Chapter 106:Crack Down

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***sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors! I didn't proofread! ENJOY***


I fell hard on the floor. I slightly hit my head on the hardwood floor. I rubbed the back of my head as Que stood above me looking like the devil himself.
"Go upstairs...We'll be up in a minute" she said to the kids. They went upstairs like they was told.
"Get the fuck out of my house. Are you fucking crazy" I yelled. He yanked me by my arm and forced me to my feet. He grabbed my waist pulling me to him but I pushed him away.
"Stop!" I demanded. He grabbed me by my arm damn near dragging me.
"Get the fuck off" I said as I punched at his hand that had a tight grip on my arm. He slung me on the couch and hovered over me. For the first time ever Que really was scaring th shit out of me. He had this dark look in his eyes.
"QUE! Stop what are you doing" I asked as he kissed on my neck. I tried to push him off but he was too heavy. He bit on my neck making me scream.
"Ahhh Stop!! Get the fuck off now!" I demanded but he didn't budge. He kissed my lips. All I tasted was cigarettes and smoke. I felt his hand creeping up my shirt.
"Get off!!! NO GET THE FUCK OFFF!" I yelled out but he covered my mouth. As his hand went further up my shirt. Tears poured out my eyes. He looked at me. And the darkness from his eyes faded. He took his hand out my shirt and sat up. I began to cry. He buried his face in his hands.
"I'm sorry" he whispered. He tried to console me but I pushed him away.
"Leave me alone! Don't fucking touch me!" I yelled. He stood up storming out the house. I noticed he dropped his pack of cigarettes but that didn't catch my eye. The shiny thing sticking out did. I got up opening the cigarettes pack. I broke down more when I noticed what it was. How could he. He promised me. That's why he had that look in his eyes, that's why he just tried to take advantage of me. I looked at the crack pipe and shook my head. It was a few baggies with crack in it. I went to the kitchen and wrapped it in a garbage back and threw it away in the garbage outside. Once I got upstairs the kids was upstairs watching Norbit. It was blasted loud. Kali eyed me as I came in the room. I sat on the bed and laid down watching them giggle as the tv. Kali laid next to me cuddling me. She most likely heard us. I hugged her and kissed her.

     I got to a red light and checked my pockets but couldn't find it. I groaned and pulled into a gas station. After I brought a pack of Newport's I rushed home. I went into my closet and found my stash. After preparing it. I put my. pipe to my lips put the flame from my lighter to it and inhaled the smoke that was so addictive. Coke ain't have shit on crack. Once you inhale that smoke you start to feel it seconds later. It's like my adrenaline pumps and it's such a relaxing feeling. It make you feel spaced out and intense. Shit lasts a good 5 minutes but it's the best 5 minutes y'all ever experience. But I don't wait for it to wear off, I take hit after hit until my lungs can't take it. Shit keeps me up all night. They always told you, don't get high on your own supply. But sometimes you wanna know why they love the drugs you sell so much. Just one lil hit I told myself. But I tried it and I liked it. Nah fuck liked it, I fucking loved it. So I kept doing it and doing it. Now I do this shit faithfully everyday. When I have my kids it's hard as fuck to stay away from it but I do, because I know I turn into a crazy aggressive animal when I'm on this shit. I wasn't gonna hurt Kelsey tho, I was just fucking with her. I can't believe she really tryna move on. I shook my head as I lit a cigarette. Shit is crazy. My phone vibrated. It was Danielle's ass.
"Yeaa" I said as I puffed on my cigarette.
"I'm outside" she said. I just hung up and went downstairs opening the door for her.
"Damn you didn't have to hang up on me like that." She said as she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. I picked her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I carried her upstairs and threw her in the bed. She giggled as she started to undress. I removed my shirt and took another pull of my cigarette. She was butt naked. She turned over on all fours and stuck her butt in the air. I smacked her ass leaving a red mark. I put out my cigarette bud and opened my side table draw retrieving a condom. I slide it on and slowly slide into her from the back. She let out a moan. I bit my bottom lip as I slowly thrusted in and out of her. Her moans turned a nigga on. I'll pull out slowly and slam back in hard. After a good 10 minutes she was moaning my name as she came. I gave her three more strokes and nutted. She sat up removing the condom and taking me in her mouth. I held her hair as she sucked and sucked. She twirled her tongue around my head and sucked on it. She deep throat me and I could of swore I felt her tonsils. She gagged but kept going. I was on the verge of coming as she sucked on my tip and played with my balls. I had my eyes shut zoned out. As I came it just slipped out.
"Damn Kels..." I mumbled. My eyes shot opened. She pushed me. I looked down at her and she looked mad. I ignored her and laid on my bed. I don't know why I always think of Kelsey when I'm fucking someone else.
"So you just ignore the fact you just called me another bitch name?" She said with hurt in her voice. I chuckled.
"First of all watch who you calling a bitch." I said taking out a cigarette lighting it.
"Who is She..." she whispered looking like She's was about to cry. I sucked my teeth.
"My kids mother" I said honestly.
"So you still be fuck her?" She asked not bothering to look at me.
"Nah, I told you this already. I haven't messed with her I'm almost 2 years" I told her as I puffed on my cigarette. She just sat at the edge of my bed. After a while she got under the covers with me and we soon feel asleep in together arms.

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