Chapter 59:Denial

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I ended up leaving the club early. I was suppose to chill with Ari but kept feeling guilty. I didn't tell her I was leaving I just left. I didn't know what the fuck was going on with me. I feel like I'm losing myself. I didn't know where I was driving to, I just drove. I ended up pulled by up to a beach. I just watched the waves crashed. I made my way towards the beach and took a seat in the sand. It was so quiet and peaceful. I don't know why I feel so alone. I pulled out a bottle of henny and took a sip from it. The more I drank the more the pain faded.
"The fuck man" I said while shaking my head. I stumbled back. I fell and started laughing. I was fucked up. My phone started ringing. It was Kelsey.
"Yooooooooooooo" I said into the phone. I took another swig from the bottle.
"Quanell? When are you coming home" she lasted.
"Um uh I don't know, I'm kgoing bad fucked up so I don't know." I slurred.
"Are you drunk?" She asked.
"Are you drunk. No I ain't fucking drunk" I said mimicking her voice. She huffed.
"Where are you? I'll come in get you" She said.
"No! Stay your as home and take care Kali and your damn baby" I said.
"What? Your drunk Quanell" She said. I laughed.
"Nah I'm not. I been meaning to ask you, who you fucked while I was away" I asked.
"What! I didn't fuck anyone Que! You fucking know that. How dare you ask me that!" She said.
"Man I don't believe that! I was gone damn near over a year, I know you did? Who is he so I can go blow his fucking brains out." I said. I hear her sniffling.
"You have the audacity to fix your fucking mouth and ask me that shit! You think that of me. Just because you did and probably still is doing your dirt don't try to flip this shit on me" she said.
"Yea sure iight. So explain to me why Kellie don't look like me-"
"Why she so light man!? I don't see no resemblance!" I yelled.
"FUCK YOU! YOU WANNA DNA TEST, CAUSE NIGGA ILL BE GLAD TO GIVE YOU ONE! How dare you Que! After every fucking thing. You-you gonna dent my baby. I fucking hate you" She yelled before hanging up.
"FUCK!!" I yelled while smashing the almost empty bottle of Hennessy on the floor. Glass shattered everywhere. I walked to my car and slammed the door. What the fuck have I done.

     I couldn't stop crying and shaking. Most would say it was the alcohol talking. But a drunk person speaks a sober mind. I grabbed a duffle bag and packed some of Kellie and Kali clothes. I packed some of my clothes. I grab the duffle bag and Kellies diaper bag and put it in my car. I ran back inside and picked up a sleeping Kali, and grabbed Kellies car seat that she was in. I buckled them in and pulled off. 20 minutes later I pulled up to my moms apartment. I'm glad she didn't leave to Virginia yet. I called her phone and she picked up on the 3rd ring.
"Is everything ok baby?" She asked. I instantly started crying.
"Mommmmmyyyy...he denying Kellie. He don't think she's his." I cried.
"Don't cry baby. Where are you?" She asked.
"I'm outside your apartment" I told her.
"I'm coming right now" she told me. She came down and helped me bring them in. I tucked Kali in and out Kellie to sleep. I went into my mom room and she held me. She held me in her arms as if I was still her little girl. She rocked me back and forth.
"Why would he do that? How could he?" I asked her as tears streamed down my face. She just shook her head in disappointment.
"I don't know baby. You deserve better, all he ever do is make you cry. Don't get me wrong, I love Quanell. But if he loved you like he said he does, he wouldn't do this to you" She said. Tears streamed down my face. She was right. She held me until I fell asleep. I needed her.
       I woke up to the smell of bacon. I stretched and noticed I wasn't home. Everything from yesterday came back. I pulled the pillow over my face and cried.
I pulled the pillow from my face. I quickly wiped my tears.
"You cry mommy? What's wrong?" Kali asked. I giggled at her. She was so caring. I picked her up and kissed her.
"No baby. Mommy's not crying. I'm just a little sad" I told her. She kissed my cheek.
"Don't be sad. Smiling makes you happy mommy" she said. I giggled. I smiled and kissed her.
"I love you" I told her.
"I love you mommy" she said. That warmed my heart.
"Where's Kellie?" I asked while getting out of bed.
"Nana holding her" she said while running towards the kitchen. I walking into the kitchen and my mom was feeding Kellie and eating.
"Ma I'll take her so you can eat" I said while grabbing for her but my mom playfully slapped my hands away.
"No. You eat. I got her" she said while sitting my plate in front of me. I thanked her and ate.
"Has he tried to call you?" My mom asked. I rolled my eyes and struggled my shoulder.
"I turned my phone off. He don't care about us. I still can't believe he said all that to me yesterday ma. You should of heard him. He's so fucking stupid." I said. Tried to hold in my tears but couldn't.
"Don't cry baby" She said while rubbing my back.
"I can't help but to cry ma. How could he sit up there saying I cheated on him and deny Kellie. Saying she too light. If he want a DNA test I'll be more than happy to give him one. He don't know how bad he hurt me saying that shit. Now I want him to feel the hurt when he go home and we not there. Let him wonder and call." I said. I wiped my tears and took Kellie from my mom.
"He's accusing you of cheating because he the one out doing wrong." She said.

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