Chapter 80:If Only You Knew

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2 weeks later...
       Kelsey been acting real secretive for the pass 2 week. She won't let me touch her or anything. She don't even sleep in the same bed as me. The fuck did I do to her. We speak to eat other and act normal but when it comes to me trying to show love and affection to push me off. The only time I've denied love and affection was when I was cheating. I know I'm not bugging. She's been working later hours now. Coming home Kate going straight to the shower and being secretive when she leave the house to go Somewhere. I don't wanna think she's cheating, I really don't. I don't wanna even think that cause that shit would make me go crazy. It was 12:22am i heard the door open and close and foot steps coming up the stairs. Kali and Kellie was sleep in our bed. She walked in and jumped. We just stared at each other. She sits her work bag on the floor.
"Why you sitting in the dark?" She asked. I just looked at her. She goes in our closet and comes out with pajamas in her hand.
"I'm bout to shower" she says walking to the bathroom.
"Of course you are" I mumbled. She stood looking st me.
"What?" She said. I looked at her.
"You fucking heard me" I said.
"No I didn't, you mumbling shit like a child. Speak the fuck up" she said. I chuckle.
"I'm out" I said getting up grabbing my keys. She follow me. As I'm going down the steps she grabs my arm but I snatch away.
"Que." She says running to the front door blocking it.
"Where are you going?" She asked.
"Man move. Don't worry bout it." I said trying to open the door but she's leaned on if.
"How I ain't suppose to be worried about it? where are you going" she asked sounding hurt.
"Kels move the fuck out my way. Don't your sneakv ass got a shower to take" she scrunched her face.
"Sneaky" she question. I just looked at her.
"How I'm sneaky?" She asked.
"You cheating on me? Just be honest" I asked she stared at me.
"Why would you ask me some shit like that?" She questioned.
"Look how you acting. Coming home late, showering when you get home at night, I can't even touch you. Always pushing me away for what? Kels I swear. Tell me right fucking now!" I demanded. She shook her head.
"I'm not fucking cheating! I come home late because I work late, you know this. I showered because I've been around sick ppl all day. I'm sorry I've been pushing you away. I just been not feeling like myself" she said. I looked at her and half believed her. She was still lying about something.
"When you ready to tell me the truth let me no. Other than that don't say shot to me" I said moving her out my way and leaving the house. I sat in my car not wanting to believe it but everything was there. I sped off headed to clear my head.
         I rung the bell twice and it opened. She stood in the door way with pajama shorts and I tank top.
"Que what are you doing here? It's 1 in the morning." She question rubbing her eye. I pushed passed her going inside.
"I need someone to talk to" I told her. She looked at me.
"CiCi please!" I begged. She sucked her teeth and joined me on the couch. CiCi worked as a bartender at my club. No we wasn't fucking, she was cute I ain't gonna lie but I was loyal to Kels.
"What's going on?" She asked.
"Kels...she's been acting out these last pass weeks. Lying out where she going, coming home late and shit. I know she work late but that's just adding on to the suspension." I told her.
"Have you asked her" she asked.
"YEA! She said how can I ask her something like that and how she just hasn't been feeling like herself. She won't even let me touch her with out her having a fucking fit." I said. She shook her head.
"Have you ever though that maybe she's not cheating, like come on Que it's Kelsey. She don't even seem like the type" CiCi said.
"I know...but she lying bout something" I said hold my head in my hands.
"Damn. Ask her about it again." She said.
"She just gonna lie again. I'm gonna go through her fucking phone." I said.
"Boyyyy don't be that kind of nigga...just talk to her" she said.
"Nahhh...she used to always go through my phone and shit" I said. She giggled.
"Because You was probably cheating nigga" she laughed. I chuckled and shrugged my shoulder. My phone started ringing and it was Kelsey I ignored it.
"You foul" CiCi said. I just shrugged.
"I'm bout the head out tho...but thanks for listening" I told her standing up.
"You're welcome" she said leading me to the door. I couldn't help but glance at her ass since they was Damn near hanging out her shorts. I can look.
"Iight see you at the club tomorrow" I told her giving her a quickly side hug.
"Ok, talk to you later" she closed the door. I hold in my car and went straight to Josh house. I knocked on the door and it opened.
"Sup nigga. Where Josh at?" I asked Justin. The fuck was his sneaky ass doing here. He moved to the side letting me in.
"He in the bathroom. What you doing here this damn late" Justin just ass questioned. I didn't look at him when I spoke.
"Minding my business" I said. He chuckled.
"It must be trouble in paradise" he chuckled again. I slowly looked up at him.
"Yo, What the fuck is your problem nigga? Don't question me about mines" I said standing up, he just smirked.
"What the fuck is so funny?" I asked.
"You..." he smirked.
"You got something you wanna say nigga?" I asked getting in his face.
"Yo What the fuck going on?" Josh asked pushing us apart. I just grilled Justin.
"Asked this punk ass bit-" before he can even finish I punched him dead in his face and he fell on Josh glass table shattering it. I punched him twice in the face as Josh managed to pull me off him.
"Y'all chill!!! We fucking family!" Josh yelled. Justin stood up wiping the blood from his nose.
"Nahhh that nigga ain't my family! Fuck you!" I said with rage to Justin. He smirked shaking his head.
"Nah nigga fuck you! If only you knew....I'm out" he said storming out the house. Josh just stared at me.
"You good." He asked. I looked down at my hand and it was bleeding. I must of cut myself.
"You I'm good. I'll but you a knew Table" I told him. He chuckled a little.
"Shit you better" he joked. We started laughing. Josh already knew his brother had a slick mouth so he didn't give a duck I put him in his place. I left shortly after and headed back home. But the whole way I kept thinking about what Justin said "If only you knew?" What the fuck was that suppose to mean? I unlocked the front door and headed upstairs trying to not be so loud because I know the girls was sleep. I peeked in their room and they was sleep peacefully. I walked into our room and Kelsey was sitting up in bed crying. I ignored her going into the bathroom. I washed my cute off and bandage it up. I went back out and she was still in the same position crying.
"Why you crying?" I asked getting in bed not looking at her. I finally looked at her.
"If I tell you something you promise not to be mad?" She asked. I just looked at her.
"It depends." I said. She just looked at me.
"Que...I ch....

To be continued. Ooouuuuuuu

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