Chapter 19:Philly

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     The drive to Philly was only 2 hours. We checked into the Hilton Garden Inn. I went to my room and Wayne went to his room to get ready.
2 hours later.....
    The party starts in a half hour so we headed out since the club was about 20minutes away. During the drive we lit up a blunt. We was chilling, laughing, and Future Mask Off was blasted. We pulled up to this club in West Philly called Penthouse Club. It was a club mixed with a strip club. All the top ballers come here. The line was long AF, but since I have connections I was let in before everyone with no hesitation. Shit was already lit. Bitches butt as naked shaking their asses, bottles popping from left to right. It was going to be a beautiful night. We headed up stares to where the VIP section was. Jay was already turnt with to strippers dancing on him. We walked up and and greeted him.
"Happy birthday nigga" I said while grabbing a bottle of Henny. The night was going great, people laughing, talking, I was bout drunk. I think I damn near drunk a gallon of Henny but I didn't even feel drunk. I was getting sweaty AF so I went outside to get some fresh air. I noticed I had 2 missed calls from Kelsey, she must be worried about me so I called her.
"Hello" she said in a sleepy voice.
"Hey bae, you good?" I asked her.
"Yea, I was just calling to see what you was doing" she said.
"Oh just chilling bout to go back to my hotel room cause I getting tired" I told her.
"Ok, I'll call you in the morning, I love you" she said.
"Ok, love you too baby" I said before I hung up.
I lit up my blunt and my phone started vibrating. It was a text from Jasmine saying she was 5minutes away. Oh I forgot to tell y'all, before I left Brooklyn I told Jasmine to meet me in Philly. Shit what can I say, her head game was A1. Bout time I finished my blunt a black Uber pulled up. She stepped out and Damn....she was looking good as fuck. I felt like just bending her over right now.

"Hey you" she said while walking up to me and hugging me

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"Hey you" she said while walking up to me and hugging me. I rubbed and smacked her ass.
"Mmmm you look good" I told her. She blushed.
"Thank you...I missed you" she said while kissing my lips, I kissed her back.
She was turning a night on, I couldn't wait, I needed to be in her right now.
"You tryna come back to my room?" I asked her. She nodded and we headed to my car. We stopped to get some food first than we headed to my hotel. Once we got to my room, it was over. I fucked the shit out of her and she sucked me dry. And yes I used a condom. She went and showered. I layed on the bed, thinking about what I just did. What the fuck was getting into me. Damn. I felt guilty, I started to think of Kelsey but those thoughts disappeared when Jasmine came out the bathroom. She layed her head in my chest. I felt her breathing, she turned her head towards me.
"Qúe?" She said.
"Yea" I said while looking down at her.
"I-I don't wanna be a side piece, I don't want to be second best" she said. What the fuck. Why was she even telling me this shit.
"What! What the fuck are you talking about" I asked her.
"I mean, I want to be with you, I just don't want you to fuck me and go home to the next bitch." She said. I quickly sat up.
"First of all she ain't no bitch, I don't wanna be with was just a quick fuck" I told her while putting my clothes back on.
"Just a fuck? Really Quanell. Well she must not be doing her job since you coming to me" she said. I was pissed off. I can't believe this shit.
"Nahh she doing her job, you just a easy hoe who open your legs to any nigga.....get your shit" I said to her.
"Really, so you throwing me out? Are you serious?" She asked. I didn't give AF tho.
"Get you shit!! Get the fuck know what" I yelled. I grabbed her by the arm and pushed here into the hall. She only had a thong on. I threw her her clothes and her purse. And slammed the door.
"Quanell!" She yelled while banging on the door, she was crying but I didn't give AF. I swung the door open fast.
"Get the fuck away from my door before I fuck you up" I yelled. She put her shit and pants on.
"FUCK YOU!" She yelled while walking down the hall. Nah fuck your Jasmine. Easy as fuck hoe. I regret everything, I wouldn't trade Kelsey for no one. I packed my bag and called Wayne. I told him I was going back to Brooklyn, and told him to catch a ride back with Jay. I need to get back home. I need to just hold my baby. I wanted to erase me cheating on her but that was impossible. I never even thought about how hurt Kelsey would be if she found out. I was so selfish to not even think about her feelings. I drove back to Brooklyn in silence, I just replayed everything in my life. All the dumb choices I made. I always do shit and not think about the consequences. Lil did I know this was only the beginning.

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