything was perfect. It was our last night in Honduras. I wanted it to be a night she remembered forever. I told Kelsey to get dressed, we was having a beach dinner so she wore a mesh see-threw bikini. Her outfit screamed fuck me!

We was on a private beach I rented out

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We was on a private beach I rented out. We was enjoying our food and just talking.
"You remember how we first met" I asked her. She laughed.
"Oh gosh...Quanell how could I forget, I still have the scare, seeee!" She joked while laughing. I laughed too.
"I'm happy I ran into tho, you made me know how to love" I told her. She just stared at me with a small emotional smile.
"I never in a million years I would of thought I would be so in love. I'm in love with you Kelsey. You make me forget about everything. You make me happy during my darkest moments." I told her. She held my hand from across the table. A tear rolled down her face, than another tear came. I stood up. I bent down on one knew.
"Kelsey, from the day I first laid eyes on you I knew you was the one. You complete me. I know I made some mistakes but I promise to always do right by you. You're my One & Only. Kelsey would you do the honor and Marry Me?" I asked her. I was bent on one knee with the ring in my hand. She started crying.
"Yes...yes I'll marry you" she cried. We kissed and hugged. I was the happiest man alive. We went back to our hotel and made love till the sun came up.

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