Chapter 34:The Road To Recovery

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      Before I could even reach the receptionist desk I ran into his Doctor.
"Ms. Murray are you ok!?" The doctor asked with a worried look.
"Quanell! He's up, I-I saw his eyes. He's up. He's up." I told him. He grabbed my arm.
"Calm down ok. Come on, let's go to his room" the doctor insisted.
He entered the room and went by Quanell, he looked at me than took out his flash light. He shined the light and Quanells eyes. I walked my his bedside with Kali rested on my hip.
"Quanell do you know where your at?" The doctor asked. Quanell just looked at him blankly.
"Put one finger up for yes and two fingers up for no." He said. Quanell blinked a few times than put up two fingers. He didn't know where he was.
"Is your name Quanell Hernandez" the doctor asked. Quanell raised one finger.
"Do you know what happened to you?" The doctor asked. Quanell raised one finger. A tear fell from his eyes. I wiped it. Quanell and I held eye contact, than he spotted Kali. He bursted out in tears. Kali swirmed in my arms trying to get to him.
"No baby. Your going to be ok. Don't cry baby" I assured Quanell.
The Next Day....
     Once everyone heard Quanell woke up from the coma everyone and their mama was down here. Now they wanna act like they give a fuck. Me, Jay, and two of Quanells other close friends was the only one who showed an effort in visiting him. And his father has the nerve to walk up in here like he father of the damn year.
"Hey big man, I knew you would pull through." His father said while rubbing Quanells shoulder. Quanell just gave him a small smile. He still couldn't speak and he could hardly move yet. I just scoffed and shook my head. Quanell peeped what I did but did. Quanell seems like his old self, he was smiling acting the the same ole Quanell. He held my hand the entire time I was there. After about 3 hours everyone left and his fathers ass left. Once he left Quanell tapped me.
"You ok baby?" I asked him. He nodded. He than gave me what the fuck was that look. I shook my head.
"You talking about your dad?" I asked him. He nodded his head. I took a deep breath in and out.
"'s nothing. We just been bumping heads since this shit happened with you." I half lied. Who was I to tell him that his father was willing to pull the plug on him.
1 week later....
Quanell is schedule to be released from the hospital today. He can't talk since his jaw is wired shut. He's been going to physical therapy for about a week. He can't walk. His legs are very weak. They're trying to help him regain his leg muscles but you know Quanell. He's hard headed and doesn't want people treating him like he's cripple.
"Just try baby please. It's ok, you have to try in order to get back on your feet." I told him. We was now in physical therapy and the therapist was trying to get Quanell to try to stand and take a step. Quanell just rolled his eyes. He stood up perfectly by himself but when he tried to take a step his leg gave out. The nurses caught him before he could fall. They sat him back in his wheel chair. The nurses kept trying to get him to try again but he refused. They help him to the car. We drove in silence. I glanced over at Quanell and he was steady into his phone. I shook my head and kisses my teeth. He looked up at me.
"Stop looking at me." I calmly told him.
He continues to stare at me. I broke my eyes from the road and stared at him, I rolled my eyes and continued driving.
"Your not even trying...I want you to be back. To the old you. I want the old you back. The happy, loving caring Quanell." I stared getting emotional and started crying. "K-Kali wants her daddy back. Some nights she just cries all night. She cries for you. She's wondering what happened to her daddy Quanell!" I was now tearing and snotting. "Your not the only one that this is affecting. Your not the only one suffering and in pain. I'm in pain Quanell! I fucking need you. Kali needs you." Bout time I finished we was I front of our home and I was in tears. Quanell just sat there. Tears streamed down his face and his head hung low.
"I-I just want you to get better. And try harder. If you don't wanna do that for yourself or me, than just do it for Kali" I told him. I wiped my tears and got out the car. I got his wheelchair out of the trunk and helped him into the chair.
2 months later......
Today Quanell gets his wires removed from his mouth. These last 2 months have been rough. We haven't been seeing eye to eye but I've been there for him ever step of the way, everyday. He's been doing great in physical therapy he hasn't gain all the movement back in his legs but he doesn't need the wheelchair anymore. He's been walking with a cain for the last 3 weeks. He's improved a lot. Can y'all believe Quanell has went over 6 months without sex. It's hard to believe. We tried but since his legs was weak it was kind of hard for him to do anything. He was ashamed at first but I made sure he knew it was fine. But that's something I could always use against him hahaa.
Me and Kali waited paitiently while Quanell got his wires removed from his mouth. I don't know if I was more excited than him. After 2 long hours, Quanells surgery room door came open. He came limping out. He held this serious look on this face. He finally smiles. His smile brought tears to my eyes.
"So how I look?" He asked while playing with his beard. He was smiling so hard. He's so silly. I ran up to him with Kali on my hip.
"I look that good huh" he asked while laughing.
"I love you" I said.
"I love you too...I love both y'all with all my heart" he said his voice cracked
"I've been waiting 6 months to finally say that. I don't know what I would do with out y'all." He said. His voice brought me to tears, you never know how much you miss something until it's gone. That's exactly how I felt about his voice.

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