Chapter 10:I Care

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I'll be lying if I said I was hurt. I even sheeded a few tears while driving back to my apartment. Once I made it home I layed on my bed and had so much shit running through my head. Why you steal from me? Was I not paying him enough? What did you need the money for. I quick got rid of the thoughts and ended up falling asleep. I was sleep for only about 20 minutes before my phone started ringing. I picked it up with out looking at the caller ID.
"What!" I said into the phone.
"What?" She said back
"Sorry bae, I thought you was Jay or somebody. What you doing" I said
"Hahaaa nothing On my way to the mall" she said
"Ohhh with out me" I said
"Yes Mr.Busy. I thought you was still busy so I didn't bother to ask you to come" she said
"Nahh I ain't never too busy for you. I was busy earlier. I had to end a 10 year friendship with one of my best friends over a money incident" I said
"Really?! 10 years. Don't throw away 10 years of friend ship over some money." She said.
"It wasn't really about the money, he betrayed me. And I don't take betrayal well" I said
"But still Quanell. We'll talk about that later tho, are you coming?" She asked
"Yea bae, I'll meet you by the food court iiight" I said while grabbing my keys.
"Ok" she said.
We ended the call and I hurried to the mall.

Wayne (POV)
     I never meant to betray Que like that. He's like my brother, I love that nigga to death. My name is Wayne tho. I just turned 19. I know y'all wondering why I would steal from him. I needed the money. Yes Quanell pays me enough to but I have to pay my rent, bills, car insurance, and for my daughters hospital care. My daughter Mya is one and a half. Me and her mother Lia are still together. She was diagnosed with Leukemia when she was 10months old. She faught it but it came back 2months ago. Her hospital bills are expensive and I've been running low on cash because of her condition. I needed money for her hospital care so I took it. I didn't think Que would find out. I know if I would of asked him for the money he would of gave it to me with no problem but I wasn't thinking.

Mya👆🏾Wayne's daughter     QUANELL(POV)     I finally made it to the mall

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Mya👆🏾Wayne's daughter
I finally made it to the mall. Kels had me walking all over the mall.
"Come on bae look Victoria Secret is have a sale" she said while pulling my arm.
"Nah Kels you can go..I hat going into that store, you be taking to long"I said to her. She just laughed and shook her head no.
"Ok fine" she said
"Here" I said while trying to hand her my credit card.
"No I got my own"she said smiling and walking towards the store. I've been Offering her my card all day today but she kept on denying it. I sat down on the benches across from Victoria secret while she shopped. I had my head down on my phone.
"Hey" someone said while sitting next to me. I looked up and it was her!! ERICA!
"Sup" I simply said while still paying attention to my phone.
"Can we please talk?" Erica asked.
"Talk" I said while keeping my eyes on my phone.
"Ok...I just wanna start off by saying sorry. I'm sorry for just leaving you like that. It wasn't suppose to go down like that." Erica said. I laughed loud.
"So how was it suppose to go down" I asked while finally looking up from my phone. She just shook her head and looked down.
"I'm sorry, you know how my family was before we even got serious" she said. Oouuuu I was pissed.
" said you wasn't doing it. So that's why you left huh? Because of your fucking parents." I said pissed off.
"It's apart of my religion Quanell!! What was I suppose to do? Disobey my parent and be shunned by my whole family?" She asked
"YES!! That's exactly what you was suppose to do. You was suppose to be here for me. In my most time of left me. You left me to deal with my mothers death alone." I said.
Tears dropped from her eyes, but I didn't care.
"I'm soo s-sorry ok. I still love you ok. I've never stopped loving you. It was an arranged marriage, I don't love him. I never loved him." She said with tears pouring down her face. I just looked at her and shook my head.
"I don't care....yes I accept your apology. But I don't love you anymore. It's been 3years Erica." I said honestly.
"Why don't you love me anymore? Because of HER?" She asked while wiping her face and standing up.
"Man she ain't got shit to do with this. I just don't love you anymore." I said.
"No! It's because of that bitch. That black bit-" she said. Before she could even finish I jumped up.
"Erica Im warning you right now. And first of all she ain't no BITCH!" I said.
"After everything we been just gonna walk away like that." She said
"Erica wtf are you talking about. Once you left, that's when I stopped giving a fuck about your ass. This conversation is over." I said while leaving her standing there. I can't believe this girl!! Now she wanna come back, now she sorry, no fuck that. A couple months after Erica left I found her on Instagram and saw that she was married to some Arabian guy. When we first got together Erica told be about her religion and told me how her parents was arranging for her to marry a man she didn't even know. But she moved in with me and we was deeply in love. Her family would always call her asking why she disobey them and always asking why she was with an outsider. One day I was at the trap and came home to find no one there. All her shit was gone. Smh she should of stayed her ass in Florida.

     I was too busy shopping when I noticed Quanell wondering around the store. He looked up set.
"Hey, you decided to finally come in" I said while kissing his pink lips.
"Heyyyy I was bored out there by myself" he said while kissing me back and hugging me. After I paid for my stuff we was done. But I felt like I like someone was watching us. I looked around but saw no one so I just strugged it off and got in my car.
"Follow me to my apartment, I just wanna drop this stuff ok" I said to Quanell.
"Ok bae" he said.
Once I made it to my apartment I ran inside and started putting away my stuff. I was hanging all my new clothes up in my closet. And I turned around
"Oh my god Quanell!! Don't do that again you scared me" I said while holding my chest. I walked passed him and he grabbed my waist.
"Don't be leaving your door cracked open" he said while letting me go and sitting on the bed.
"I was coming right out, and plus you was parked right outside" I said while stile putting my stuff up.
"So, still don't do that Kels, people are crazy. I don't know what I would do if something happened to you" he said while laying back on my bed. I just stared at him. Damn I didn't know he cares that much.
"Ok...I didn't know you cared so much" I said while sitting on the edge of the bed facing him.
"Of course I do" he said while sitting up grabbing my hand. "Don't ever think I don't care iiight" he continued.
"Ok bae" I said. He smiled and kissed me. He layed me down on my bed. He opened my legs and layed on top of me. We didn't do anything if that's what y'all thinking lol. He just kissed and held me. After that. He told me about what happened between him and his friend Wayne. He also told me about that lil episode with his ex Erica. He told me everything about what see was saying. He told me I had nothing to worry about because he been over her. I hope so...

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