Chapter 92:Entertaining

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Sorry for any misspelling or grammar errors!! I didn't proofread!! Enjoyyy

We got Taco Bell and ate as I drove her home. I pulled up to a nice brick home.
"This You?" I asked pointing to the house.
"Nah this my grandparents house. It's just me and them ever since my sister moved out" she said I nodded looking around. We sat in silence for a few seconds.
"So what made you name your club Kali Dream?" She questioned.
"My oldest daughter name is Kali so I just named it Kali Dream because we in Cali and because it was a dream come true" I said smiling. She nodded.
"That's cute. How old are your kids" she asked. I side eyes her.
"I'm sorry if I ask too much questions" she said. I chuckled.
"You do...but you good. My girls are 7, and 4 and my boys are 3 months" I said. She smiled.
"Your kids are gorgeous so I already know their mother has to be" she said looking at me. My mind went back to Kels. Shit. I told her I'll be home soon. I told her that over an hour ago. It was now 3:42am.
"Yea she's beautiful...but I should get going" I told her as I started texting Kelsey.
Me-Be there in 10min
Sent 3:44am
Kels-You said that over an hour ago 🙄
Sent 3:45am
I sighed.
"Wifey wondering where you at?" Racheal question. I ignored her.
"I should get going. I'll see you around" I said to Racheal.
"Can I get your number so we can stay in contact" she asked.
"Nahhh ummm I don't think that's a good idea....I be at the club ever night tho besides Sunday and mondays. I'll see you there" I told her. She nodded. She leaned over pecking my cheek.
"See you around Que" She said with a smirk as she got out. She made sure she swayed her hips hard. Once she made it inside I headed home. Kels was cursing me out asking where I was. I just powered my phone off. I walked in the house hearing the boys crying. When I went into our room Kelsey was holding a crying Jaeson in her arms as she tried to feed Jaedon as he laid on her lap but he wouldn't take the bottle as he cried. Kelsey had tears running down her face. She looked so stressed. I picked up Jaedon trying to feed him his bottle but he didn't take it.
"What wrong with them?" I asked. She rolled her eyes at me ignoring me. She rock Jaeson. Jaeson soon stopped crying and Kelsey layed him in his bassinet. She gentle grabbed a whining Jaedon from me and rocked him as she walked around the room. After 10 minutes he was knocked. She laid him down and stormed into the bathroom. Here we go. I opened the door and she was peeing. I watched her as she wiped herself and washed her hands. She tried to walk passed me but I stopped her.
"What's wrong with you? Why was you crying?" I question.
"None of your concern. You wasn't here when you said you would so don't worry about it" she said pushing passed me. She got in bed under the blankets. I snatched the blankets off her.
"Kels don't play with me" I said.
"No you don't play with me. Snatching blankets off me. Where was you Que?" She asked crossing her arms over her chest.
" know I was at the club" I said. She chuckled. And leaned her chin on her balled up fist.
"Ok so what bitch was all up in your face" She question. The fuck. Was she watching me or something.
"Kels...bitches gonna flock but I ain't paying none of them hoes no mind" I said.
"So how the fuck You end up with that glittery shit on your shirt?? Huh?...what the fuck is that, sequin. Cheap ass sequin" she said looking at my shirt. Fuck. When Racheal was dancing on me her shit from her dress got on me.
"Shit I don't know. Females be everywhere with all types of shit on. I don't know how this shit got on me." I told her. She shook her head.
"Whatever!! Lying ass" she mumbled.
"Kels I ain't fucking lying. I wasn't entertaining no hoe." I said.
"Whatever Que. Here I am home taking car of OUR 4 kids. I make it seem easy but it's really not Damn. At least come home when you say you was instead of fucking lying. Lying ass bastard" she said.
"Kels I'm not fucking lying" I said.
"Ok..whatever you say Quanell" she said grabbing the blanket and covering up. I tried to sit down but she started kicking me until I fell off the bed on to the floor.
"The fuck Kels" I yelled. She hopped up quick.
"Wake them up if you want." She said pointing her finger.
"Get out...go sleep in one of the guest room. I'm mad at you right now" she said. I looked at her to see if she was playing but she was serious. I sucked my teeth leaving the room.

The next day...
That motherfucker think he slick. I cracked an egg in the bowl and mixed it. He got me mad yesterday. Like I trust him but still. Don't come home with glitter and shit on your shirt. Of course I'm gonna think you was in the next bitch face. I flipped my pancakes that I was making and took my bacon out the pot. After I finished I made Kali and Kellie plate as I started to clean. The boys was taking a nap. Que came down stairs shirtless. I just ignored him. He kissed the girls and than I felt his hands on my hip. I hit him in his penis making him lean over in pain. I sat at the table eating my breakfast like nothing happen. I heard him opening the tops to the pots and pans. I smirked as I bit my bacon.
"Where's my food at?" He asked. I finished the little bit of food I had and put my dish in the sink.
"I don't know...tell that bitch how you was entertaining yesterday to make you some damn breakfast" I said as I walked off heading upstairs to get my day started.

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